MacKenzie-Child’s Fairy Tale Visit + Cookware Giveaway – Aurora, NY

Before you start, I must warn you: Pictures galore coming your way, because well, I
simply couldn’t resist myself, so enjoy the breakdown.

Welcome to Aurora, NY! Home of MacKenzie-Childs, where all your home and kitchen dreams WILL come true through the magical experience that is visiting this place. I won’t lie. MacKenzie-Childs is quite new to me, and I had no idea what I was in for when I was invited on this trip. The depth and uniqueness of this brand and the care with which each piece is meticulously prepared  with such attention to detail and finesse, like I’d never seen before! I was immediately in love with the whole concept from top to bottom coming from the creative director, to the artisans in-house. SPLENDID!

This view now!

If you’re not familiar with MacKenzie-Childs, finish reading this post and immediately head over to their website so you know what I’m talking about. You will be intrigued, but even more once you have the chance to visit this place. This is the perfect all-girls getaway, bring your mother/grandmother location, or introduce your daughter to the realness” that is handmade perfection right before your eyes.

The attention to detail is everything….

I am witness that they are an amazing company that takes pride in adding personality and an exquisite FUN touch to our homes through the years….30 to be exact, and this year, I was invited to celebrate the 20th year anniversary of their famous Courtly Check design (the black and white pattern you will see ALL OVER this blog post, and also what I want my whole entire house to look like, at least some of it!).  Each and every piece has the ability to make you smile ear to ear. The first night was celebrated with Courtly Check cake, of course. How else would you celebrate such a special anniversary!

Happy Birthday Courtly Check!

Visiting MacKenzie-Childs headquarters was a privilege, and now I know this is  where dreams come true and everything is handmade and is imperfectly perfect! And how could it not be? All I kept thinking about was “I need to bring my mom and grandma here”, because it literally brings out the little girl in all of us. My mother is an artist, and I can just see her getting lost in that atelier of what seems more like illusionism at best. It all just doesn’t seem real, rather  a true dream for a simple mortal but to an artist it might feel like another dimension, I am NOT exaggerating.

The precision….

To get here I flew into Syracuse, NY (yes, this is upstate NY, so nothing like NYC, a different world!) and drove about an hour to Aurora, a small town in the Finger Lakes region that overlooks Cayuga lake with the most breathtaking views. First things first, after all, I am a foodie.

First night dinner was at the Fargo Bar and Grill, just across the street from where we stayed. The food is simple and DELICIOUS and was served at the basement of The Fargo, precisely where Mackenzie-Childs was born, literally the initial atelier before they moved to what is known today as the headquarters a few miles down the road.

Couldn’t help but share the loaded tots…they were a hit, especially with my pregnant self!

Dinner at the Fargo Grill, and also where it all started.

Amazing accommodating staff with this fantastic mocktail!

Aurora is truly a fairy tale town with a population of only about 400 people, and has a cozy atmosphere and special feel to it. I’m describing the town and also Aurora Inn, where I had the pleasure of staying for 2 nights while visiting. I just can’t wait to return and bring Winecoach once Baby Sandee debuts because this is the Finger lakes Region, which means wineries and the highest quality Riesling!

Beautiful and comfortable rooms at the Aurora Inn.

Aurora Inn offers the best accommodations in the area, paired with an amazing restaurant, plus muffins and coffee each morning at your doorstep. Talk about phenomenal service and the beautiful view of the lake, not to mention falling asleep to the warmth of the fireplace which is left on each night when you return to the room! This is the place to be.

That’s what I’m talkin about!


coffee and muffins each morning….

I had to have a sip of that Riesling!

28 week baby bump!

View from Cayuga lake from the patio at Aurora Inn

The next day, following a session of morning yoga right at the level where I needed to be with my belly, I felt restored and ready to go have an adventure!

If you kept up with my Instagram and Snapchat: AnaSandee during my visit, you got to tour along not only the facility where artisans create these masterpieces that can be crudely described as ceramics and furnishings at the start, but once brought to life are so much more than that: They become our prized possessions, accent pieces and certainly those with most personality in the room! This is how it all starts!


Stacks of terracotta fluted plates to become masterpieces next by the hands of the amazing artisans of Mackenzie-Childs

Fantastic shot by fellow foodie blogger and friend Jessica from whom I had the pleasure to meet at the trip.


Obsessed with these cow coffee creamers to be!

The exclusivity of each piece….now you also know why it is what it is!

Amazing table turned sideways – I couldn’t get over how amazing it was! Look at the detail on the legs…

Upholstering…even that is done by hand. I just LOVE these.

Isn’t this me?

Nothing here is taken lightly and extreme attention to detail is a necessity while each piece goes through quality control before making it to their showroom/store on campus or shipped to stores that carry them, and ultimately into our homes. It is truly something special to watch, and I can share it all with you through pictures.

The fluted masterpieces I was talked about earlier…

Mackenzie-Childs showroom and store on campus. It’s a dream!

What my kitchen will look like in the future – Courtly Check cookware everywhere! wouldn’t you want 1 or 2, or ALL of these pieces?

Highlight of the day: when they tell you you get to paint your own plate! Anxiety and excitement all into once! So fun….You could make up whatever you like, make your own pattern, copy a pattern or be as creative as you’d like. I obviously had to go the ridiculous route! Now I’ll have a MacKenzie-Childs original one of a kind Colorful Foodie plate!

And then, happiness!

What do you think?

The “Farm House” also located on campus is the most incredible home I’ve ever seen. Overwhelmingly pleased yet extremely enthusiastic to be here is an acceptable way to describe it. We thought this home was beautiful on the outside, but wait…the inside though!

The gorgeous Farm House: Prepare to be wowed.

You think the outside is beautiful right?

Wait until you see what’s inside!

Every inch of this 3 story house is completely decked out in MacKenzie-Childs decor, I mean from the floors/tiles, till the drop ceilings in some rooms to every doorknob detail, wallpaper and accents throughout the house. You literally enter the house and stand there in awe, like “Is this place real?” and if so, when can I move in or at least stay for a few days! Prepare to feast your eyes.

Don’t mind me….. I’m just trying to blend in…with this GORGEOUS dinner table!

Perfect entrance, Welcome!

I’m ready to have a tea party right here!

This lamp! and you guessed it, hand-made, hand-painted….the works!

Dream kitchen!

Cookies and milk, really?!

You guys know I have no shame in my game! Dig in!

Portable kitchen!

The stairs, the clock…..everything!

They say don’t play favorites, but…..

This is probably my favorite item in the house. Or ever. EVER!


Isn’t this stairwell surreal? Too cool…

Breakfast in bed anyone? Wow….

Fortunately, they do give guided tours each day, just book it when you come visit. I hope to visit again, hopefully with the mom because I know she would just love it so much! I know because I’m the enthusiam scale she is at least 10-fold what I am, and I was pretty darn excited! But by now I think you can see why…WOW.

And the so called “factory” looks over this beautiful lake. Ahhh….

The campus is also a farm, it really is! It offers the most gorgeous landscapes and animals, like sheep and geese! I loved it, and had a great time walking around just taking it all in. Truly something special to experience. No wonder people come here in the summer for their yearly sale! It’s not just to acquire pieces, but to share the experience with girlfriends and those with tastes alike. Now, I know….

Real geese! I love it!

Toasted marshmallow sheep…..

This was pretty accurate as to baby size at week 28! So fun!

Last night was an amazing dinner at Aurora Inn. What a singular experience! The table setting was on point, the weather was perfect, and the company was the best!

I had the joy of sharing this experience with four other amazing bloggers and we were accompanied by Mackenzie-Childs staff as well a surprise guest appearance (she actually just happened to be having dinner at the same spot): The creator of American Girl Dolls just came and said hi! Every little girls knows and loves American Girl Dolls, so that was such a pleasant surprise! We are all so excited! Enchanted Aurora….

This is so me! Again….I feel like I”ve said that before but just can’t get enough!

The table…..impeccable!

We literally ordered every appetizer on the menu, because that’s what foodies do! And everything was delicious! Aurora Inn definitely knows how to entertain, what an amazing time.

As if we didn’t have enough for dinner, the Aurora Inn staff arranged that we have a fire and s’mores out back later on that evening! Aside getting sprinkled on, it was the perfect ending to a fantastic experience. I hope you all make it to Aurora sometime. Heavenly!

Late night S’mores by the fire….

I hope you enjoyed the summary of this amazing trip which is difficult to put into words, but I did try my very best! I hope you most of all enjoyed the pictures but there was no better way of sharing such a place other than with visuals! That’s how I roll….


Because I love you and Mackenzie-Childs is amazing (and so generous!), we want to giveaway 4 pieces of the Courtly Check Cookware collection, GASP! Yes, 4 pieces, which is SO incredibly awesome. All you have to do is leave a comment below expressing why you should be the one to get it!

Image result for courtly check cookware

image from pinterest

***Pay attention because I will respond to you and need your information to get you your stuff, so make sure you answer back within 24 hours! Winner will be announced in precisely a week, on November 1st. Can you believe it will be November already? 2 more months till Baby Sandee is here!

Xo, Ana

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This trip was sponsored by Mackenzie-Childs and I’m proud to be working closely with them in the upcoming year to develop recipes and share my passion for colors and this beautiful brand! As always, the love, excitement and opinions come from the heart and genuine passion for food, traveling and all beautiful things experienced by this colorful author! Thank you for your support! I love you!

Xo, Ana – The Colorful Foodie


  1. Rabeea says:

    I would love to win!!! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I love your recipes! They’re very easy to follow, not that time consuming( huge bonus for a student!!!) and they’ve shown me how being healthy DOESNT HAVE TO BE BORING!! I’m most thankful for that! I would love to be able to win this Mackenzie- childs four piece set because I am in desperate need of new cookware so I can continue making your amazing recipes!!! As a med student on a budget, I can’t really afford amazing stuff like this; in fact the pans I own, I’ve bought off craigslist and have had them since college. It would be amazing to upgrade them!!!

    Thank you bothfor the opportunity to enter this giveaway!! And Colorful foodie, congrats on your pregnancy and wishing you an easy delivery soon 🙂

  2. Jovonna says:

    Oh how lovely! I would love to win this cookware set because I am in the process of starting my cooking blog and I just know these will look great in my photos!! BTW I just made your butternut squash and apple soup, it was a big hit in my house!! Congrats on the pregnancy!

  3. Audrey Stevens says:

    Wow! This would be a dream come true! I am very familiar with these products and they are amazing quality and just so darn cute! I have been following you and preparing my meals mostly just from your site (s). I follow you on all of them! After going through a difficult divorce, I recently moved across country with movers having to get my furniture (and everything I own) from my storage unit while I was already at my new place. The movers ended up not having enough room in their truck and left more than half of my furniture and belongings in the storage unit. I wasn’t able to afford more movers so lost most of everything including my kitchen items. This would definitely be a great blessing as it is beautiful and also very needed. Thank you for the opportunity Ana!!! I absolutely adore you and Winecoach!

  4. Samantha P says:

    I am a new Mackenzie Child’s lover! After your snap story from your visit I became obsessed! The work they put into the pieces is amazing! I hope one day to afford the furniture too! Although I hate to compete and I think every lady here deserves a win, I will say I think I should get it because I am working with the first pan and dish sets I got from Walmart when my husband and I first got our own place 5 yeas ago! They are used and abused and full of love but I need a new and beautiful cookware set to go with my new and beautiful home! We were finally able to afford our first house last year and are slowly redoing the house so my pots and pans are not a priority! That and we have baby number 2 on the way! A little boy! That’s not a reason to win but one I love sharing! We decided once we got a house and we’re settled we would try for another baby and 8 months of trying later bam! Finally blessed! I just love sharing that! So good luck to all the ladies that enter I’m rooting for all of us!

  5. Suaad says:

    I would love to win a 4 piece cooking set I am always in the kitchen I love to cook. I even made colorful foodie cheese waffle , also made chocolate banana bread pudding. I love your snap chats I learn so many recipes. I would be so fun to us them for the holiday. ???

  6. Shawna Zubia says:

    Hello beautiful! What a fun giveaway. I would LOVE to win a piece of this collection, it’s gorgeous and fun! All of my cookware (which is like two frying pans and one pot) are all from second hand stores. Winning this would be such a blessing for me, to be able to own something so unique and beautiful.

  7. Steph Gardner says:

    What a beautiful collection of home decor!! Not to mention the food looked amazing and you got to meet the creature of American Girl……Molly was always my favorite one!!

      • Steph Gardner says:

        Yay!!!!! Please tell me this isn’t a dream!!

        Please let me know how to claim this wonderful!


        • ColorfulFoodie says:

          Yes! You figured it out! Thanks for entering the giveaway and congratulations! You followed the directions which were to email me your address to claim your prize! Myself and MacKenzie-Childs are very excited for you to have these amazing pieces! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I’ve been enjoying mine!

  8. Julie Coello says:

    I should be the one to get it because you are my favorite person in the whole wide world. You are amazing you inspire me since morning to night time. I would love to be your best friend and spend time with you. You have helped me in so many ways especially in my eating habits. Every single day you make my day. God bless you and your husband with your baby you guys are gonna be the best healthy amazing parents. Best wishes and I follow you every where!!!

  9. Jaclyn D says:

    Beautiful photos! Thanks so much for sharing! I would love to win the cookware! I am a collector of all things Mackenzie and love to cook and entertain! Thanks!

  10. Marla says:

    I would like to win this set so that I can give it to my mom for her birthday Nov 29th! She has been needing new cookware and is a huge MC fan!!

  11. Alyssa says:

    Absolutely LOVE Mackenzie Child’s and would love this collection of cookware! Since moving into my first home I haven’t been able to get a good set of cookware, everything I have is “hand me downs”. This would be a life saver especially just in time for the holidays. Loved reading this article and love your recipes!

  12. Adrianne Dering says:

    We would enjoy adding the cookware pieces to our own beautiful black and white themed kitchen to add to the beautiful MC pieces we have already collected over the years!

    Come and visit and I’ll cook something special for YOU! : )

  13. Marie Beshures says:

    What a wonderful review! I used to work at Mackenzie-Childs, Ltd. & enjoyed it very much. Your photos and description brings back so many good memories. The current owners seem to have a good balance of letting the creative team control their product. I do have pieces that are very important to me: My first Turkey Platter, fish plates painted by friends, even a beautiful new pitcher made by the original owners in their new lines, but I do not have any enamelware. It would please me to have the set, I am working on cooking more, and it would make a very sweet carrot.

    I am so glad you had such a good time.

  14. Jennifer Hungate says:

    Wow I must saw your article is amazing and the pictures looked yummy and beautiful. Why would I love to win this set? I started my collection a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. Something about Mackenzie Child’s feels like home and makes you feel comfortable. Each piece in my collection brings me a smile and a small story of how I acquired them. I hope to use the cook set and create not only delicious food but amazing memories with my 2 young boys and husband. I hope that someday I can pass along my collection to my sons so that they can look back at them and maybe remember the special moments when mom used her Mackenzie Child’s. Some may say that sounds strange but it brings a smile to my face knowing that I can pass along something beautiful and meaningful. If nothing else thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and article ❤️

  15. Heidi says:

    It would be amazing to win this beautiful set! I love watching your snaps and following you on instagram & pinteret! You inspire me to be more creative when it comes to cooking. Everything you make looks so yummy! It would be so awesome if I could win this fun set! You’re going to be an amazing mother! Best wishes❤️

  16. Caroline says:

    I would love to win this! I’ve been following you for a while on ig, Snapchat and your blog 🙂
    My husband is Brazilian so I love that I can understand things about Brazil or their food when you post pictures it looks so delicious!
    My husband is a US Marine and many people believe that being a military family we have a lot of money but thats not true we live normal. We have been wanting to buy a set of high quality cookware but they are all out of our price range for now. We have a 2 year old girl and a 4 month baby boy. Being able to cook homemade purees for my baby and make yummy Colombian/ Brazilian food for my family would be amazing in these. I hope I win 🙂 thank you again for doing this!

  17. Pamela Morayati says:

    OH how I would love to win this competition cookware! I love Mackenzie-Childs and am a new collector. Their products are beautiful and so whimsical. I have been drooling over this cookware since they previewed it this past summer. Think how beautiful they would look in my kitchen. And they would make cooking time that much more fun.

  18. Dani Parks says:

    I love my MacKenzie-Childs pieces because they embody a sense of tradition, elegance and home. My husband loves our pieces and is just as involved in choosing and placing them in our house. We frequent NYC about 6 times a year and our first stop every time is the flagship store! It’s so easy for us to get lost in the mesmerizing world of color, patterns and fantasy! I am also one lucky girl and my husband is the chef of our house! We have quite a few pieces for decor or serving but to have pieces to actually cook Sunday family meals in, is invaluable. I hope you consider us for the cookware! The pieces are beautiful and we would care of them as family 🙂

  19. Chris Frare says:

    What a FABULOUS post!!!? I am so glad I happened upon it! I am lucky enough to live close to Aurora, and have spent many nights at the Inn, the EB Morgan House, and the Rowland House– LOVE them all!! And the FOOD! Don’t even get me started!! Too excellent! And I LOVE MC!!!! The farmhouse tour is SO fabulous– sensory overload in the best possible way!!?
    I would be THRILLED to have the Courtly Check cookware set in my kitchen!! It would fit right in with many of the pieces I have bought at the Barn Sale or in the shop! LOVE it ALL!!!!????❤️??

  20. Leandra Walker says:

    I cannot express to you how much I love MacKenzie Child’s. My kitchen is Courtly Check so cookware would be wonderful. I have service for 12 in it plus numerous other ettings in Taylor, etc.

  21. Jessica Rivera says:

    I love to cook and I would love to win this set! I don’t have any Mackenzie Child’s cookware and would love to see how great it is. I watch your Snapchat videos and make your recipes all the time!! Your my favorite blogger! God bless you and your beautiful little family! ❤️❤️

  22. Cindy Sierzenga says:

    Love this cookware and would gladly share three pieces if I could get just one. Blessings for Baby Sandee..?

  23. Dianne Ulmer says:

    Mackenzie Childs just makes me smile. It is just whimsical! I have a few pieces that I display. I have dreamed of so many of the pieces, especially the Christmas moose on wheels. I just love the new cookware and wood be over the moon to win a piece. I live to decorate and Mackenzie Childs just amazes me. Congrats on your little bundle of joy, may God bless you in all that you do to make this a better world.

  24. Deb says:

    I would love to win something and the cookware would be wonderful. I have been collecting since the old days. But, I don’t own any of the cookware although I’ve given them as gifts. I just turned 60! And it’s time to get a wonderful surprise. I loved your photos and recipes too.
    Hope I hear from you shortly?

  25. Tracey Fisher says:

    To be honest I love Mackenzie Child’s but haven’t had the funds to get my collection started! I have a huge wishlist! I would love this set! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and having this contest! I would love to win this set!

  26. Victoria says:

    What a wonderful day it would be to actually win these beautiful works of art pieces!!!! I love this pattern so very much. I am a retired senior and I would love to have these pieces to cook in for the family that I actually now have time to cook for!!!! So pretty anything I cook will look and taste better. Thank you .

  27. Emily Fullerton says:

    I watched your day on snapchat at the factory and was really amazed at all of the work that goes into these pieces! I was amazed at how detailed everything is and that it is all done by hand! So awesome! I love cooking and will be moving soon and need to get new cookware because mine is so old. I would absolutely love to have and use this Mackenzie Child’s collection!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!!

  28. Nuala Collins says:

    What a beautiful article. I have to say I have been obsessed with Mackenzie Childs for years. Though I have been able to actually own a true MC piece myself. In recent years I have found my true inner artist and now paint older furniture and give it a new life Mackenzie Childs style. In the last 5 years I have moved to Ireland and introduced a Mackenzie Childs obsession to Dublin. My friends and I always talk about coming back to Upstate and going Aurora and visiting. .and also visiting family after lol. What I wouldn’t give to finally have my own real pieces after all these years?!!!! Either way thank you for a wonderful article and the amazing pictures.

  29. Karen D says:

    I would kill (well, not literally) for one piece of MacKenzie Child’s anything!!!! I am jealous that you could be at their place, their actual place!!! I love the Courtly Check and I was born in October so I swear I have a spiritual connection with pumpkins, so … love at first sight many moons ago. Now I just dream if independent wealth and a houseful of MacKenzie Child’s! Pick me pick me!!!!! ( Imagine crazy lady waving arms and yelling)

  30. Janice Dance says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your Aurora Experience with all of us! I just turned 50 this year and have started my official bucket list! I have been collecting Mackenzie Child’s for years. Now my daughters 23 and 20 are starting a collection! Congratulations on your pregnancy and I can only imagine how you fell in love with the baby collection! Also thanks for telling us about the Aurora Inn! I feel a mother/daughter trip with my girls in the near future! In the meantime would love to win the cookware! I would love to tell you that I cook a delicious dinner in that cookware but… would look really great on my pot rack! I can look at it every night when we get back from our favorite restaurant! Lol Thanks again for sharing your visit! Can’t wait to go experience it myself!!

    • Brandy Waldron-hardy says:

      janice, you should come to aurora, New York during the month of July, Mackenzie childs hold a barn sale, it’s amazing, and of course amazing deals. Also just a short drive-20 minutes is Auburn, New York. We have the Harriet Tubman home museum, and William h. Seward museum. Tons of winery’s and coming in February 2017 a resort casino Del Lago.

  31. Samantha Faella says:

    Reading this blog post and going through your pictures made my heart ache, but in a good way. It brought out that excitement that you usually only feel as a little kid. When I was a little girl, I lived within a fairy tale in my head. Animals could talk, evil witches lurked, and life was supposed to be whimsical, colorful and full of joy. To me, Mackenzie Childs is making childhood fantasies a reality. As a former Saks 5th Ave employee, I dreamed of the day when I could fill my home with the gorgeous MC products I was surrounded by every day. Last year for the first time I was able to reward myself with a little teal MC teapot. While it only takes up a small space in my kitchen, that one little teapot cam brighten up my whole day when I use it in the morning. Newly married, I have no family of my own yet, but I dream of the day when I can create whimsical worlds for my children with a MC enchanted home. <3

    • ColorfulFoodie says:


      You have been selected to receive this exclusive M-C 4 piece cookware! Please send me your address on [email protected] within 24 hours so you can receive the goods! Otherwise we will have to pick another (as was done with the previous recipient who has not claimed the prize).

      Thanks and congratulations!

      Ana and M-C

  32. Nuala Collins says:

    Sorry correction from my above comment …I have never been able to own my own pieces. Lol was too excited and didn’t read my typing.

  33. Elizabeth Woock says:

    What an AH-MAZING giveaway! I am a big (I mean, HUGE) fan of MacKenzie Childs! While I do have some staple pieces for my kitchen, I would LOVE to add the cookware to my collection. Should I mention I’m a terrible cook? This would be a great opportunity to try some new dishes — and even though my food may not taste like a 5-star restaurant, my cookware will outweigh it all!

  34. Jo Ann says:

    I have been slowly buying Mackenzie child’s pieces as we know, they do not come cheap! I love to cook for my family and these would make a great addition to my kitchen. Also, I love in Deep South Texas and do not have access to MC. I would be happy with just one! Thanks for offering the giveaway. God bless you and your baby!

  35. Joelle mclaughlin says:

    Everything you described at McKenzie Child’s is why I go there every year and wait hours in line to go to the barn sale. I scrimp and save all year to buy the pieces on sale. This past summer I even camped out so we could be the first group in. I met people from all over the United States and it was the best time of my
    Life. It’s great to hear everyone’s stories and learn new tricks from some people who have been coming for many more years than me. I love the new cookware set but unfortunately it’s just not in the budget. Especially this time of year. I am so glad you got to a chance to see why we (I live in Auburn) love making the short trip to aurora. I have hooked my mother on McKenzie Childs as well so it’s great having her come with me. Especially around Christmas and my birthday! If you know what I mean! Thank you for sharing your experience!

  36. Sara Scialo says:

    I would adore this set of Mck cookware and would use it to cook meals for my family when they Come over. We try to get together once a week and support each other because it has been a really hard year dealing with my sister in laws cancer, divorce and addiction issues with another family member. We cherish our time together because family is your support system and you never know what tomorrow may bring.

  37. Eve Giountikos says:

    I love to cook!! I’ve been cooking since I was 13 (I’m 47 now) and I still enjoy cooking for my “boys”❤️.

  38. Janeen says:

    First of all that bump is so cute and you look great! Can you believe how close you are?
    Congrats…almost time eeeeeeek
    Secondly this trip looked so amazing, I think this is the most you’ve ever posted this many pics lol jk
    What a cool experience, def want to go now!
    Lastly I’d love to win this set. Just relocated with my two small children. It’s just us three amigos and we are starting completely over in our new chapter in a new state and home. I hope to soon have a new home and this would set a new theme for me! I love cooking, the kitchen is where so much love is made.
    Good luck to whomeve wins! And prayers going up for your bundle up joy xoxo

    Peachy_keen30 #snapchat

  39. Dolores says:

    As a dietitian and lover of all things in the kitchen, I know the importance of good quality cookware. This cookware is not only high quality but it’s absolutely adorable!! And would look great in my kitchen! 🙂 🙂

  40. Brandy Waldron-hardy says:

    I am truly deserving of this set! I am newly married September 17, 2016. (Can’t believe wedding planning is over) We have 3 children, boys ages 17, 15, and 9. I work with individuals who have developmental disabilities. I help 4 men live a fullfilling life. I most recently started working at jcp as well. Funny thing is I live only 20 minutes away from the aurora, NY Mackenzie Childs. Most of the time I can only window shop and tour the farm house. During summer they have a Barn Sale, this is where you can get MC pieces 50%-70% off, At Easter they host an egg hunt which is very cool. Most recently I took advantage of the 20% off coupon and they were giving away gourds and pumpkins, cider and donuts. I have a passion for Mackenzie Child’s, my favorite pattern is the green floral pattern. If I win this set I would pair it with the green floral platter I own. Those 2 patterns together compliment each other. I would be so grateful if I won such a great prize. Thank you for this incredible opportunity. I am so glad to hear you enjoyed your stay here in upstate New York. My hometown auburn, New York has a lot of history such as the Harriet Tubman home and gravesite, William h. Seward museum. I would love to give you a tour when you come back to upstate. Congatulations on your pregnancy. You truly never know true love until you have your own baby ❤️

  41. Suzanne W says:

    My daughter loves loves loves everything about MacKenzie- Childs and of course her favorite is the Courtly Check…I enjoyed reading your blog and excited you were able to experience the beauty of the Finger Lakes in New York. I am sure the entire Mackenzie Childs family was as well excited to have you visit. I myself, a native of this area, have only driven by Mackenzie-Childs…I have been to the beautiful Aurora Inn many years ago and did so enjoy the warmth and beautiful character of Aurora. My daughter, Melissa, has been to the estate the past couple of years for their annual barn sale and this year (2016) had fun on 3 separate days searching and finding some beautiful treasures she was able to fill her new home with! I would love her to add to her collection this set of cookware! Ana this is the first I have met you, via this blog and must say the pics are beautiful and I very much enjoyed reading about your visit! Blessings to you on your little one that will be arriving in the next couple of months! I look forward to reading future blogs! Happy Fall-e-ish-ous!!!

  42. Gigi Henry says:

    I am OBSESSED with Mackenzie!! Nothing makes me happier than black and white courtly checks! I would just love the cookware…. Forget about the food, I would just leave the pots and pans out all the time , and stare at them! Please!!!!!!!

  43. Mary Eldridge says:

    Courtly check✔️ captivated me at first glance.! These pieces would punctuate my eclectic entertaining style.

  44. Jennifer Essad says:

    I dream in Color, I cook by choosing Colorful ingredients, I live in Color the more choices I have the better. Black & White accentuate the colors we choose. Cooking in these beautiful pans would bring joy to the table!

  45. Debbie says:

    Mackenzie-Childs cookware just makes my heart really happy. I believe in surrounding myself with beautiful things, but things that you can actually use. Practical, magical art. It would fill me with suck joy each time I used it. I would be honored to have such beautiful pieces.

  46. Jennifer Davis says:

    After many years of hoping to do it, my mother finally has her fully renovated kitchen. She has numerous Courtly Check pieces but none of the new cookware which would be a crowning finish to her new well deserved space! I would be thrilled to win this so I could give the pieces to her. We are both huge Mackenzie-Childs’ fans. My husband even endured the long hot lines to help me at the Barn Sale this summer. My grandparents are from across Cayuga Lake from Aurora. My childhood was spent looking across at Aurora and one of my favorite things to do as an adult is to visit the Mackenzie-Childs store, shop, Aurora Inn, Fargo and all the other little treasures around this special place. You obviously get it too as demonstrated by your joyful blog about your own visit. Please, make me daughter of the year!

  47. Maria Dongail says:

    Ana, you never seize to amaze me!! Love your passion for all things!! Your snapchats are very real and entertaining. Like others who have commented, I too fell in love with Mackenzie Child’s because of you! You never seem to just give “enough” on your snaps, instead you go above and beyond to really get your point across and you just dive right in to every little detail! Especially with Mackenzie’s shop. Truly a reflection of their hard work and perfection to uniquely make it something that is just ordinary but instead in ordinary and that’s what makes the piece come alive!!!
    So thank you for your snaps!

    My husband too is a foodie and really does enjoy cooking and would love to surprise him with these beautiful quirky cookware. But of course I get first dibs in cooking with

    All the best and keep at it with your snaps!!!

    Hugs from Maria in NY!!!

  48. Sandi Holland King says:

    I am a retired former home economics ( consumer science teacher and administrator. I have collected MacKenzie Childs pieces for 20 years. I purchase sale pieces when Neiman Marcus has markdowns and own about 10 pieces. I shopped once in Aurora and loved every moment!
    My husband and I were neighbors that were both widowed. We have been lovingly married for 71/2years and we enjoy cooking and serving friends and our blended families together. ( loved your squash and apple soup recipe!)
    I am Teaching him about beautiful serving pieces and MacKenzie Childs pieces are what I am sharing. Two years ago I took him to the premier store in New York just to show him the gorgeous trees, beautifully set tables and ornaments. It was an unforgettable experience!
    My husband Greg Loves serving pieces, pots and pans!! When we shop, that’s what he looks at and buys. I would love to surprise him with a matched set…he turns 70 in January and that would be a fun surprise! And not from QVC!! Lol. Good Luck to me!!

  49. Tory Romero says:

    Oh my goodness? I have a deep passion for cooking and baking and I’m about to be out on my own soon, and if this was my first set of pots I would be the most greatful girl on this planet? Especially because I’ll probably have to buy all my first kitchen supplies at a garage sale somewhere. But hey, we all start somewhere right?!:) I love your page if anything PLEASE keep posting Brazilian dishes?? or ones like your Kahlua coffee chocolate cake!?

  50. Nicole Abbatiello says:

    I love your blog and your snaps!! You are so beautiful and down to earth. Its sometimes strange how I look forward to a “strangers” snaps! The food! The photos! The pregnancy! everything is just REAL! I love to cook and I love to paint so these pots and pans are soo up my alley!! Your trip looked absoutley amazing! I love looking at your photos! (love all of the colors!) I really enjoy how you make traditional yummy meals healthy and taste even better! ( i mean the baked chicken and waffles WHAT!!??) Eating healthy DOESN’T mean eating bland boring food. I would really love to win these pots and pans. I desperately need an upgrade on my cookware. They would add so much flare to my kitchen!!
    Thanks for your daily snaps I really look forward to them!

  51. Sharon Smith says:

    Just read your adventure in Aurora and am even more entranced with the history of MC! Each item is truly a work of art. Thanks for such a comprehensive review!
    I’m a new Mackenzie Childs lover with a newly remodeled kitchen so would love to cook in this special cookware. What fascinates me about the court,y check is the colors within the black/white! You can see blues, greens and other colors too!

    • ColorfulFoodie says:

      Hi Sharon,

      It seems like you really captured the spirit of Courtly Check! It IS in fact amazing that it’s not simply black and white, but a combination of colors and Rebecca, the creative designer will be so impressed you picked up on this! Please send me an email to [email protected] to claim your prize as you’ve been chosen! I need your mailing address!

      For everyone else, don’t worry! This was such an amazing giveaway MacKenzie-Childs wants to do another one, but on my Facebook page. stay tuned!!!


  52. Sonya Onorati says:

    We live in central California, about as far away as one can live from Aurora, New York in the US. We have a small farm here with horses, dogs, cats, chickens, and a desert tortoise that showed up in the garden a year ago and just kinda stayed.

    I would absolutely love to visit the amazing facility that creates the magic that is Mackenzie Child’s, but traveling, for even short periods of time, isn’t realistic.

    I stumbled across your blog and pics, and truly enjoyed living vicariously through your adventure into, what my husband teasingly calls my devotion (okay, fine, obsession) with Mackenzie Child’s- personal escape into my version of Sonya in Wonderland.

    The cookware set is yet another brilliant concept from my favorite company Mackenzie Child’s, and would be lovingly cared for and used daily here in California, and displayed whenever not in use. ?

    Thank you for taking the time to share your journey with all of us fans, and for helping to promote this wonderful company.

    Truly appreciate the time you put into
    This post.

    Your newest fan, Sonya Onorati

  53. Reny says:

    Hi Ana. I would love to win. I LOVE cooking and doing your recipes. Very healthy and would really love to have something new this year. Hard buying new cookware due to me going to school and husband (husband only one working too)and having two beautiful girls. We are trying to save for a house so winning this will be a great blessing. Please!!!

    Blessings to you and your bundle if joy❤

  54. Kathleen Kelley says:

    I’m old (nearly 70), disabled (MS), extremely limited income, but totally in love with McKenzie-Child creations. I’ve been trying to make my own just because just looking at them makes me smile and feel happy. I think I was one of their first fans and I just become more of a fan with time. Currently, I tend to always have a bit or two of black and/or white paint on me or my clothing somewhere, but. It is astonishing what a few black and white painted pumpkins will do for a room. Astonishing and WAY cool. What you’re doing is very nice, so if no one else thanks you, I’m thanking you for myself and all the rest of us as well who totally LOVE McKenzie-Childs designs and products.

  55. Debbie says:

    You have no idea how much I would love to win the cookware. You mentioned that your mom would be so excited to visit Aurora, and that’s exactly how my mom and I felt. Two years ago mom gifted me with a beautiful tea kettle and four salad plates from the MacKenzie-Childs Butterfly Garden Enamelware collection. I filled the tea kettle with white tulips and made a butterfly cake for my sisterinlaw’s graduation from nursing school at the age of 50. She is a paralegal, and wanted to help patients in her second career so returned to college and we are very proud of her. We have a special love of butterflies just like they do at the MacKenzie-Child’s Aurora, NY farm. Excited to share this special occasion and would be thrilled to use the cookware for our Thanksgiving feast. Haha 🙂

  56. Anat Zisman says:

    2 years ago i finished my studying of Interior Design and the products of Meckenzi-childs were my inspiration for one of the best projects i planned. I love it so much that i visited New York 2 weeks ago and was excited to visit the store almost everyday. I bought myself 1 of the new cookware and i would love to have more of it:)

  57. Amanda says:

    I just came across your blog as I am an avid follower of Mackenzie child’s. The barn sale is a fun annual trip that I make each year with girlfriends, always hunting for the perfect piece or two, or three!
    The cookware is the latest and greatest and I can’t wait to get some! I am a bride on a budget so winning would be
    Your post about Aurora and Mackenzie Child’s captured the little fairytale town perfectly…hope you got to go check out Dories while you were there!
    Looking forward to digging into some of your recipes! Cheers and best wishes on your pregnancy!

  58. Laura Hodgins says:

    I love the checks! Been following them on pinterest for a while, didn’t know the half of it. Would love anything from them.

  59. Nicole Guidroz says:

    I love food, so it’s a good thing that I love to cook. I will be moving into my own place soon; therefore, new cookware is a must! Free cookware is even better, since I will be buried in student loan debt after just completing my third degree. Cooking budget-friendly Cajun dishes in those beautiful pots would be amazing! I love your snaps, and I can’t wait to see your baby girl. With my new degrees, new career (and hopefully some new pots ?), like you I hope to be a role model and help inspire young women everywhere! Make sure Baby Sandee knows that she can be whatever she wants to be! I will try to snap you a pic of a stool I painted years ago that reminds me of your visit to MacKenzie Childs. God Bless!

  60. Coleen Young says:

    Well I have to honestly say I love everything about Mackenzie Childs!! I am a daycare provider and all my kids love the colors of my home! My home is fun welcoming and shows the fun and love when you enter! Having the cookware would be Awesome as I cook with the kiddies it’s very important to teach them life skills and hopefully they will grow up to love cooking! They do already ! I’m sure cooking out of these everyday would just add to the fun and who wouldn’t want to eat anything made and coming out of a fun pan! I’ve been told my house is like stepping into Alice and wonderland!! Yes!! Just what I was going for! Even when I feel sad I wake up and see a teapot lamp hanging or a flower knob and just smile!! I do have to tell you about my favorite piece though my Bunny lamp! In 2007 I was pregnant for triplets my friends were going to buy the lamp for the nursery, sadly they were born at 20 weeks too early to survive so my friends still bought that lamp for me which is lit every night in their memory ! What an amazing way to have my moment with them each night!!! My lamp makes me smile and feel love each and every day!! Thanks To Mackenzie Childs for designing such an amazing lamp:)

  61. Heidi Ragusa says:

    Welcome to our beloved Aurora! You fell in love with the beautiful majestic creativeness that has captured our hearts for years. May you always have a splash of courtly check in your soul wherever your road leads you.

  62. Chelsea Delgado says:

    How to start … ? The recipes you share and adventures you get to experience are so motivating. I have been following your snaps and instagram for some time and I truly enjoy them and appreciate you for taking the time to share ?

    It would be so exciting to win this Mackenzie Childs giveaway contest. My fiancé and I will be getting married next year and currently we do not live together and decided to wait till we are married. Both of us still live at home with our parents so once we find our own house we will be starting from scratch with all house items. & it would be outstanding if one of our first kitchen essentials was anything Mackenzie Childs ? We both love her line and think it’s super fun and unique.

    Thank you for the contest !!

    Much love xo

  63. Linda Chenery says:

    Winning the Courtly Check cookware from MacKenzie Child’s would be a wonderful way to celebrate our 47th (yes!) anniversary on November 1st! We are in the process of bringing life back to an over 100 year old farmhouse on the Rappahannock River in Virginia. I’ve accented the kitchen, complete with an old wood stove, with a few pieces of Courtly Check. The cookware would look fabulous on the old stove and really complete the look of the kitchen. Thank you so very much for considering me in your giveaway. What a joy it would be to be selected as THE winner!❤️

  64. Cici loftis says:

    I’m new to Mackenzie but oh boy do I love it! (Especially all things black and white courtly check!) Everything is so festive and it simply puts a smile on anyone’s face. I only have a few pieces in my collection adding the cookware to my black and lime colored kitchen would be AWESOME! Everyone that visits always comments in my teapot and sugar bowls which are always out.
    Please consider me for the proud owner of the set.?

  65. Catherine kurczynski says:

    I’m already a winner! Have loved Courtly Check since its start. My favorite piece is “canvas” rug in front of our refrig.
    How cool that you met Pleasant Rowland at the Aurora Inn. I met her way back when she visited our school as a publisher’s rep. She shared her idea for a book & doll combo. Wasn’t that a great idea!
    Living in WNY means a perfect getaway is a trip to the Fingerlakes and a visit to Aurora & MacKenzie-Child’s. See how lucky I am-my friends love day trips.
    All the best to you & your charming blog!
    Cathy K

  66. Ashley Bivens says:

    Hey Ana!! What a wonderful place to go and see IN PERSON!!! WOW!! I have been following you for so long! I watch your snaps every day! I am pregnant too with a little girl! Only a few weeks behind you! You are a true inspiration and I cherish every single piece of information you dish out! Thank you for helping me thru my pregnancy and always staying so positive and REAL! When you posted your story about your experience with that doctor, it made me feel so much better about what I’ve been going thru searching for a new doctor. WE AREN’T TEST SUBJECTS OR NUMBERS IN A FILE! WE ARE REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL OPINIONS AND FEELINGS! Watching your snaps about how you stood up for yourself and said “We are interviewing you!” made me feel sooooo much better! ANYWAY, Your cookware is so beautiful! I’ve been a huge fan of MacKenzie Childs pieces for as long as I can remember & I LOVE the plate you made! Can’t wait to see what new and exciting things you do next!

  67. Kelly says:

    What an incredible opportunity, I would love to win this cookware so I can surprise my mom with it for Christmas. She’s been collecting Mackenzie Child’s pottery since before I was born! And the love for these beautiful pieces has been passed down to me 🙂

    Congratulations mom-to-be on your new adventure with Mackenzie Child’s!

  68. Cathie Carol says:

    Because for me as an artist— “LOOKING at it–is as much a joy as COOKING with it!!!!” YAY!! Mackenzie-Childs!!! Your pics are the best I have ever seen so I am sharing this post!~Cathie in Sarasota Florida

  69. Valerie Tompkins says:

    I’m sure I’m no more deserving than anyone else to win this beautiful cookware set but it would certainly make me happy. I’ve found that if you try and make at least one person happy every day, You can consider it a pretty good day!

  70. Paula Quintero says:

    These are absolutely stunning Ana!! So classic. <3

    My 12 year old daughter has actually been asking me for these! She is an amazing cook and baker and I think these would be perfect for her to use and carry on to her own home, one day.

    Thank you AND MACKENZIE-CHILDS for the opportunity!

  71. Dorcas says:

    I’ve been collecting Mackenzie-Childs for almost 30 years, ever since the first day I stumbled upon it in a shop in Washington DC. I quickly learned that it was made in Aurora, not too far away from my childhood home in Syracuse. Since then, every trip home was not complete without a road trip to M-C: ). I would pick up a plate here and a dish there. I’ll never forget the time that I went a couple of days before Christmas for their BIG sale and while my husband was expecting just another plate, I arrived home with two chairs signed by the Mackenzie-Childs! They have become the cornerstone of my collection. Like you, I am a foodie and love cooking with my daughter. Fell in love with your pictures of your visit to M-C and looking forward to following your other foodie adventures! So surprised to see this giveaway at the bottom of your post. I would love to be one of your winners. Like you I flipped over my first sighting of M-C and I keep flipping. Decorating with these pieces bring just the right touch of whimsy and provides the memories and colors of my years living in the Finger Lakes region. They make me feel at home. I’ll find a great spot for these pots and pans in the heart of that home: ). Thank you! Fingers crossed!

  72. Linda Warner says:

    I went to college in Aurora decades ago and the town has changed so much and for the better. Thanks in large part to alumna Pleasant Rowland. I’d love to win the pots and pans to start a McKenzie Child’s collection. I really love the black checks! Crossing my fingers.

  73. Suzy Shaw says:

    I am an older fan who lives to cook and enjoy your blog. I love McKenzie Child’s and was so fortunate to visit the farm. On a budget I have found some pieces at thrift stores, this would be amazing to win.
    Good luck with your baby, it will change your life for the better, I know mine did.
    Thank you for this chance.

  74. Cassie Peltzer says:

    Beautiful blog, the colors in all of your pictures are so beautiful! Looks like you had an amazing experience!! I live a couple hours away and there is nothing better than summer into fall in the Finger Lakes!

    Would love to win the cookware! <3

  75. Mariah says:

    I love your blog(: being 22 and freshly out of college it’s inspiring to see a successful young lady following her dreams and most importantly doing something she loves (: with that being said I love Mackenzie Child and your cooking blog (I’ve tried a couple of your recipes and they are on point). I truly would love to try out more of you recipes with a new Mackenzie cookware dish 😉 it’s hard to afford the little nice perks I was able too before the college loan payments kicked in so it would be amazing to be able to be picked!!

  76. Lisa LaClair says:

    I would love to win this cookware! I am a huge fan of the Courtly Check pattern and for the past 6 years I’ve been transforming my kitchen into a McKenzie Child’s Style kitchen. I hope someday to pass all of these treasures down to my daughter who also has the passion for this artistry. Thank you for sharing your recipes, adventures, pregnancy and your life with us. You truly are an inspiration!

    Best wishes for a speedy delivery and keep up the good work!
    Lisa from Syracuse, NY

  77. Lisa Manderano says:

    I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! And I love Mackenzie Childs just as much! I save up all year to go to the annual Barn sale to make my purchases, so to win this cookware now would be the best treat ever!

  78. Miranda says:

    I would love to win a piece! I have no courtly check in my life! I’m 35 weeks pregnant and it’s been a rough pregnancy…this would bring some cheer to my neglected & boring kitchen!!

  79. Carol says:

    If I had this set of cookware, I would give it to my 78 year old mother. She’s struggled her entire life and doesn’t have much. My mother is a saint on earth. Through her life struggles, she’s kept a positive attitude and lifts the energy and spirit of others. She inspires others with encouraging words and is friendly with everyone she meets. She lost her parents in a fire when she was 17, gave birth to 6 children and lost one hours after birth and cared for my father while he suffered from cancer, and up to his very last day in their home. After my father died, my disabled brother moved in with my mother and she cared for him until he died in their home. She is the bravest person I know, never giving up no matter how difficult a situation is.

  80. Mary Helen Blossom says:

    I loved seeing your Snapchat story on Mackenzie Child’s and now reading the blog post. What a great experience for you! I would LOVE to win the pieces and cook up some amazing things to post on my own snap story.
    Thank you for all the cooking ideas and the positivity you show in your daily life!

  81. Leslee Doherty Hughes says:

    The gift of winning this 4 piece cookware set would absolutely help my ‘Alice in Wonderland’ persona and love and obsession with Mackenzie Child. Ever since my first introduction to Mk in their second floor store on Madison Avenue I have been hooked…so much so that my husband loves to go to the Barn Sale each summer that is getting to be like going to a Super Bowl or World Series (I win every year)!

  82. Jessica says:

    What an amazing blog. I absolutely adore MacKenzie Childs and the Courtly Check pattern. I’m so very excited for this cookware line and would love to add it to my small collection, mostly acquired as wedding gifts. After a long search we are finally moving into our own home and these would be amazing to add to our cooking ware. Thank you.

  83. Vicki says:

    I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while now I love your recipes and stories. I just recently had my 2nd baby and I’m struggling with depression a bit this time around. Raising two kids on my own isn’t always the easiest but and seeing your positive posts always put a smile on my face! I would love to win this simply because I never win anything and they are absolutely beautiful, who wouldn’t want these to add to their kitchen!
    Good luck with your delivery, I can’t wait to see pictures and videos of her!
    Thank you 🙂

  84. Grace Weekley says:

    I would love to win this cookware set!! I’m getting married in a couple of months and after seeing the pictures from your visit to Mackenzie Child’s has made me fall in love with the style and everything that they have. Receiving this giveaway would make a great addition to my home with my soon to be hubby!

  85. Katie McGiven says:

    What an AMAZING giveaway!!! How generous!!!

    A few reasons it’s meant to be that I should be the recipient of such a gift…

    We just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and are due for some new cookware…and who wouldn’t love to have Mackenzie-Childs adorning the kitchen?!

    I spell my daughter’s name “MACKayla” like MACKenzie.

    Even though I’m a Registered Nurse by day, my passion is art and decor.

    I admire the business success story of Mackenzie-Childs…humble beginnings, following passion, committed to excellence.

    I’m a farm girl…raised on a farm and live in a rural community. The Mackenzie-Child’s farm is a dream!!

    I would LOVE to win these classic pieces and of course take pics and share with my followers on my nurse/wellness account on Instagram. I’m envisioning the gorgeous pictures now. 🙂

    Thank youagain for this opportunity to enter!

  86. Dawn Amos says:

    I found you on Instagram and started following you on all of your social media platforms and reading your blog. I love to cook, but had never heard of Mackenzie Childs until you posted your visit to the factory on Snapchat. The Courtly Check design is adorable and I would love to try the cookware!

  87. Debra Komar says:

    I LOVE Mackenzie Child’s!! I have been lucky enough to have been gifted with a handful of pieces over the years, and when I entertain the pieces get lots of oohs and ahhs! I love that they are handmade and are so unique. I have a dream to one day make it to your place in Aurora, NY. In the meantime I will sit on my computer and drool as I recover from the surgery I had this morning. I should be recovered enough by Thanksgiving to set out more of your luscious pieces and expose more people to your wonderful brand. Thanks for the opportunity to win a few pieces of your cookware!!

  88. Karen Bovenzi says:

    I love MacKenzie Childs and My husband loves to cook. He always pushes me out of the kitchen. We’ve been married 37 years and have used the same pots and pans for the entire time with a couple additions here or there. We make it an annual trip to the Barn Sale at MacKenzie Childs every year. I would love to surprise him with the some new cookware! And. Now have a new blog for him to check out!! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit…What took you so long?!

  89. Karen says:

    I have been buying Mackenzie Childs pottery for 40 years and I love how the pieces have evolved in color and design. I I love going to the barn sale to buy Christmas presents for family and friends. I love the whimsical pieces and it brings such joy to see the pieces through out my house. The birdhouses are a great addition to my back yard. I have eyed the new cookware and it is simply stunning. It would make a beautiful addition in anyone’s home.

  90. Katrina b says:

    Although before your visit I’ve never heard of Mackenzie Child but, after following your trip on snap chat I instantly fell in love.I love that they do everything by hand it shows how dedicated they are to making it right for the costumer. I’m a big cooker and i would love to start my collection of Mackenzie Childs fingers crossed for a win..

  91. Kathleen says:

    Thank you for this opportunity!!! I hope I win for my sister, Margaret ❤ …. After a year from hell with fighting breast cancer, hair loss and new breasts, and tears on a daily basis……. I’m beyond happy to say she is now healthy!!!!!!❤ ….. She has a new lease on life, back to teaching French, a 1st time grandma and new home ……all that new change in a year’s time!!! Her new kitchen is bright white with knock -off courtly check accents…… I would LOVE to surprise her this Christmas with the real deal courtley check cookware to hang from her pot rack ? ….. Thank you, again, for this chance to win ❤ God bless! ❤

  92. Barbara Quinn says:

    I have only been there once. I found it to be a magical place as if in another world. I would love to beable to start a hope chest for my grandaughter Olivia who is 17 & a senior in High school. It would introduce her to Mackenzie Child & the colorful world of their creations so she would always remember this set was started by her grandmother

  93. Kristen Kelly says:

    Hello! I would love a piece of this cookware. I live in the finger lakes but don’t have many MC pieces.. and frankly who doesn’t need more MC! My husband and I just renovated our bungalow’s tiny, old kitchen on our own – top to bottom and boy was it a lot of work! A great way to end this home project would be to add something beautiful to it! You are awesome.

  94. nancy c cameron says:

    I feel it would be nice if I was able to receive just one small piece of Mackenzie-Child ‘s, I do not own any of their pottery and would love to be able to start with even an accent piece. Please consider me, Thank you.

  95. Laura Lowery says:

    I LOVED your blog with all the photos. You seemed to fit right in among the beautiful coloring with your beautiful smile and pregnancy glow.
    I am entering the contest because I would love to own the Mackenzie-Child’s cookware (and everything else Mackenzie), and the pieces would elegantly dress up and decorate my kitchen and open-style family room.
    I live in Arizona but am hoping for an anniversary gift of a trip to Aurora from my husband. I think it would be a perfect anniversary trip. 🙂
    Thanks for the tips you listed in the blog! Xo Laura

  96. Jean Mucher says:

    My precious daughter’s birthday is Nov. 1st, and she would be delighted to grace her kitchen with these! She and her hubby are totally into black and white and never buy anything for themselves. Her children would be so appreciative, as they love to help their Mom, and they are only 2, 5 and 6. They need to be gluten free and lactose free, and could use happy pots to make their meals glamorous. I love to spoil them, and they bless many others with hospitality and taking food to friends in need. Thank you for blessing them so that they may bless others.

  97. maureen tricase says:

    While I may not necessarily deserve the beautiful courtly check cookware, I would cherish it. I would make colorful meals for my family and love every minute of it. The whimsical check design would brighten my kitchen and bring joy for years to come <3

  98. Libby Sperduti says:

    I began my tiny obsession with courtly check a few years ago. I live about an hour away and began collecting during barn sales. I recently toured the house and factory and was newly impressed . If I owned any of the cookware, it would be hard to top. I am a recent retiree and just might learn to cook. Thanks for the opportunity.

  99. Kristen C. says:

    This post is everything! Your blog is everything!!! This cookware set is everything!!!!! It’s completely beautiful and unique. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful colorful pictures. They just bring joy. I’ve tried out many of your recipes and they are crowd winners! Everyone loves them, including me. It would mean so much to me to win this cookware set, because I love to entertain. Cooking brings me so much happiness and the kitchen is my happy place. If I win they definitely will get good use Ana! Thank you for being who you are and sharing so much! It’s appreciated and admired.

  100. Chelsea says:

    I was intoduced to MC when I was about 16 ever since then Courtly check has become an obsession of mine. Right now I’m all packed up getting ready to move into my new home which has a huge kitchen. I told myself since I have a much larger kitchen at my new home I will make time for cooking & it will in fact be much healthier & I will save money not eating out. Funny part was when I went to look at the home the owner had a Mackenzie child’s Courtly check tea pot on the stove. (It was a sign the house was just fitting. I have plans to make the bathroom on the main floor MC as well with the awesome wall paper they have!!! I would love the cook ware because it would go perfectly with the Mackenzie pieces I have already & I’m just getting into cooking & a healthier lifestyle.

  101. mary roloson says:

    I am 75year old- living in senior living apt which has JUST been renovated. The cookware would go beautiully with the MC items that my daughter and grnddaughter got me for new housewaring.

  102. Luanne Elkins says:

    I have Always loved Mackenzie Childs. But only have 2 pieces. Unfortunately it is so expensive I cannot afford it. I have 2 children with one headed to college in 3 years so that is where my financial obligation stands. I love to cook and especially bake. My mom taught everything there is to know in the kitchen. She was an amazing cook. I would love this chance for new cookware to entice my young daughter to cook and bake and hopefully pass on to her all my mom taught me through the use of your cookware.

  103. Sara Giordano says:

    I would love to receive this set! We just remodeled our kitchen after living with a poorly designed, hideous, out of date kitchen since the purchase of our home, 10 years ago!!! I now have a beautiful, functional kitchen to create lovely meals for my family of 5. I live to cook and entertain. These pans would be the perfect finishing touch. Nothing makes me happier than tools for my kitchen that are beautiful and functional!!!
    Thank you! ❤️

  104. Meg says:

    First off, thank you to you and MacKenzie-Childs for this amazing giveway! Growing up in the Aurora area MacKenzie-Childs is a house hold name and I’ve been acquiring pieces from them very slowly. I’ve recently moved into a new house my husband built and this cookware would be perfect in my dream kitchen. Bonus that it’s enamel and not pottery, so they could be used daily without the fear of my 3 young boys breaking them! It would also look lovely on the table as I host Thanksgiving for 30 some people!
    I also love the Brasilian Fusion section for your blog! It brings be back to time spent with family in Brasil, and I’m always looking for new recipes. Thanks!
    Come back to the Finger Lakes soon!

  105. Mary Ann Baker says:

    Mackenzie Childs has been my favorite go to place for many years..I now have my daughter and daughter in law loving it as much as I do…I can always find the perfect gift for them and others….whether it be a birthday ,wedding,or “just because “! We also have a future Makenzie lover in our fmily..My young granddaughter(age 13) loves it too!!!! So we are spreading the word for you and your company…

  106. Francesca says:

    Just looking at that cookware makes me happy! It is so rare to find a brand that exudes such joy! I would love to have one of those pieces to look at and use reminding me that there is still whimsy in this world!!!!! Peace and love to everyone… today and always!!!

  107. Susan Jenkins says:

    I have loved Mackenzie Childs same I spotted it at Neiman Marcus years ago-I had never seen anything like it. One of my prized possession is the sitting stool or as I call it the tuffet.I like nothing better than setting the scene when I entertain.I would love owning the cookware1

  108. Josie says:

    First off, thank you for sharing your amazing visit to Aurora with all of us! It truly is a beautiful place, especially Mackenzie Childs! I have many pieces of both Courtly Check and Parchment check in my home but have to admit that I don’t have any of the cookwear pieces- Yet! I love Mackenzie Child’s for so many reasons but the number one reason is that their whimsical designs make me happy and always make me smile. I find so much joy in adding to my collection year after year. Thanks for the opportunity to share your visit and for the chance to win some of MC’s amazing cookware!

  109. Susan says:

    Oh what a nice surprise it would be to have these pots and pans to give to my husband for his birthday in November. He loves to cook and I think our pots and pans need replacing after many years of marriage. His birthday is the 27 th and I would have to give them to him early so he could help make thanksgiving extra special with the new cookware. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures of Cayuga lake area.

  110. Roseanna Vitale says:

    Wow!!! What an awsome and generous give away…
    I would absolutely love to win the courtly check cookware set.. They are soooo beautiful!! I have been collecting Mackenzie Childs for about the past 3 years and have gotten my daughter, future daughter in law and my niece loving it too! We are about to remodel our kitchen and I have the most adorable butcher block kitchen cart that my mother gave me when she moved that I plan on using as a kitchen island. It has a shelf underneath and the set of Mackenzie Childs cookware would look so beautiful displayed there with easy access for cooking as well. I would so much love ❤️ to win this give away!

  111. Anna Tisdell says:

    I would love to win this Courtly Check cookware because I spend many (way to many) hours in the kitchen preparing food! I immensely enjoy cooking and mostly eating, so I don’t mind..but the ambiance would be so much nicer with some Mackenzie-Childs!!!
    By the way Ana- I love your name ? and your blog! ..and will be keeping up with exciting baby news!?
    Sincerely, Anna

  112. Quinn Schlegel says:

    My wife Jessica is a big fan of your blog and of Mackenzie Child’s. I’m writing because I believe she would be beside herself to win something like this. She adores the few pieces of Makenzie Child’s that we have and I only wish I could give her more. I cannot say enough about her loving and nurturing personality. She is an amazingly selfless Teacher, Mother, and Wife and I believe she deserves something special like this. For her, to win a set of Mackenzie Child’s cookware would mean the world, and because of this I would ask for you to consider her when choosing the winner.

    Thank you greatly, From the luckiest guy around.

    Quinn S.

  113. Joanie Cooper says:

    I’m getting married in Jersey in March and winning these would be a pretty great addition to the start of our marriage! Also I love all your posts and follow snapchat. One of the things I like is your honesty and it’s pretty cool to see your posts when you go back home because I am still new to Jersey and love learning about new places here!

  114. Rachel Briggs says:

    I would love to win a set of this beautiful cookware! I have recently discovered your blog and the MacKenzie-Child’s brand and I am in love with both. I am still using my parents original Revere cookware that they received when they were first married, over 40 years ago. I truly would love to own these beautiful work of arts!

  115. kennedy munroe says:

    I think I should win these beautiful set of pots for my mom because seeing how much joy they brought to you I’d love to see how much joy they would bring to my mom! Ever since I saw the collection on your Snapchat story’s I’ve been in love with the unique style !! You have been such an inspiration to me and you’re blogs are something I love to read!

  116. Jannelle Padilla says:

    I would love to win this 4 piece cookware. I’ve never won anything in my but I always keep hope. I love to cook and tried a few recipes that you have posted on your blog. Crossing my finger and best of luck to everyone! Such a beautiful set! ?

    • Jannelle Padilla says:

      I would love to win this 4 piece cookware. I’ve never won anything in my but I always keep hope. I love to cook and tried a few recipes that you have posted on your blog. Crossing my finger and best of luck to everyone! Such a beautiful set! ?

  117. Delina says:

    Omg were can i start let me first start with by saying congratulations on the little bundle of joy can’t wait to see her on your Snapchat wishing you the best healthy and safe delivery i’ve been following your snaps for about a year now And enjoy all your healthy yummy recipes and enjoy all the pictures and information you post on your trips it feels like I am along with you Lol oh and by the way thanks to you I bought a salt lamp which I so love ❤️. I would love to win this cook set to Finally be able to cook yummy delicious meals and be able to invite guest without being embarrassed on them seen my old beat up pots and pans ? And especially with Thanksgiving coming around the corner it would be the perfect time to use them ???? To be able to cook a yummy Thanksgiving dinner in A beautiful cook wear set. Once again congrats to you and wine coach on the beautiful blessing ??

  118. Carolsue says:

    I would love to win this set of cookware also! It is so unique, unlike the boring old scratched, dented cookware I’ve had ever since we were married. I’d love to have something this colorful to adorn my kitchen when the in-laws visit (and everyone else) to show what good taste I have! LOL.

    • Jill says:

      I’m a 23-year old student who’s living totally on my own for the first time, and my friends and family can’t believe how competent I’ve become as a cook while remaining healthy and on a budget. Every time they compliment my food and lifestyle, I tell them it’s all because of you and your blog, Instagram, and especially daily snaps! Practically everything I know, I’ve learned from you. I just love your vibe and your energy (even when you’re exhausted, you still exude positivity and joy). I was so in love when you first showed us the Mackenzie-Childs stuff, and was soooo excited to find out there was a giveaway. The law student life doesn’t really allow for very much splurging on cookware, so winning these pieces would be insanely exciting. It’s the little things, right?

  119. Sandy Wootten says:

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your virtual tour this morning. I would think that I died and went to heaven if I won this cookware. Even if I don’t win seeing your pictures today brought a lot of joy to my heart.

  120. Kasandra Heard says:

    Those pieces are beautiful! Just having it will give me a little bit of the amazing experience I’m sure you had! I follow you on Snap and dream of going to some of the places and eating the yummy foods.

  121. Shanna Fuentes says:

    These are the most beautiful dishes and cookware I’ve ever seen. All I can invision is a Alice and Wonderland thanksgiving. The kitchen is my favorite place and having such beautiful cookware would inspire me. I have been following your post for a while and your recipes have changed my life so much so that I am in school for my bachelor in nutrition science. I want to help others achieve optimal health using food and still being able to enjoy life with no guilt. I need these dishes in my life. Thank you so much Anna for sharing all your adventures with us.

  122. Sonia Ferraz says:

    I am have been fallowing you exactly 1 year!!! yay! I have learned so much from you Ana! I would love to win this set because when I seen the snaps I feel in love right away. Their so unique and beautiful! I am also moving into my first home in November (which is also my birthday month) we literally need to get all new cookware/ kitchen ware and what better way by winning this set as a welcoming. I want to congratulate on your new baby girl. I am super excited to see the snaps as she grows. I want to also thank you Ana for all cooking/ health tips you share with everyone. I have learned so much and understand food and cooking better, especially the pregnancy tips which I hope one day I get to use in the near future. Thanks again. and good luck to everyone 🙂

  123. Hannah says:

    My roommates and I would love to win as we are three college girls tha need inspiration to cook in our new apartment!

  124. Mary Espinoza says:

    Hi beautiful!!

    Let me first start by saying congratulations on baby Sandee!! ??

    I honestly never heard of MacKenzie Childs cookware until I watched your SC story and immediately fell in love!! The design is absolutely beautiful. I’ve been looking for inspiration to start trying to learn how to cook and I think the MacKenzie Childs cookware would be reason enough!! ? I would absolutely loooove to win this set and I’d be forever grateful!!


  125. Vanessa Williams says:


    Thank you & MacKenzie-Child’s for offering this giveaway! How exciting!
    Their sets are incredibly gorgeous! I fell in love with them when you first shared the big stew pot they sent you on your snapchat & I have been drooling over them ever since!
    They are fabulous!!

    I would love to have this set because like you, I am a major foodie! Cooking is my therapy and to have this set would be so incredible! It would mean alot to me to have it!

    Congrats to you and wine coach – what a huge blessing – Baby Sandee! She is almost here!!
    wowza! time has sure flown by!!
    I cant wait to see all of the snaps of the little nugget. 😀

    Vanessa Williams

  126. Kathy Mostafa says:

    OMG!! I am speechless with their collection and pieces!! The dedication and precision that goes into making their pieces, I would be sooo honored to own some of their pieces!! To be able to cook with them, which I absolutely love doing!! Me and my 6 year old daughter, Ella, love being in the kitchen coming up with new meals and meal ideas this would be perfect!!
    Pick me ??☺️??
    Kathy & Ella ?❤️

  127. Gabi Schreiner says:

    Oi Ana!!!
    I’m a Brazilian woman living in California, USA, and I LOVE your blog, instagram (all of them!), and snapchat. I deserve to win this GORGEOUS set of pans from MacKenzie-Child’s because I have a very BORING kitchen!!! I love cooking, every single meal at my house is fresh and made with love, but I just can’t stand my regular-looking cooking dishes! With those AMAZING and UNIQUE pieces, my kitchen would receive the upgrade it deserves, and my family would be so thrilled to have delicious dishes served in fabulous pots. Can you imagine how nice a “moqueca de camarão” or a “galinhada” would look inside those pieces of art ?! Because I do!
    I will give a flavorful and colorful use to them!

  128. Leilani Santos says:

    I have followed your blog for a while and I absolutely love it and love how you always interact with your followers. Every time I write to you, you reply and that is what being a great blogger and human being is all about, and that is why I love you so much. I would love a Mackenzie-Childs piece, first because my passion is to cook, second, because they are my favorite color and third, because I really, really, really love to cook LOL. Cooking for me has been my passion for years, it takes me to a happy place every time the stove is on and i am in the kitchen. Cooking helped me overcome a huge depression and it makes me so happy when I see everyone enjoying my meals. If I had a Mackenzie-Childs piece it would just make my kitchen so much more fun and appealing, and I really need it lol.

  129. Hank Lowery says:

    Hello! I don’t really cook and I don’t blog (sorry!) . . . but my wife posted here and I saw it and I thought I’d enter the contest. I’d like to win the cookware so I can give it to her for our 34th wedding anniversary. Her main gift will be to go to NY but not until next year. I know she loves everything MC. Thanks. Good luck to me!!!!

  130. Clara Wagner says:

    These are really adorable. I’d like to redo my kitchen using the design as my theme. I don’t believe I deserve to win anymore than anyone else. It would just be very fun to own something this cool. (:

  131. LynneMarie says:

    I would love to win because I’ve recently started to really get into cooking and I have only a couple of decent cookware items. The bulk of my cookware is cheap stuff from discount stores and hand me downs from my family. I’d be thrilled to have such a beautiful set like this to cook with!!

  132. Brenda Haines says:

    I love every single picture you took! Absolutely amazing! I need to plan a trip there soon.
    I would love to win this amazing prize, because it reminds me of my Great Grandma Margaret’s kitchen. She had an old wood burning stove and the 50s fridge with the big metal handle.. Painted pink and had the white and black checkerboard floor. She designed the home and the kitchen was the biggest and the best room in the house. And it’s where I learned to cook, she was a great teacher.

  133. Rana Durham says:

    i learned bout mackenzie cookware when i was following wwe supestar natayla . she loves it and i love cooking and this would look great in my kitchen as i dont have any fancy cookware. i love the vintage look and very much think it would be a match in my kitchen.

  134. Sharon says:

    I fell in love with this pattern a few years ago and was lucky enough to get two of the cups for Christmas last year. Nothing would be more cherished in my kitchen than more pieces of this beautiful cookware.

    There’s no should’ in my entry except that they would make me happy like a kid at Christmastime!

  135. Jessica says:

    Great post! I would love to win this and have this beautiful cookware in my kitchen! I have a few pieces but nothing in the kitchen!

  136. Kelly says:

    I’ve reread this post 4-5 times already, as I outline my trip to aurora. I was so inspired to visit Mackenzie Child’s after seeing your post. I’ve also seen that you’ve picked 3 different winners, none of whom have claimed this beautiful prize yet. I would be more than happy to take these pieces off your hands as I begin my own collection of this artistic pottery line. I can’t wait to create themes and decor centered around the black and white masterpieces.

  137. Carol says:

    I, too, have seen 3 winners announced. They sure are missing out!

    I purchased the medium teapot during the barn sale for my mom and would love to reward her – for her selflessness – with this beautiful tri-tone courtly check cookware set. <3

  138. JenniferHungate says:

    Kelly I was thinking the exact same thing lol I posted a while ago and now I keep checking to see if I’m the lucky one next?? Such beautiful pieces ❤️

  139. Caroline says:

    Hi Ana 🙂 I’ve been seeing you keep choosing winners and they don’t claim. I hope this comment doesn’t come out as rude or anything. I would love to win this not only is it beautiful but if I were to win it would really be going to a family who needs them and would cherish them 🙂
    Thank you!

  140. Leilani Santos says:

    OMG Ana it seems like nobody wants the prize lol. I will take it hahaha!! I am so stressed every time I see your post of a new winner lol.

  141. Jennifer says:

    This giveaway is amazing and has me super excited! I would love to be able to win this beautiful set for my lovely mother. Her passion is cooking and loves and wishes to one day be able to collect artistic cookware She is one of the most selfless helpful person I’ve met and goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is fed. I would absolutely Love to win these for her and be able to surprise her with a home cooked meal waiting for her at home with her new goodies!

    Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!!

  142. M. Jones says:

    How fabulously beautiful and absolutely FUN would these be to have and use in my kitchen!! They would make such awesome decor and they are functional! We are moving into a new house with red walls in the kitchen that this set would be PERFECT for! I would adore them, simply adore them.

  143. Caroline says:

    Ana I’d love to win if there is no wonder please 🙂 I’ve been following and I can’t believe no one has claimed it.

  144. Maria Dongail says:

    Any winners?

    Ana, This is bananas !!! Can’t believe no one has claimed.. There is still hope for me… Lol


  145. Kelly says:

    What a bummer that many of us have been anxiously waiting and watching many people get picked over the last couple weeks and not claim their prize.

    • Colorfulfoodie says:

      I honestly don’t get it! You would think people are paying attention. Someone finally claimed! This was a random selection, so not much I could do. Wanted it to be fair!

    • Maria says:

      I agree with you Kelly.. looks like the winner responded 4 days later! Grrr

      Guees we wait for the next giveaway!!

  146. Colorfulfoodie says:

    Hey girls, don’t worry. I’m holding another giveaway on Instagram @colorfulfoodie so stay tuned.
    I can’t believe 5 different winners didn’t claim the prize but this last one. She did sent an email before she posted here, which is better than all the others, that said nothing.

    • Marie Beshures says:

      I think it has to do with the website system. I’m new to it. I only get an email dump every few days & the comments are so ‘nested’ that it’s is difficult to read. Even writing this short note I’ve had to scroll constantly to see what I’m writing as I write it.


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