31 Weeks Pregnant – Size of a Bunch of Leeks!

31 Weeks Pregnant!

Now that we are here, let’s get uncomfortably “comfortable” with this 3rd trimester deal. One month into it and now we’re talking. Baby is the size of a bunch of leeks, and that’s pretty darn long wouldn’t you agree? I can’t believe how they get all folded up in there so they actually fit! Apparently I’m one of the lucky ones that has “more room” because I have a long torso due to being 6’1, but obviously my baby should be proportional, so you best believe she’s taking up all that room.

Pregnancy Brain mode is in full mode this week: I literally was driving from work, called the nail salon and asked if they could give me a pedicure in 30 minutes and then drove home. Like right after I made the appointment. Seriously? Then I wanted to dye my roots (I do that myself) when I got home and realized I had no hair dye. So I just went on to do laundry. FML. Anyone else can relate?

Highlight of this week (and no, it’s not always positive): I felt like I was having a heart attack when I was just there, sitting on the couch. Well, actually a pulmonary embolism since the pain was on the right side, on what I felt was my lung. Turns out Baby Sandee is apparently  kicking me in the ribs, or my ribs are expanding giving me the sensation that I got shot! I am NOT kidding about how it feels. Thankfully it went away within an hour before I took myself to the ER.

I’m tired, so very tired. I get home from work and I’m done. Just done. I’m pretty sluggish at work too, especially in the afternoons; I’m definitely better in the mornings, even though I was never a morning person. This type of tired is different: I’m not sleepy tired like first trimester. I’m physically tired after not doing much of anything. It’s pretty crazy. Sometimes even standing there and cooking is difficult, I have to get a chair like a really old lady and sit aside the stove…astonishing!

Exercise! Walking feels good on my hips, and it’s what you’re supposed to do to open up the pelvis for the “big day” – It is the best exercise, so I’m doing it for the bump. It’s not always fun but I know it will help during labor, so lets get walkin, even though sometimes I feel like I need to pop a squat on a nearby bush because the urge to pee. It’s getting real this week!

TMI alert: things are getting bigger, puffier and changing colors, ALL over. Oh my….what a wild ride as I say enter the 8th month of gestation!

This month is quite important for the growing and maturing baby brain by the way! This is a key month of cognitive development, so must be good and take care of ourselves! That means keep moving and eating well because baby is putting on about half a pound a week until birth!
What an incredible thing it is to be someone’s house for 10 months. YES, 10 months. You’ve been lied too your whole entire life, because pregnancy is on average 40 weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less, but 40 weeks = 10 months, although baby is of term by 9 months which is 36 weeks. So yea…let’s see how long she stays in there. Hopefully she will be right on time to enjoy the holidays since our due date is December 22nd!

Cravings: I crave orange juice everyday. It’s so crazy! Out of nowhere, I just want OJ! Ok…. better that than chocolate milk I guess! ha….tastes so good to me.

Aversions: No aversions! Yay!

Mood: Had a great week, Didn’t cry once! We are close to completing our Bradley Method of natural childbirth classes with class 8 of 12 coming up this week where we will be mimicking labor for 30 minutes! Not sure how Winecoach feels about it but he will be coaching me along. He is surprisingly good at all this and it calms me to know he will be ready to go when it’s time. We also wrote up our birth plan! Shall I share?

Fears: I do get scared winecoach won’t be there for some reason but I think it’s normal to be anxious and have some insecurities regarding your “hour” but praying everything goes at least somewhat according to plan. As long as he is there, I should be fine.

Ultrasound and Baby’s Sex: Still drooling over last week’s 4D ultrasound! Here is a short video just for fun!

Movement and Positioning:The movement has increased in potency. I freaked out a few times this week when trying to fall asleep and could literally feel a foot/knee/elbow, and for the first time I was able to distinctly tell what body part was moving, so much so it moved my arm off my belly! Wow, she’s getting strong. I know there is a little human inside of me attempting to stretch out, and if she’s anything like me I’m pretty much screwed in the next 2 months because she will stretch!

It’s cute when she hiccups, sometimes for a long long time…She hurts me when she kicks sometimes but it’s also a sign she is healthy, so I play along and laugh because I just can’t believe how strong she is. This week I was pushing back and she replied; it tickled. I’m having some fun with this!

Weight gain: Stable… really don’t feel like I’ve gained more than 28 lbs-30 lbs at this point depending on when I actually weigh myself (morning or evening). I know baby will be putting on about 1/2 lbs each week so I expect some increased weight gain from here on out.

Nursery and registry:  Just boxes and boxes! What do you need to bring a baby home? A car seat and a bassinet! I have a bassinet (thank you cousin for the gift!), and ordered the car seat this week, so we are good. I think the nursery will only come together on the last month because right now, I just have too much going on in life. I’ll sharing what “ALL” that is in the next few weeks.

In the meantime we are organizing a second baby shower for my Oklahoma family this weekend! Been getting lots of boxes from Babies R Us and Buy Buy  which is where I have registries, all of which are consolidated on The Bump . I have my hands full right now but am overwhelmed with everyone’s love!

Names: We believe we’ve come to a consensus, but are not yet sharing. Thanks for respecting our decision.

Midwife or OB:Midwife all the way! Super happy with my choice. Exciting news about the birthing center and tour description coming to you soon!

Aches and pains: Besides my rib pain from this week? Everything is a piece of cake! Left round ligament pain has been terrible since my baby sits on my left side. It’s like there is no baby at all on the right, and all baby on the left. I swear she is trying to go towards my back which is no place for her!!

Sleep: I wake up alot. I dream alot. I pee alot,  but I can still sleep. I’m trying because I know once she comes, forget it!

Accidentally “burned” my belly while cooking today, ouchy….

Currently Wearing: Whatever still fits! Still rocking the maternity leggings, loose pants and stretchy dresses! God bless the fact that I live somewhere where seasons are just a suggestion and it’s mostly warm! Get to rock the dresses for a while stills.

Welcoming Fall, anytime now…..

Thank you Four Seasons St. Louis for the hospitality, ALWAYS!

Traveling – Took a quick flight to St. Louis over the weekend to take care of some business I just can’t wait to share with you guys, but for now it’s stilll too early! Met a friend for afternoon tea and came back home. Was definitely a hit and run but I was SUPER uncomfortable on the flight back. It’s only a 1 hour and 20 minute flight but I was so miserable. Baby was so mean to me on the way back, but on the way there I slept the whole time! Go figure…. I’m not sure I’ll be flying again as I’m getting up there in the third trimester. My midwife says I can fly until 34 weeks which means I have 3 more weeks to go so we shall see.

The bump is growing and growing!

Thank you for following my journey! Please leave me comments below with any tips for the upcoming weeks as baby is really growing now and I’m deep into the 3rd trimester; I LOVE to hear about your own experiences with pregnancy, with labor and how you prepared for it, especially if you have any tips on how to achieve a natural birth. I will also start taking tips on the first weeks home with the baby and the things I NEED to know before bringing baby home. Any tips will be much appreciated loves!

I want to thank my friends, family and even some of you beautiful followers, for all the help with the registry and gifts you’ve sent to Baby Sandee! I’m stitll taking suggestions on the best products and “gear” needed to kee a newborn alive and well, so please leave me your comments on anything else that is crucially necessary for baby’s arrival because I AM still clueless. Don’t forget to follow @ColorfulPregnancy on Instagram for my nutrition tips during pregnancy!

Xo, Ana

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