Judgement Free Health (during Pregnancy too!)

Nothing like squats for a pregnant woman! Squatting opens up the pelvis 15-20% more during labor than back labor, so practice those muscles!


Each day we are usually flooded with people telling us to workout and live a healthy lifestyle, but what people may or may not realize is that when we, as a society, decide to actually go for it: change our lifestyles and put in the work at the gym, we often get looked at as “why are you here?” judged by the way we look, how much we weight, or how big we are. It also happens to pregnant girls like me, especially as we get bigger, and strut around the gym working on our fitness, doing anything other than walking or stretching. You can feel the judgy eyes of those that disapprove of us being be there (especially if you like to lift weights) and think we should only sitting home “eating for 2” or only doing the bare minimum.  The worst part is, if this happens to adults, you know it is happening to children, every day. Whether it’s in gym class, at playgrounds or even in gyms with their parents present, a child or adolescent that may be overweight is being judged based on how they look, instead of just being allowed to roam freely and take the necessary steps to get healthy. I’ve seen it growing up, and see it today, even in my workplace as a health care provider.

Never give up on your core, even during pregnancy. Modified planks are amazing, and will help to support baby during and you back shortly after birth!

This really does happen, and not one person should be judged by the way they look at the gym or anywhere else, especially when all they are doing is trying to improve themselves. Obviously, we all have to start somewhere, as “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step”. This is what one of the motivational gym goers at Planet Fitness said during The Planet of Triumps video, and it really motivated me to write about this. If cleared by your physicians to workout, it shouldn’t matter if you’re over 300 lbs or even 9 months pregnant, or whether you’re a young or older person! We should all be able to go for it at the gym regardless of the way we look, how much we weight or how pregnant we are, so there!

Don’t forget to work on upper body strength! People usually forget, but I plan to be using my upper body during labor to push the baby out!

I’m about to become a mom, and I want to make sure I teach my child not to judge anyone on the premise of how different they are. We all just need to instill respect in our children from birth, and engrain in them that bullying is not OK, ever. Children are born judgement free, so we should keep them that way, don’t you agree?

This is why I’m partnering with The Judgement Free Generation at Planet Fitness, and they have the initiative to educate and give back to local communities! If you have a Planet Fitness close by, pay them a visit and support them! The institution as a whole is committing $1.3 million in grants and donations to Boys & Girls Clubs of America and STOMP OUT Bullying to funds this initiative and I’m all in! Tour the facility virtually here, go to your local one and get excited about the Judgement Free Zone! I know I am after learning what they’re all about.

Xo, Ana

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Some alternating core exercise on the upside down BOSU. Can’t do as many but they are awesome!

This post was sponsored by The Judgement Free generation at Planet Fitness and I’m proud to support such this anti-bullying campaign with a focus on educating and supporting our children! As always, the opinions expressed here are my own. Thank you for the love and support!

Xo, Ana – The Colorful Foodie


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