Fun Family Weekend in OKC

Little Miss Sandee getting friendly with the tortoises and grandma could not hide the excitement!

A Day at the Oklahoma City Zoo

Highlight: Tortoise Encounter

This encounter went wel above all expectation for me at the Oklahoma City zoo. We did the “Zoo it all” experience with one wild encounter option. I had been here before on general admission and knew it was cool, but zooing it all gives you a chance to do more, and the wild encounters (too cool, highly recommend it!) are totally worth it, at least these amazing tortoises sure made it feel that way.

These centenary Jurassic Park like creatures are SO cool (yes I said it again, because it is!), and allowed us to feed and pet them, as long as we stayed away from their head. There are experts coaching the “handling” of the animals, and how to interact which is cool. They allowed us to feed the tortoises with lettuce, LOTS of lettuce. These guys a big, and so cool looking!

Here is a little of what we enjoyed!

Not only was this an awesome family affair, Alexandra who is only one and a half had a BLAST! I love that she’s getting to this fun age where she appreciates such things!

I could not believe how comfortable Alexandra was around the tortoises!

What a fantastic zoo! highly recommend bringing the family and friends!

The Canopy Cafe

What did you think of when you think “zoo food”? I can’t imagine much, besides the typical stands of pre-made burgers and hot dogs, cotton candy and popcorn and maybe some peanuts. I don’t know, what I thought, but I definitely did not think I would get the food quality I did at the Canopy cafe with fresh to order foods that are just absolutely delicious with high quality beef patties, freshly battered chicken fingers and hand cut fries, cooked exactly to order. This was probably the best chicken club sandwich I ever had, recommended by Michael, the general manager.

Check out the treat below:

This friendly face belongs to the general manager, Michael! He sure looks like he just stepped out of the safari to meet us!

I was impressed at the quality, the taste. I even took a peek at the spotless kitchen, and it’s no wonder this place caters to private parties such as birthdays and even weddings! Too cool!

See below some of the meals we enjoyed.

The Colcord: Classic Beauty in the heart of OKC

First time staying at The Colcord and it did not disappoint. This is one of the city’s jewels, established as the first skyscraper in the city completed in 1910. It’s classy interior and updated rooms make it the perfect place to start. Central to the city, it also offers easy access anywhere you want to go, and exudes beauty with it’s original marble interior. It is truly something to look at and experience. See for yourself in the images below.

The original nickel and bronze letterbox by the elevators demand attention! So beautiful.

Overlooking the outside bar at the FLINT from the second floor.

Alexandra taking a break on the beautiful stairway within the Colcord.

The Colcord has held on to most of it’s original classic luxurious interior, although all rooms have been updated. These are spacious, comfortable and beautiful rooms, with the joint room option, which is what we did with my mom. We got 2 rooms that were easily shared by unlocking the middle door which was great for the baby to run between both rooms, but easily closed for privacy as needed.

Dinner for two at Nonesuch.

Recently awarded as the #1 new restaurant in America, Nonesuch presents itself with an inconspicuous entrance that reveals a restaurant with a minimalist approach in introductions, and astounding way to serve that is second to none. Ha! I didn’t even mean to alliterate.

In short, we had the opportunity to experience the refreshing and seasonally delicious menu, where the chefs serve each plate in a very personable setting offering all prime seats in an orchestrated dance.

As a spectator, one is able to watch the magic happen from any location in the house equally; making this a singular chef’s table experience requiring you to actively taste and process each bite with the perfect wine pairing (wine pairing is a must!) We were lucky enough to enjoy dinner a week or 2 before the fantastic news that Nonesuch had risen to become the #1 new restaurant in the country, so I can humbly agree it is a very well deserved title. Winecoach and I highly recommend this experience when you visit OKC.

Here is a snapshot of the August 2018 menu.


Winecoach and I definitely enjoyed our baby free fabulous dinner experience!

Brunch at FLINT.

I’ve been here for dinner and it was amazing. This was a first for breakfast/brunch, and oh so delicious – I did have high expectations for this place.

Equally as classy as the Colcord (it is attached to the hotel), the Flint has delicious eats, a fantastic view and feel paired with great service. Here is some of the Yums we enjoyed!

Oklahoma City Science Museum

This place is AWESOME! I basically use my kid as an excuse to do fun kid things these days (I think more of us do it than not!) but no one admits!) but this is an interactive museum experience even grandma enjoyed! We are talking mirror rooms, moving floors, endless toys you must use your entire body to control, cool water facts, hot air balloons, dinosaur skeleton, you name it! This offers so much!


I may have been slightly obsessed with the mirror room….



Most importantly, for us breastfeeding mamas who need to feed our babies, pump, or change, you’re safe here! There is a specific room for us to feel embraced and truly taken care of! I was never so comfortable feeding my baby, changing her. The men’s rooms also offer changing tables, something you don’t always see. The Oklahoma city airport also has a really great family room, and that’s probably the second best family room I’ve ever seen, and I sure do get around. All in all, OKC is doing quite a job of supporting families all around!

My little doll enjoying the water portion of the science museum!

I’ve lived in Oklahoma for the passed 7 years, and have watched the city flourish into a fantastic location with fun filled activities for one, two or a family weekend in Oklahoma City!! Whether it’s a staycation or a vacation, there is always something awesome to do. Be sure to check out Visit OKC on social media for more, or follow the hashtag #SeeOKC to learn more about what this great place and to offer!

I love OKC!

Xo, Ana

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