Eggs and Bacon Brunch by Mr. ColorfulFoodie


Welcome to brunch! I hope this inspires you to eat brunch with your loved ones on weekends, holidays, or anyday you have time off!

It’s not everyday that Mr. ColorfulFoodie cooks up brunch, but when he does, it’s usually Dutch pancakes or his signature Eggs and Bacon special topped with gorgonzola, which he has perfected. Partly a cheat meal I guess, but amazing flavors as everything is cooked together to perfection.

Gotta live a little, about once a week To be exact! #BrunchItOnSundays baby! Make it a tradition at your house too!

Here is what he did:


4 strips of any bacon (turkey or pork)
4 organic brown eggs
1 Oz crumbles gorgonzola
Salt and pepper to taste
Herb de Provence


Fry the bacon evenly on a spacious skillet. Break the eggs on top, connecting 2 bacon Pieces and fry gently over medium heat, for 2-3 minutes. When midway done (you want them cooked but with a soft yolk), sprinkle gorgonzola, salt and pepper and a bit of herb de Provence over the top until it begins to melt ever so slightly. Toast a sprouted bread or Whole wheat English muffin on the side and Enjoy with freshly squeezed OJ or a mimosa if you’re feeling it!

Xoxo, Ana?


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