Easy Slow Fermented Bread


Finally, I wanted a ball of bread, so the last bit I folded into a ball. My favorite!!
On a “floured” surface, add your dough and flatten it out and roll it like a log, pinching the insides and the ends each time. Then fold it into a ball, pinching the insides and tucking the ends until it is a perfect ball. Roll is in the flour and leave the smooth side up. Cover it with a towel and let it rest for an hour.

Add flour to the top of it and make 2 slips. Preheat oven to 500F with the cast iron in there. Add a parchment paper to the bottom of it once the oven reaches temperature with a bit of flour and place the ball in the center. After 20 minutes, check internal temperature to see if it’s close to 206F.

I ate half of it while it was still steaming. It was DELICIOUS! Any way you make this you will LOVE!!

I hope you try it and enjoy it. I know I did!!!

This is an amazing recipe! Again, thank you Smriti for it. Make sure you check out SmritisSpecial on Instagram for Step by step directions on her story. That’s what I followed!