Wines under $15: Winecoach Review + Viewer’s Choice

How did this all start? One day I mentioned in a story that a particular wine was ‘good for the price’. That prompted someone to ask what I considered cheap wine. I had to think a little and concluded that for me, wines under $15 are cheap and that my level of ‘wine snob-iness’ is enough to be reluctant to try any wine in that price range.

I realized how much my standards have changed over the years and felt I was in dire need for a reality check; there must be acceptable wine under $15!

Asking the followers on the @winecoach Instagram page about their favorite wine under $15 resulted in so much enthusiasm, I knew this needed to be shared. I have listed all suggestions on the bottom of this post, so we can share the gems we found through our wine journey.

There were a few front runners of wines that got mentioned multiple times, so those were the ones @colorfulfoodie and I were going to test in a live session that you can find here.

These wines were in random order:

1. Matua Sauvignon Blanc

2. Meiomi Pinot Noir

3. 19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon

4. Apothic Red winemakers blend

5. Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon

Soooo, what’s the verdict??

All wines were drinkable, however the Apothic Red was a little too sweet for our preference. All other four were wines we would be happy to drink at times; we liked the Josh Cellars the best, pretty good buy. We had the 19 Crimes with dinner and it paired very well with the risotto @colorfulfoodie made! It is impressive to realize in what quantities these wines are made against low cost and that the producer is still able to come up with an acceptable product.

I still believe my ‘sweet spot’ is between $30 and $55, it just allows producers to make a quality product; I hope I will be fortunate enough to try some wines that are on the wishlist of each wine enthusiast; you will certainly hear about it!!!

Cheap wine gem recommendations

  • Meiomi pinot noir
  • Ropiteau Pinot Noir
  • Charles smith velvet devil merlot
  • Old soul pinot
  • Francis Ford Coppola
  • Joel gott
  • Chloe Pinot Noir
  • 19 crimes
  • 19 crimes!! Shiraz and 2017 red blend!
  • Apothetic red
  • Gerard Bertrand cote des roses chardonnay
  • Robert Mondavi cab sac bourbon barrels
  • Radius Red Blend
  • Trivento Malbec Argentina
  • Tilimuqui Organic Cabernet Sauvignon and Organic
  • Monasterio de las Vinas Reserva and Grand Reserva Spain
  • Las Acequias Malbec Argentina
  • Aduentus Antigal classic
  • Stave & Steel Bourbon aged Cab Sav
  • Jacob’s Creek Sémillon / Chardonnay South Eastern Australia
  • Menage a trois
  • Clos du bois
  • Kendall jackson
  • Sterling
  • Josh Cellars cab Sav
  • Chateau St Michele Riesling
  • Rex Goliath Free Range Red
  • Apothic Inferno
  • 7 Moons
  • Cupcake’s Moscato D’asti
  • Barefoot Rose
  • Catena Malbec
  • Sparrow Hawk pinot noir
  • Crushed Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Bonterra Merlot
  • Rhiannon Red
  • Rascal Pinot Noir
  • Stones and Bones Portugese red
  • Josh Cellars Red Blend
  • Les Parcelles Sauv Blanc
  • Sea Pearl Sauv Blanc
  • Terra Boa
  • LAN Rioja
  • Boudacious Red
  • Beringer White Zinfandel
  • Ecco Domani
  • Dreaming Tree Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
  • Luna Nuda
  • Trader Joe’s cab and malbec
  • Roscato rosso dolce
  • Bonterra
  • Benzigner
  • Matua, sauv blanc
  • Freakshow
  • Josh cab Sav
  • Primarius Pinot Noir
  • Famiglia Castellani Toscana Sangiovese 2014
  • Bogle Petit Sirah
  • The Pinot Project pinot noir
  • The Simple Life pinot noir
  • Tabor Hill Cherry
  • Farm Market plum by Round Barn
  • Ava Grace Sauvignon Blanc
  • 14 hands merlot
  • Allegro winery punk
  • j lohr merlot
  • Baby Duck champagne
  • Copper moon red or white
  • St Hallett Faith Shiraz
  • Coopers Hawk
  • 14 Hands
  • Perseverance
  • Michael David winery Petit Petit
  • Unshackled cab from Prisoner Wine

Thanks to everyone who contributed; this was so much fun!! Please leave more ideas for future lives and blog posts!

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