Mediterranean Sardine Salad


have to admit I have never been a sardine lover. I had a weird aversion for whatever reason and never even attempted to try! I need to report that I’m a changed woman and have completely changed my mind! I had to! 

I always knew about the benefits but Not only are sardines Super Foods, but also simple to prepare, packed with Omega-3s, vitamin D and Lean protein and the cherry on top is they also taste pretty darn Delicious! Today’s lunch was 
Mediterranean Style Colorful Salad:
?Bed of mixed greens (My Canvas)
?1/4 avocado, sliced
?Mixed Cherry tomatoes 
?Kalamata olives
?Season Sardines
I ran into SeasonProducts and found an array of choices that will be going in my meal prep and also be used so many creative ways! 
Take it from this former picky eater: Be sure to try new things that are GOOD for you! You might be surprised that you actually like them! I sure am pleased about this! And cheers to many more!
Xoxo, Ana
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