Americanized “Faux” Feijoada

If you’re Brazilian, know Brazilians or have been around them long enough, you are familiar with this typical dish! Ultimately, Feijoada a meat and black bean stew typically served with white rice, steamed collard greens and orange slices. The “meat mix” is typically pork and beef (we’re talking bacon, ribs, beef chuck, sausage, pig’s feet, ham, you name it basically), all of which is cooked directly into the beans and the flavors typically marry of a course of several hours, to even days. It is typically enjoyed with a side of “caipirinha” a typical Brazilian cocktail made from cachaca, lime and sugar.

What I have here is simply black beans and leftover barbecue meat from our weekend grilling – I don’t usually find the Brazilian sausage and top sirloin in my current location, so I had a friend who visited from New Jersey this weekend who picked up a couple of cuts of Brazilian meat and transported it to us to make this barbecue happen! Of course I wasn’t about to throw away any of my leftovers so I made a “Faux” Feijoada, I call it Americanized because well, that’s what it is, plus a little healthier and easier but without sacrificing the amazing taste.



  1. 28 oz can of black beans
  2. 2 Brazilian sausages (linguica), grilled, chopped
  3. 8 oz  Brazilian Top Sirloin (Picanha), grilled, chopped
  4. 3 garlic cloves, finally chopped
  5. Salt, pepper and seasonings to taste


  • Bring beans and garlic cloves to a boil, then gently to a simmer.
  • Add sausage and sirloin pieces and allow them to simmer for at least 30 minutes. For best results allow a 1-2 hour simmer at least. This will bring out the smoky flavor from the grilled meat.
  • Season to taste: as much salt and pepper as you’d like – feel free to add garlic or onion powder if you wish.
  • Serve with white or brown rice, or eat it as a soup.


If you don’t have left over BBQ meat, use fajita meat and regular sausage of your liking. You can enjoy this either way.

WATCH THE VIDEO on how to put it all together in under 2 minutes!