“Rapadura” Brazilian Natural Sugar



Have you ever heard of it? I grew up with this! This one is straight out of my great uncle’s sugar cane farm and cachaça operation in Salinas, Minas Gerais – this is made  the pure juice extracted from the sugar cane using a press. It  is then evaporated over low heats, while being stirred with paddles, then seive ground to produce a grainy sugar. It is considered healthier because it has not been cooked at high heats, or spun to be processed  into crystals, therefore the molasses, which is the sugar cane’s source of vitamins and minerals that has not been separated from the sugar. 
It is produced organically, and does not contain chemicals or anti-caking agents! Some people eat it as dessert! My grandfather does! It always had a striking effect on me because it literally looks like a brick that you can cut chunks out of, and indeed that’s how it’s referred to: a brick of #rapadura, or um tijolo de rapadura!
If you’re trying to live a more natural life, and may be thinking about replacing the white stuff, this is a great alternative if you can find it! It’s quite common in Brazil and all of Latin America and Caribbean actually, and has a different name in those locations. Although it has these benefits over regular sugar, remember to consume it in moderation, as with anything!
Just sharing a little more of our culture with you all!

Xoxo, Ana?
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