33 Weeks Pregnant – Size of a Pumpkin

33 Weeks Pregnant!

Getting closer and closer to the 9 month mark and feeling every bit of it! This week has been an eye opener and I’m definitely feeling the weight on my bones. I’m thankful I’ve been able to maintain a healthy weight throughout this pregnancy but even the approximate 30 lbs definitely speak to your joints at some point. Baby is getting bigger, stronger, and my body is complaining although I’m happy. I love feeling her move and demand attention whether it’s through her daily hiccup sessions or constant spinning around, but I could definitely do without the sciatica like symptoms and what feels like permanently bruised rib (right under my left boob) which has now turned into something I just have to live with.

I’ve also started feeling a new wave of fatigue. Nothing like the 1st trimester which I felt pretty worthless, but the tired now is the “I’m heavy tired”, and need to take a break often. Some days are better than others, obviously but since sleep is starting to be a real challenge, it’s just easy to get tired these days. I am usually pretty active, but this weekend I definitely took some time to rest and decompress which was much needed. I have a lot going on in life these days, so I feel like it was the calm before the storm, in some ways. I will be sharing some exciting news with you all very soon, but right now it’s still very early.

Highlight of this week (and no, it’s not always positive): I had my first official sleepless night this week. Between my left butt cheek due to pregnancy related sciatica and my left upper rib feeling numb and hurting, I couldn’t stretch as needed which woke up up all night. I also feel as in I’m overheating at night, and Baby Sandee kicks quite hard these days which makes me get up to go to the bathroom all night. Seriously counted 10 times the other night, and 3 of them before it was even 1am (I usually get to bed by 10:30-11pm), so that was quite a bit! I guess my body is already preparing me for what’s to come?
On a positive note, nothing makes me happier than feeling her move. When it doesn’t hurt a body part, it is by far the most amazing feeling ever to felt! Puts a smile on my face, and I just love playing with her already. She pushes back, hard, and it’s so much fun!!! I know we will have a great time together and I just can’t wait to see her little face!

Exercise! Yoga is my friend, and so is pigeon pose! I feel it will will continue to be. I feel much better after my stretches, so I HAVE TO make time for them. I’m usually so tired when I get home, but even 15 minutes makes a big difference, especially with the buttock pain. The relaxin (hormone released to increase flexibility in our joints so we are able to give birth) is in full effect, and even though the belly gets in the way of alot of the exercises, I’m still able to get through most poses with some adaptations. Walking has also been good, even though I don’t always want to do it, but at the very least 3 times a week I try to get out there and open the inlets of the pelvis in hopes this will help during labor. I hear from most women that this has helped them, so lets go! Also, my ball stretches have been a life saver!

Pigeon pose around 24 weeks, still works!

We keep growing!

TMI alert: Puffy VaJJs all day haha….you can tell things are preparing themselves. Also, you know how I said I like to walk a good 2 miles most days? Well, sometimes I do feel pressure on the other end too which is only relieved by squatting. I guess that’s another perk of pregnancy, some serious pressure back there as if you’re building up gas. Also, I start looking for bushes along the way, as inevitably you just MUST pee in the middle of doing anything at all! I haven’t actually peed on the bush, but I fantasize about it every time I’m out there walking! Tell me I’m not the only one!

Cravings: Things aren’t changing these days. Still my dulce de leche ice cream and orange juice. Not together, although why now?

Aversions: No aversions! Yay!

Mood: The mood has been good. I think physically it’s been such a challenge this week that my mind has given me a break. Plus it was election week, so, not much time to thing about my feelings as I was more worried about our country! Yikes! Plus Winecoach who has been travelling so much for work stayed home an extra day. That usually makes me happy.

Ultrasound and Baby’s Sex: Here is another shot of our girl! This was back a few weeks ago at 30 weeks….do you see it looks like she has hair?? She is constantly playing with her button nose!

Movement and Positioning:No more kicking….we are talking major acrobatics and identifiable knees and elbows, even feet at times. Someone is strong and wanting to show it! I Love it, as long as the bladder is not being kicked and she stays off my ribs! No I’m not naked but here is a quick video of what happens all day, everyday….constant quivering. And yes, she’s a little camera shy.

Weight gain: No crazy weight gain the past few weeks. I’ve noticed the scale is still tilting but not so much like before. Things are stable and I think most of what I’m eating is going straight to baby. Pretty crazy! But yes, she’s growing so much, and I’m just kinda staying the same, although I did notice my feet will swell slightly from time to time as opposed to not at all like before.
Nursery and registry:  The nursery is non-existing right now, but hopefully not for long. Give me a few weeks, but for now, it looks like this thanks for our wonderful friends and family and actually some of you beautiful followers who have jumped on our registries with Babies R Us and Buy Buy  and are also all consolidated on The Bump. You are just wonderful, thank you for flooding Baby Sandee with love and boxes!!

I wanna cry. Tears of happiness for everyone’s generosity and of pain because I have to make all of this into a nursery somehow.

Names: We have a name! We will share it after she’s born!

Midwife or OB: Midwife all the way! As long as you have an uncomplicated birth, it’s definitely the way to go in accordance with my experience so far.

Aches and pains: Oh yes, we’re there. I already mentioned the sciatica and bruised ribs right?

Sleep: Getting harder and harder to achieve this because of the aches and pains, plus peeing every 2 hours  (sometimes hourly). Comes in the job description, I got the memo, now I just gotta get over it.

Currently Wearing: It’s finally cooled down in Oklahoma, so I’m popping out of my tops! Looks like I’ll have to invest in some longer tank tops to get through the rest of Fall and early winter without showing the belly! Otherwise I’m still in denial and making myself fit into ridiculously tight pre-pregnancy clothes. I mean, look at this? It is what it is…. Ha!

Traveling – We stayed put this weekend! Besides going out for a get ogether organized by our friend and yet another impromptu baby shower with delicious cake and attending our next to last Bradley Birth class, we rested! It felt amazing…I’m just not up for all the traveling excitement anymore at the time. Let’s wait till she comes, and then we can get back to traveling with our sidekick!

Winecoach’s idea!

Thank you for following my journey! Please leave me comments below with any tips for the upcoming weeks as baby is really growing now and I’m deep into the 3rd trimester; I LOVE to hear about your own experiences with pregnancy, with labor and how you prepared for it, especially if you have any tips on how to achieve a natural birth. I will also start taking tips on the first weeks home with the baby and the things I NEED to know before bringing baby home. Any tips will be much appreciated loves!

I want to thank my friends, family and even some of you beautiful followers, for all the help with the registry and gifts you’ve sent to Baby Sandee! I’m stitll taking suggestions on the best products and “gear” needed to kee a newborn alive and well, so please leave me your comments on anything else that is crucially necessary for baby’s arrival because I AM still clueless. Don’t forget to follow @ColorfulPregnancy on Instagram for my nutrition tips during pregnancy!

Xo, Ana

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  1. Callie says:

    You are adorable.

    Stick out natural childbirth if you can.

    Nurse your baby if it’s at all possible. (best baby prezzy from mommie to baby…ever)

    Even if you run into a road block nursing…figure your way around it. The incredible bonding and amazing health of your baby will be your reward.

    I’m certainly not knocking any moms who didn’t (or don’t) nurse. Not at all. Sometimes it’s simply not feasible.

    I’m simply saying…if you’re able to nurse…any at all…that would be awesome!

    You are going to do very well and being a mom.

    Best of wishes. (:

  2. Charisse says:

    You look really great and I am happy the pregnancy is going well for you! And that cake from your friend looks absolutely amazing! Do you know where she got the curly toppings added to it?? I’d love to add those to some of my creations!! 🙂

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