Unconventionally Delicious Fruit!


Been eating pomegranate seeds by the handfuls. The Rambutan (yes, the hairy looking fruit) made a great Vitamin C packed snack, and the kiwano, or “horned melon” was half eaten, half blended in my daily green smoothie! This cold picked the wrong person to mess with! Plus I wanted to share these unconventional fruits with you all, amazing looking yet an incredible source of nourishment and nutrients!

Fresh Rambutan pulp provides about more than half of vitamin C needed daily. We need plenty of that to fight off annoying colds and flu-like symptoms! It tastes delicious, kind of like lichee, super refreshing! When we eat rambutans, our body’s natural ability to flush out heavy metals and other toxins increase! Vitamin C also promotes healthy, youthful skin by producing new collagen, which we could all use, yes?

Horned Melon, or Kiwano seeds contain numerous Antioxidants and the pulp is rich in vitamin E which boosts skin health, heart, muscles, nerves, and red blood cells, as well as helps counteract harmful free-radicals that can induce long-term illnesses just like heart problems or cancer. The yellowish-green colored pigment in the seeds include the carotenoid, beta carotene also known as vitamin A, which assists strengthen the body’s defense mechanisms and sustain eye and skin health. I need that, sustain my defenses…

Don’t be afraid to try something just because it looks a little odd and different! In case you’re wondering, I got these beauties delivered to my doorstep from Melissa’s Produce , always great quality! Stay healthy this Flu Season my friends!


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