27 Weeks Pregnant – Baby is the size of a Wine Bottle!

oh yea! most fun size yet!

27 Weeks Pregnant!

Hello 3rd Trimester!

You’ve come with a vengeance! And I mean that in the most positive of ways. This is the last trimester, and the time for extreme changes!

My uterus is the size of a basketball! Whaaaaaaaat! And the baby is the size of a wine bottle, so sorry guys, no fruit this week as I just couldn’t leave such a “fun fact” out! It was just too cool of a comparison, and I know winecoach appreciates this one a little more than ever!

If you read my last Colorful Pregnancy post regarding “Natural Birth and the right to choose“, you know I had a pretty eventful week with lots of major changes going on in my prenatal care, at least it was attempted. I’m happy to announce I’m back with the midwife and let go of what was holding me down. I really should have never even thought about transferring because I’ve been happy with her from day 1, but circumstances are circumstances and you live and learn. It’s a trust thing, and sometimes you have to go through such things to realize what you have, or to bring awareness to an issue no one talks about. An overwhelming number of you reached out via Snapchat (my username is AnaSandee) and shared your stories, later sharing them on the comments of that post, and for that I thank you. It’s a very private story and I understand not everyone is ready to share, but I think a lot of you realized this happens way too often and if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. In this case, it is unacceptable.

Heck, I didn’t even realize how passionate I was about it all of this until it was “jeopardized”. I mean, isn’t it a given that we should all at least attempt natural childbirth if we are otherwise healthy with a baby that is well positioned and ready to come when he/she so desires? Anyone else thinks it’s an ethical issue to schedule a baby’s birth early just so you can claim it on your taxes? This was all suggested to me by that OBGYN, and for those reasons (as well as the suggestion to drug myself with Benadryl and Tylenol PM so I could sleep), I was done with her on visit 1.

featuring wine from the Jackson Hole Winery

Grand Teton Mountains in the background

Challenges this week: Hello nose bleeds! And shortness of breath! Granted, this is probably because I spent a good chunk of this week up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, breathing the fresh mountain air which also comes with dry weather and altitude. Even with all the rain my mucous membranes were not happy and my nasal passages were irritated beyond belief. It is more common to have nose bleeds when pregnant but I hadn’t experienced it get. Also, I found that taking more than 10 continuous steps made it difficult to breathe, and that for sure has to do with being up higher than 6,000 feet elevation. No harm done! I’m back where the land land is flat and it should all stabilize.

Yes I’m still peeing like a woman in her 3rd trimester should be, which is all the time. I’m convinced Baby Sandee will be involved in some type of martial arts because she has amazing accuracy with her body slams and karate chops! Hiccups are also still around, randomly one every hour or every other hour. So weird but definitely more used to it.

can’t believe we are entering the 3rd trimester!

view from behind the barn at the jackson hole winery

  • Cravings: Free of cravings this week, and it must be because I’m constantly eating! Anytime I have a trip or “culinary expedition” as I like to call them, I don’t feel cravings because my poor body doesn’t even have a chance to want anything as I’m constantly inserting delicious food in my mouth.
  • Aversions: Also none, but I did experience some nauseous-ness during a very early flight. I think I chugged my green smoothie too quickly and was just feeling hot and nauseated, so not sure we can call that a true aversion.
  • Mood: Feeling energetic! But still tire more easily than I normally would. I’m getting heavier and it just takes some effort to function sometimes but all in all I’m still pretty agile. The massage therapist that did my prenatal massage at the Four Seasons Jackson Hole said I’m in pretty good shape as far as agility is concerned. I guess I could turn around and sit up easier than usual? I don’t know, but I’ll take it!
  • Ultrasound and Baby’s sex: We haven’t had a look at Baby Sandee in a few weeks. Maybe next week I’ll have to take a peek at 28 weeks. She does have a strong heart rate though, sometimes I feel like I can even feel it.
  • Movement and Positioning: Ms. Kicky prevails. Her movements are no longer little tiny kicks. They are for a reason! And this week not only do I feel her move, but I SEE her! Poking around all over my belly! What an insane feeling! She gets stronger everyday. I really feel her!
  • Weight gain: Pretty stable with the weight gain, at around 22-23lbs. Gaining steadily, staying active, feeling good.
  • Nursery and registry: So excited! It’s getting real because the gifts from my registry are starting to come in! I’m having a baby shower in New Jersey coming up on October 8th, so this is likely why! So fun because the idea of a baby is definitely materializing. My registries are Babies R Us and Buy Buy with the consolidated lists are also on The Bump.
  • Names: So in the Brazilian culture it’s common to call the baby by it’s name as soon as you find out what the gender is, but in the Dutch culture, the name of the baby isn’t revealed until the baby is born; With that being said, since I’m not keen on yelling the baby’s name out the 4 corners of the world and winecoach feels strongly about his culture – Well, it appears we won’t be sharing the name, at least for now. Also we are still in discussions but I think we are nearing an agreement.
  • Midwife or OB: Back to seeing the midwife after the encounter with the OBGYN from hell. Sorry, she was just everything I didn’t want in a provider, so….yea. Lots to discuss with the midwife this week, so I will get you guys updated. If you missed what happened to my OBGYN after that referral, read this blog post on natural birth, something I’ve very passionate about. Still going strong with the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth.
  • Aches and pains: I’ve felt great this week! Prenatal Yoga is paying off! Prenatal massages also help, and I had an amazing one at the Four Seasons Jackson Hole Spa! Nothing better than a mountain resort spa, and the four seasons NEVER disappoints!

  • Sleep: Ms. Kicky is keen on staying up all night! I eventually fall asleep due to exhaustion but it takes a while. Mainly it makes me laugh as her movement tickles sometimes. I mostly miss sleeping on my belly….can’t wait till I can do that again.

  • Currently wearing: Still fitting in my stretchy dresses, but now I’m finally wearing maternity jeans from Motherhood! At least I tried them for the first time this weekend! They are actually pretty comfortable. Paired them with a maternity control top from Belly Bandit and the outfit was very comfortable, and cute too! What a surprise! I’m still loving on my maxi dresses, as it is still warm here in Oklahoma, although it was quite chilly in Jackson Hole except for the last day. Fall is here, so the outfits will start getting more fun! Also, leggings are life! The only problem is I keep forgetting my jackets don’t fit anymore, this was was ready to pop! Haha

over 10,000 feet up dealing with snow and some shortness of breath due to altitude. Jacket barely closed because I “forgot” I now have a bump

because moose are ALL over jackson hole!

Wines with altitude at Jackson Hole Winery! These guys are making wine at over 6,000 feet up!

As farm to table as it gets! This food was grown about 10 miles up the way and cooked for us by the farmers themselves. That is special.

  • Traveling – This weekend was spent in Jackson Hole, WY! So amazing! Took some time to go meet up with winecoach after his business trip in that area of the world and it just so worked out that it was the first weekend of Fall! We did a little more babymooning in such a beautiful place, the mountains! Ate the world, enjoyed some amazing food and special preggo treatment (yes I’m talking about the prenatal massage, I’m just so into them right now). Jackson Hole was so good to us, and hubby had a blast doing his wine thang.

Looks like a painting it’s so beautiful. The changing of the colors in Jackson Hole. That “purse” isn’t really a purse, but a camera bag from Lo and Sons. I LOVE it!

Jackson is the perfect place to go for the changing of the colors!

cheers to the beauriful changing of the colors!

Feeling blessed to witness the beauty of these colors.

Winecoach at his happiest! tasting delicious wines at Bin 22. Such a delicious place in so many ways!

Thank you for following my journey! Please leave me comments below with any tips for the upcoming months as baby continues to grow, I LOVE to hear about your own experiences with pregnancy, with labor and how you prepared for it, especially if you have any tips on how to achieve a natural birth.

I want to thank my friends again, for all the help with the registry! Please have a peak and leave me your comments on anything else that is crucially necessary for baby’s arrival because I’m still clueless. Don’t forget to follow @ColorfulPregnancy on Instagram for my nutrition tips during pregnancy!

Xo, Ana

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I feel ya on the symptoms lol Seriously entering 28-30 weeks here in Cali there was like always hot weather it it was transitioning too much hot and dry n then some humid, my sinuses were extremely irritated and dry. ☹️? My poor nose couldn’t help it. My lips were chapped crazy bad. Never happens to me

  2. Marie says:

    Your post really makes me want to visit Jackson hole…and get a prenatal massage! I love the four seasons spa here but haven’t went for a prenatal yet. It is now on the list! Random question…I think I read in one of your previous posts that you have done online prenatal yoga. Any favorites you recommend? I do a DVD and a class at home but am traveling for work this week. 8 miles walking today and I feel pretty good…but I don’t think I can wait until next week for yoga! It feels so good afterwards!!

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