Picture taken during our 5th year anniversary getaway to the Maldives at 11 weeks pregnant.

Hi guys!

As promised, here is the story:

For a while I debated on whether or not I would share such private news with the world, but since I share my healthy foods, travels and lifestyle with you, it’s only fair I let you in on the most exciting, terrifying and life changing event of my life. Pregnancy! Not only that, it’s only really private until you start showing right?? Well, I popped a couple of weeks ago, while on vacation to the Maldives where winecoach and I were celebrating our 5 year anniversary! The picture above was taken in the beginning of week 11, and I think it just popped that week since I was doing nothing but eating and sleeping in paradise.

I was still trying to keep it under wraps until I felt safe/comfortable enough to share with the world: So it is currently early July and I’m 16 weeks pregnant and still can’t believe it. I literally have to look at myself in the mirror or watch my latest ultrasound time after time to reassure myself to be reminded that I really am, every single time. Does that ever change? I guess I “think” it will change for me once I can feel the baby kicking, letting me know that it’s definitely in there! Until then, I’ll have to keep reminding myself this is not a dream.

I found out pretty early on that I was carrying this gift inside of me. I call this baby a gift, because I really do feel it is due to certain not-so-positive life changing occurrences in our lives earlier this year. I’m referring to the passing of my father in January 2016, which was definitely a blow and has shaken our family up, but this baby came as a light to brighten up our year and soothe our healing hearts.  Needless to say, we are very happy!

I think I was about 3-4 weeks pregnant when we had confirmation I was really expecting, but I really had a feeling even earlier than that.  Winecoach was also convinced well before any pregnancy test came positive, and let me tell you why:

  • First symptom: Narcolepsia. That means involuntary sleepiness. Not really, narcolepsia is a serious condition, but I seriously felt I would involuntarily fall asleep anywhere, at any time, and was just completely drained of energy. Most people become immediately nauseous and have the  so called “morning sickness” which didn’t really hit me until around 8 weeks! The main symptom was definitely fatigue, and I just couldn’t wait to get home from work to take a nap, maybe have dinner if it was easy enough to fix or someone else (hubby) would make it for me and then go right back to sleep. It was wild how tired I felt, and this went on clear across the first trimester. No JOKE! And if you know me, you know I’m typically an energizer bunny who requires very little sleep and is always on the go, doing at least 5 things at once. Let me tell you, kids start to slow you down immediately upon conception, and I am living proof of that! So yea, that was very much a “you’re pregnant, or there is something else very wrong with you otherwise”, so we really knew, so I could hardly surprise my baby daddy. It was more like, yea…it’s confirmed and we’re not crazy!

  • Second Symptom: Nausea. I didn’t say I never got it! I did…eventually around 8 weeks, but I was very fortunate as it only hung around for about a month, on an off. Is this weird? Week 8 – yes, week 9 – no, week 10 – yes, week 11 – no, week 12- yes, week 13 – a little, week 14: GONE! God bless. I never did throw up once. One of my cousins is also pregnant, about 2 weeks ahead of me and she about died of “all day sickness”, but all things must come to an end, and the second trimester has been amazing so far (for myself and for her especially). Yes, I still get tired, but I’m functional and happy to feel human again!

The truth is I took 2 pregnancy tests about 4 days apart after learning my period was”late”, and they were both negative-ish….Not satisfied, I went to my doctor and had a blood test ordered after being 10 days late. BINGO! The nurse called me that afternoon saying “Congratulations!”. My response? Deep breath, and blurted out: “WHAT DO I DO NOW??”. She laughed and said the only thing that made sense: Go make an appointment with the OBGYN clinic! Ha…Normally I know exactly what to do and what advice to give, but for some reason, when things happen to us, we become clueless.

The rest is history and my belly has been slowly growing since then. Well, not so slowly, but yea, definitely bumpin! Now all that was left for me to do was life normally, with a few restrictions (especially dietary), for which I became inspired to create Colorful Pregnancy on instagram! I hope you all check it out and follow along because I’ll continue to post as the pregnancy progresses. Not only will I be posting my own preggo pictures, but healthy lifestyle and foods we should and should not be eating during this very special time.

This is really the whole story about how I found out and how I proceeded! I will have weekly follow-ups starting at 13 weeks (which is when I really started telling friends) until the baby comes. Should be an interesting and exciting rides, and I’m happy to bring you along! Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with us!

If you’re also expecting, trying to conceive or simply thinking about it, leave a comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts. How did you find out you were pregnant? How did it all go for you? Please share!

Xo, Ana
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SNAPCHAT: AnaSandee – I will continue to snap and cook so get the recipes in real time before they make it to the blog! Of course I’ll also be sharing some more awesome things about the pregnancy as I learn them! Videos stay up for 24 hours.

Our “formal announcement” during our Paso Robles wine country trip. We are wine lovers, so we felt this was appropriate!

Our announcement to friends and family!

I don’t know what he’s thinking but I definitely can’t believe this is happpening! Excitingly terrified!


One of our favorite spots in Paso Robles is Pianetta Vineyards because it is beautiful, and John Pianetta, the wine maker lives there. He is simply the best: Not only is he the winemaker; he is a chemist, a farmer, and he sure knows his wine. We can sit there trying different blends all day. He and winecoach really get along going from barrel to barrel making magic. I mostly was watching with the occasional taste and spit.

Caitlin Pianetta always treats us like family when we visit. She actually squeezed fresh oranges to make me juice for this announcement. Can you think of anything sweeter? We love them and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for this arrangement! If you’re ever in Paso Robles stop by the Pianetta Winery Tasting Room downlown. You will LOVE their wine! We get ours delivered and we’re currently aging ours for when I’m able to party again next year!


  1. Esmeralda orozco says:

    So so excited for you both!! Congratulations! I am about 2 weeks behind you? Due January 4th, 2017. Also have to keep looking at my ultrasound to remind me it’s not a dream. You are lucky. I was like your cousin with “morning sickness” all day long and actually throwing up and exhausted like you. Getting better this week s it is my 14th week. Still haven’t popped yet tho… Super excited to be able to see your posts on nutrition and what you will be cooking!!! Yay!!! I haven’t been able to eat meat:( makes me nauseous so excited to see what dishes or meals you cook that I can stomach? Congrats again and thank you for sharing this blessing with us??

    • Colorfulfoodie says:

      Awwe thanks for sharing!!! Poor thing I felt so bad for her but good news! She’s much better! After she hit 16 weeks her morning sickness went away so hang in there! Oh yay, congratulations to you too!!

  2. Ariel dees says:

    i was in school trying to stay awake before my last class. I thought nothing of it. Because i was also working. I guess i started to glow and gain a lil wait because every one of my family members and feiends were starting to ask questions and look at me strange. I was in denial. Went to the clinic to find out i was 8 weeks. I still was like nope not me lol. First doctor appt i found out i was actually going on 15 weeks . i foud out the baby inside was a boy that visted. And as i saw him inside moving. I was finally convinced they all were right and i was bumping like yoursels. Never got sick or anything. Had a easy pregnacy bc it kinda flew by. Well congrats again.

    • Colorfulfoodie says:

      Ohhhh that’s wonderful!! Wow that’s amazing, what a blessing. It’s normal to get tired because you’re creating life! It’s remarkable! How was your delivery? Thanks for sharing!

      • Ariel dees says:

        Your welcome. Well i didnt go into labor or any of the fun stuff. I was induced on the 1st of Dec. His actual due date was the third. But long story short i got off work at two headed to hospial at 4 had tylee at 8:20 by csection. Because although i was a whale lol he only weighed 5 pound. 0 ounces and couldn’t handle the contractions. The expierence though was great.

          • Ariel dees says:

            I see you have a midwife. That should be fun. And he brings me so much joy. If i decide to have another (still on the fence) doctors say i can try the old fashioned way. But you have plenty time. So dont wory or anything i know it can all bw overwhelming.

  3. NanC* says:

    Congratulations on the baby news, wishing you & winecoach the best on your new journey! I love your snaps, IG, blogs, etc. you will make a wonderful mommy.

    Felicidades ???

  4. Audrey says:

    Congrats! So happy for you! We would love to know how you both met and how you landed in OK from Jersey!!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Congrats AnaSandee!! It’s been a pleasure following you along trough Instagram, snapchat, and your blog! I think you’re an amazing inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing this blessing with all of us! No it’s time for you to add a little extra on your bracelet that your friend made for you ???? congratulations!!!!!!

  6. Jennifer Krulic says:

    Congratulations! Im so happy for both of you and I think you’ll both make wonderful parents, and a beautiful baby! Im sorry to hear about your dad though. I stumbled upon your page shortly after he passed and have loved it since day 1! My dad passed away February of 2008 and 1 week later (if that), I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter! It was really hard trying to keep the stress of losing my dad under control but finding out about the pregnancy sure helped quite a bit! Its such a crazy and wild ride, but its so worth it! My uncle who I lived with at the time asked if there was any way I could be as I was always sooo tired, just like you. I kept telling him he was crazy and no way could I be pregnant. Then it got me thinking and worried so I took 6 pregnancy tests before I finally believed it was true. My second one on the other hand, that one was pretty much planned. I missed a few days of birth control and we talked about wanting a kid together so I kinda just let it happen and I’m so glad I did! My second is now 14 months and the happiest, most outgoing little girl. Anyway, ill stop rambling. I’m so excited you decided to share your experience with us and I will definitely be following along!

    • ColorfulFoodie says:

      No, this is amazing, and so helpful!!! THANK YOU so much for sharing this. It’s gotta be a gift. I was pregnant less than 2 months after my dad’s passing and it happened right around his birthday. It’s really surreal but I’m so thankful because it really helped heal our hearts, especially mine and my mother’s.

  7. Kristy Williams says:

    Hi how are you ? I am Kristy I follow all your pages on Instagram and love them
    I also just found out I am pregnant with my 5th yes I said 5th baby this pay Saturday ! Each time is different so I felt as if it was the first pregnancy all over again lol, what hit Home for me was the heavy boobs like they were full and the needing to take naps with my children which I never do ! Seriously though the tiredness is the hardest Orr of the pregnancy I will say for me and always has been . You feel as if energy is nowhere in sight but it does go away for a little while at least lol! My husband was shocked but not shocked and he was actually more calm than me lol!!! Currently 5 weeks pregnant and cooking dinner now and covering my because everything smells awful lol … Can’t wait to continue seeing you journey

    • ColorfulFoodie says:

      Hi Kristy, thank you so much for following! That’s amazing, 5 babies! God bless you lady! I think a big family would be so much fun!! I definitely agree, Tiredness is definitely the most debilitating symptom, but I only say that because my morning sickness wasn’t bad at all compared to others. So who knows right? Like you said, every pregnancy is different! OMG…you poor thing you have to cook for the kids and you can’t even smell the food! Bless your heart!

  8. Lynn says:

    So funny – I remember wondering a couple of months ago if you were pregnant because it was the first time since I’ve followed you on Snapchat where you would come home and not get to cooking right away because you were so tired. You threw us off with some double-glassed wine snaps, but I get it 😉

    Congratulations to both of you; you will be wonderful parents, and deserve this new joyous chapter.

    • ColorfulFoodie says:

      HAHAHA….Some people that knew were like, your followers are gonna know for sure!! And I was just riding the wave until I was comfortable enough to tell you guys! So funny, really, I was worthless my 2nd and 3rd month, it was ridiculous and you only didn’t see if you weren’t paying attention! The glass of wine?? GIRL, that was my husband who bought me grape juice! Looks just the same huh? 🙂 Clever!

  9. Keria' says:

    Congratulations! I follow you on snapchat and Instagram (followed colorfulpregnancy as soon as I saw!) and I love how positive you are and within the last few years I have really fallen in love with food and cooking. It was actually my pregnancy that started my better eating habits which lead to experimenting in the kitchen and making an entire lifestyle change. I found out I was pregnant in 2013 while visiting with a girlfriend talking about period tracker apps because mine has always been all over the place. So, when I downloaded the app and input my info, it alerted me that my period was 9 days late! OH MY! It was quite a surprise and surreal feeling. I had the most awful “all day sickness” and the smell of food was absolutely terrible to me for the entire first trimester. Luckily, from then on, everything was WONDERFUL and I really enjoyed it. I did a lot of research about dietary restrictions and a couple of my mom friends were incredibly helpful with information and thats where my healthy changes began! Flash forward to 2016 and I’m down about 60lbs (198lb to 135lbs) and healthier than ever! Kids really do wonders <3 I'm so excited for you both and can tell your baby will grow up in such a loving and nurturing environment 🙂

    • Colorfulfoodie says:

      That’s fantastic!!! What a great story and inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing ?! That’s why I created @colorfulpregnancy, to stay on track and help others along the way!! Xoxo

  10. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations on the new addition!! I can totally relate on how exhausted you feel. My sister equated it to your body running a half marathon every day!! I sure did feel that way. I found out I was pregnant with both of my sons (1 year apart!!) while I was in the Navy. Luckily I was on shore duty and was able to work half days and then go home and rest. ? I never had morning sickness with my first son but I craved salads!! Hiwever, grilled food made me sooo nauseous. With my second son, I craved oranges. I would go through bags of oranges a week.

    I wish you and winecoach so much happiness and joy with your child!! Such a blessing!! ?

    • ColorfulFoodie says:

      Yes!! haha, that’s how it feels huh!!! I felt nauseous on and off towards end of first trimester, now recently with a metallic taste in my mouth but never true morning sickness. All in all it’s been a blessing minus the debilitating fatigue until week 13. I’m hoping to stay good like this for a while! Thank you so much!!!

  11. Dolores says:

    These were great to read! I was a day late and had a feeling just like you. Plus, I was scheduled to go to a beer festival the next day so I picked up three pee sticks and got a blood test the same day! 🙂

  12. Sue says:

    Congratulations to you and Winwcoach! my husband and I are also expecting and we are also 16 weeks along. Imagine my excitement when I first heard the news of your pregnancy and the fact that we both are due around the same time.

    Wishing you all the best ❤️

    • ColorfulFoodie says:

      OMG, are you also having a Christmas baby? haha…so funny!! Well, you never know when they’ll want to come out, that’s the truth, but we will see what happens. Should mid to end of december! So happy we are sharing this and expecting at the same time!! xoxo

  13. Alyse says:

    Congratulations! It’s so exciting! My baby girl is 6 weeks old, and all I can say is the adventure just keeps getting better! I found out at 3 weeks along, I just knew..I still took six at home tests (all positive) before setting up an official dr.’s appointment and having it confirmed. I was lucky enough to have a smooth, wonderful pregnancy as well as labor and delivery. I did struggle with grasping that it was real, up until they put her in my arms. Now that she’s here, life is so different but it’s so wonderful! I am so excited to follow your pregnancy journey and your life as a mommy. So happy for you!

    • ColorfulFoodie says:

      That’s how early I found out! Cool!! I’m praying for smooth sailing from here on out including delivery! I’m trying to do everything right. It’s still pretty surreal to me, even just showing my belly! Like, is this real? So funny…God bless you and your baby! I can’t wait to see what he/she looks like!

  14. Raquel says:

    My dear friend you are truly an inspiration! I am so glad we are friends! Congrats on the baby! He/she will be loved by us all! Being a mom is hard but it is truly the biggest blessing of life! Enjoy the ride it truly goes by quick! Love you 🙂

  15. Sonia Ferraz says:

    Omg congratulations!!! I am super excited for you!!! I fallow your snaps, blog, and IG. You are an inspiration for me and I have learned a lot and gotten compliments on the food I have learned by you 🙂 my husband and I and trying for a baby but so far no luck yet. We are staying positive thou 🙂 congratulations again and I am so happy to follow your exciting journey.
    Beijos ❤❤

    • ColorfulFoodie says:

      Oh that’s just wonderful, thank you so much for your kind words!! Stay positive, it will come when it’s time to come. Like I said before, we’ve been married 5 years, and now it was finally the time, I guess!! We are happy, keep trying girl! xoxo

  16. N says:

    Congratulations CV happy n excited for you and wine coach. No kids here but still trying, maybe the PCOS or who knows but have been trying for 4years. Not giving up yet, I know there’s other options. Can’t wait to see your sharing moments. Congrats again!!!!!!????

    • ColorfulFoodie says:

      oh girl, I’ve been married 5 years. Just now blessed with it! It comes in its own time, I believe that It is definitely here at a good time for us. We needed some happiness after some sad times. Thank you so much! Hang in there, trying is fun too! xoxo

  17. Stephanie says:

    Congrats!!! Beyond excited for you and winecoach!! I’m currently pregnant with baby#2. Last pregnancy I had barely any symptoms. This one I found out as early as you! And this fatigue is no joke!!! I didn’t experience this with my first. But definitely with my second! I’m beyond grateful that you started a pregnancy Food IG because I just got out of the first trimester and I’m finally craving anything fruity and veggie! I was not looking forward to 9months of just pasta and cheese. ? Look forward to following you in this journey!

  18. Stephanie Marie says:

    I’m so excited that you’re pregnant! I follow you on Instagram and make so many of your recipes! I’m also pregnant, 12 weeks, so I’m super excited that you have started Colorful Pregnancy. The hardest part of my pregnancy has been staying on track & eating clean. Especially when I’m craving nothing but fries & grilled cheese dipped in ranch dressing? I also, haven’t really experienced morning sickness & have yet to throw up. The only days I feel nauseous are typically days that I don’t eat as healthy…. Or if something just really really stinks lol

    I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly & I can’t wait for your pregnancy posts!


  19. Liana says:

    Congratulations!!!! This is such an exciting time for you, wine coach and baby as you bond together with time. And just wait until you can finally hole baby in your arms for the first time. It’s the most amazing experience in life, even after all the pain you go through, nothing is more beautiful u til you see your very own child that you created. It just blows you away how something so perfect and amazing can come out of your body with ten perfect little fingers and toes and all the tiny precious little features! I had my very first son in 2014. He was conceived unexpectedly but I wouldn’t want it any other way. There will be hard days when you lack sleep and your bang needs you but you’re so tired, but always keep in mind that the hard days will pass. I struggled for the first year because I had pictured being this perfect mom and trust me, every mom is doing as best as they can but sometimes it feels overwhelming and you have no idea what the heck you’re doing. You figure it out with time and trial and error. Your baby will love you, no matter how many times it takes for you to figure out what she/he wants. And you will experience a love and connection to your baby like you’ve never felt before. Enjoy your pregnancy and welcome to motherhood! Xoxo, Liana

    • Colorfulfoodie says:

      Thank you so much Liana, that is all I needed to hear as it is still slowly sinking in that I’m gonna be a mom!!! So surreal! I’m not ready for any of this, but who is? I’m excited though, we both are. I want to look back at your message in over half a year to come and realize the prophecy is being fulfilled. I’m in love with the idea. ???

  20. Molly says:

    Hello there! I have 2 sons and I would like to pass on some advice.

    1. Have a birthing plan, but expect something to change. It happens and that’s okay. Remain as calm as possible and trust your doctor.

    2. Do whatever you feel is best for you and your child. Breast feeding or formula. Breast feeding is hard, I tried with both my kids and ended up putting them on formula to help keep the both of us happy and rested.

    3. Freeze a bunch of meals before hand. You’ll be extremely exshausted (or you may not be…everyone is different) but either way it’ll take a little pressure off of you.

    4. You’re going to cry. I cried a lot with my first born because I couldn’t figure out why he was crying even after feeding, burping, and changing him. It’ll happen, and that’s okay.

    5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I hate asking for help but I think if I asked for more help it would have been a little easier on me posto delivery.

    And last but not least: Enjoy the baby stage. It goes by in a blink of an eye. Before you know it your child will be walking. Just give your baby all the hugs, snuggles, and kisses you can give. And you know your family the best. Do what you think is right, not what everyone says is right.


    • ColorfulFoodie says:

      Hi Molly, 1- I have a plan in my head. I will likely start discussing it soon now that I’m creeping on halfway! 2- The plan is to breastfeed, but God only knows right? 3- This is great advice! I will listen!, 4- Oh boy….I’m not typically a crier but I can see this happening, 5-Not afraid! Mom is coming! Thank you so much for all your advice, this is gold!!! Xoxo

  21. Traci Dowd Page says:

    I knew you were pregnant !! You started talking about being so tired all the time and being pregnant myself (37 weeks along tomorrow!) I just knew! Congratulations to you and your hubby! We are having a girl July 28th-ish…can’t wait! I’m a personal trainer so you bet I can’t wait to get my body back in shape once I’m cleared to do so and better believe I’ll be using your recipes for good healthy colorful eating! Btw, when are you due? Enjoy your pregnancy, I know I have! Love, Traci

    • Colorfulfoodie says:

      Awwe my birthday is July 31st!!! She will be a good baby! I’m due on Christmas so your due date is my halfway point!!! I am enjoying, it’s just so crazy. I’m clueless, I know I need a nursery, a baby registry. Don’t even know where to start! Thanks Traci, you’re awesome!

  22. Carolina says:

    Congratulations on your blessing!! I’m such a fan of your blog, IG and Snaps hehe. Love all your recipes.

    I am also expecting. Currently 23 weeks and still don’t believe it haha. But I’m definitely bumping so it’s for real. Husband and I were trying for a baby since last year also were happy to get the news in late February that I was pregnant.

    I’m also freaking out and nervous bc it is a lot to get done but I keep hearing everything does come together in the end. I sure hope so!!!

    Looking forward to your pregnancy tips / recipes 🙂

    • Colorfulfoodie says:

      Cool! Yes all the tips on my @colorfulpregnancy Instagram page! Congratulations to you too!! You’re more than halfway there, excitingly terrifying is what I call it! Lol

  23. Justina says:

    Congratulations! I’m a recent follower on Instagram and snapchat and this is my first time on your blog. I’m also pregnant, 6 weeks! Feeling pretty much the same, surprised, excited, scared, and oh SO sleepy! Lol that was my first indication because I’m normally not a good sleeper and all of a sudden I can take naps any time anywhere! I also want to eat very three hours! I’m excited for this journey and excited to follow yours! Wishing you the best and your baby the best! Justina

  24. Angela says:

    This awesome…i’m 10 weeks and 1 day today for our first child! Im due feb 6. Now i have somebody who feels the same way as i do…exhausted!

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