32 Weeks Pregnant – Size of a Pineapple

32 Weeks Pregnant!

Officially 2 months to go (more or less) as we enter the 8th month. As described on the last post, we stay pregnant for roughly 10 months, not 9 per popular belief. Baby is the size of many things right about now, including a small pumpkin or a gallon of milk! That means about 17 inches and 3.5-4 lbs already!

This was a pleasant week for me! Not only was it Halloween but also my second baby shower, this time in with my Okie friends! I also had a very constructive visit with my midwife and learned a lot about how baby is doing, and also watched a very impressive video (from my birthing class) of labor in the squatting position. I’m almost convinced that’s how I want to do it.

50% Brazilian, 50% Dutch!

All these goodies!

I also managed to stay active this week and put a lot of steps in! I’m trying to do at least 2 miles in most days of the week and am trying to do more prenatal yoga. I had taken some time off because I’ve just been so very tired, but the least we can do is give 15 minutes of ourselves right? The bare minimum is better than nothing at all, so I will do at least that!

Pregnancy Brain mode is still in full mode and I suspect it’s not going anywhere!! I was going into a military base this week and went straight through the entrance that had a BIG red X on it, meaning they aren’t open to check IDs (if anyone is familiar with getting in and out of a military base, you know this is a NO NO!). Like, really?? I apologized and the nice military forces soldier who was very nice about it once he saw the belly. He must have experience with this…personal experience is my guess.

Highlight of this week (and no, it’s not always positive): A baby that moves constantly and kicks my left side, but what’s new there? The movements are very impressive, and so forceful! I learned Baby Sandee’s body is actually on my right side leaving her arms and legs free to kick and punch my left side, ha!!

For Halloween, I wore a creepy/funny/maybe you don’t like it T-shirt made by a dear friend because well, Halloween, but sometimes it really feels like she’s trying to stick a body part straight out of my side!

Happy Halloween!!! I just had to!

On a positive note, I found out Baby Sandee is at the perfect position, and the midwife was kind enough to show me on a doll! Hilarioussss!  A cute little baby doll and a cute little pelvis, and this is what she looks like in there. She was kicking the midwife the whole time during our visit this week when she was trying to get her heart rate, which was around 170 in the beginning until she calmed down and stopped moving everywhere! Then, it went back down to high 140s, low 150s.

Can only lie on my right because she hates when I lie on the left!

Exercise! Feeling a bit more energetic this week so taking full advantage of it! I’m making sure I walk at least 40-45 minutes most days of the week and have committed myself to at least 15 minutes of yoga. I time is coming and it won’t wait for me to get prepared, so I must prepare! Walking feels good on my hips, and it’s what you’re supposed to do to open up the pelvis for the “big day” – It is the best exercise, so I’m doing it for the bump. It’s not always fun but I know it will help during labor, so lets get walkin, even though sometimes I feel like I need to pop a squat on a nearby bush because the urge to pee. It’s getting real this week!

TMI alert: Did you know pregnant women are more prone to yeast infections?  YEP! And it doesn’t need to be anything you’re doing wrong! Simply your body pH can be out of whack, so probiotics are likely to help along with plenty of hydration and keeping your downstairs clean and dry (as much as you can with the dry). Otherwise, you know our VaJJs are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and if things get itchy and ichy beware! Now for my TMI, but I already said it anyway…I had a scare this week that turned out not to be a yeast infection apparently but since I’m so nuts when it comes to this stuff, but I went and got some anti-fungal topical cream and used it for about 2 days just in case! Whatever it was cleared right up thank God, but just wanted to give you gals a heads up!

Cravings:Back to ice cream (dulce de leche) and chocolate. I also enjoyed some delicious fresh fruits from Melissa’s Produce (I always crave dragon fruit, I just love it!)

Those snapchat nights….

Aversions: No aversions! Yay!

Mood: Sensitive but keeping my head above water. Had one episode of uncontrollable crying regarding the baby’s name and sharing it with the world. We decided we aren’t ready yet….Winecoach and I have cultural differences and we are working those out, but for now, we are planning to share only after Baby Sandee is born, but still a sensitive topic that doesn’t get better with my hormones.

Fears: I’m scared that I won’t be ready for when baby comes. Not physically, but environmentally. I don’t have a nursery set up, and will likely not be able to have a nursery set up until the very end of this month. The baby’s room is FULL OF BOXES, and it’s driving me insane. I can’t do much about that, it’s just the way it has to be right now and I can’t share why yet.

Ultrasound and Baby’s Sex: Have you guys watched the short video from my last 2 blog posts? If not, you should!! Last week at 31 weeks, I shared a 4D video of Baby Sandee! Go watch it and let me know if you think she looks like me!

so this is exactly what she looks like in there right now!!!

Midwife explaining exactly how baby is positioned right now!


Movement and Positioning:Unbelievable amount of strong movement! Our girl is healthy and doesn’t like me to rest anything on the belly! Even when I’m just looking at my phone or have the laptop gently touching my belly, she kicks it right off as if I’m invading her home! It’s quite hilarious. And now, she moves anytime, even when I’m doing my brisk walking, there she is, kicking, kicking….

Weight gain: Stable… I almost feel like I haven’t gained much at all in the last few weeks, but according to the midwife, I’m right on track and my belly is measuring about 1 week ahead. I’m just under a 30lb gain as we speak, so perhaps from now on it starts getting serious?

Nursery and registry:  Boxes and boxes arrive daily from my wonderful family members and friends! This week we had an Okie baby shower and my closest friends from Oklahoma were in attendance. It was pretty awesome. I will be sharing those pictures with you all soon! Also, under “MOOD” I talked about our nursery situation which is non-existent at the moment, but I DO have a bassinet and the car seat just came in, so guess what. We can bring the baby home!

Our registries are with Babies R Us and Buy Buy  and are all consolidated on The Bump .

Names: Refer to “MOOD” again. That was the source of my mood swings this week, and we decided we will share the name after baby’s birth, after all, what if she doesn’t look like an *********?

Midwife or OB:Still love her, she’s the best. I don’t think she will be delivering Baby Sandee for some reasons I currently am unable to disclose, but she is the most wonderful midwife and I feel quite lucky to have her follow most of my pregnant journey.

Aches and pains: Starting to flirt with some sciatica pain which is mild and resolves with stretching most of the time. As we get heavier things expand and lean on nerves which can make different positions difficult but I do think the prenatal yoga helps, that’s why I went back to it.

Sleep:Peeing every 2 hours with intermittent laughter from the crazy kicks I get throughout the night. It is what it is, and I get happy when she kicks. What can I say, she’s healthy and I love it!

Currently Wearing: Ah Oklahoma…God bless this weather that it is end of October, beginning of November and the weather is still in the 80s. I’m still wearing non-maternity flowy or stretchy dresses or Sew Trendy Accessories maternity dresses for more dressy occasions. I also recently found my flowy pants that I always enjoyed prior to pregnancy. Living the dream without having to get a whole new wardrobe!

Winecoach is my favorite person in the world right now….
Traveling – Reaching the end of 32 weeks and entering 33 weeks we have decided I’d stay still. No more flying for me, but maybe short road trips if needed. I’m saddened I’m unable to go to my cousin’s baby shower in Jersey over the weekend. She is about 2 weeks ahead of me and I would love to see her one more time before we are both mommies, but it’s just too uncomfortable to fly right now. I learned my lesson going to St. Louis last week and was truly very miserable during the flight back, and that is quite a short trip (1:20 minute flight) compared to the 3 hour Jersey flight. I guess we stay put now until the baby comes and a little after that.

Thank you for following my journey! Please leave me comments below with any tips for the upcoming weeks as baby is really growing now and I’m deep into the 3rd trimester; I LOVE to hear about your own experiences with pregnancy, with labor and how you prepared for it, especially if you have any tips on how to achieve a natural birth. I will also start taking tips on the first weeks home with the baby and the things I NEED to know before bringing baby home. Any tips will be much appreciated loves!

I want to thank my friends, family and even some of you beautiful followers, for all the help with the registry and gifts you’ve sent to Baby Sandee! I’m stitll taking suggestions on the best products and “gear” needed to kee a newborn alive and well, so please leave me your comments on anything else that is crucially necessary for baby’s arrival because I AM still clueless. Don’t forget to follow @ColorfulPregnancy on Instagram for my nutrition tips during pregnancy!

Xo, Ana

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  1. Samantha P says:

    I loved your costume! I wish we could leave pic comments on here to show you mine I was thing one and my belly was thing two! 27 weeks today! Your baby showers were beautiful and the one your friends threw you the other day, the cake looked amazing!!!!!!!! So excited for baby sandee! Her friend baby Aaron will be following soon!!!

  2. Cindy says:

    You look absolutely beautiful in that white dress!. I cannot believe how amazing you look so far into the pregnancy. I know it must be frustrating being unable to fits the things that are out of your control but hopefully everything will fall into place just in the nick of time before baby arrives. so happy to see your blessings coming to light. xox

  3. Rachel Flint says:

    Hi Ana! Congratulations on your pregnancy! What is the best way to contact you about doing a sponsored post? I have an Oklahoma-based fitness company and would love to have you review our new subscription box. Please contact me at [email protected] if you’re interested. Thank you!

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