Triple Threat Griller


Triple Threat Griller! Because when Lunch Time comes and you’re “Hangry”, this is a quick and healthy fix, Now temporarily living in my Belly!
What’s all in it:

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Triple Threat Pesto ?Buffalo Chicken Avocado Griller


•3 slices of your favorite bread (this is Artisan honey nut oats with walnuts from #Braums)
•2 oz buffalo chicken slices
•1 oz fresh mozzarella
•2 tbsp Superfood Pesto
•1/2 avocado in slices slices


I used a convection oven for this, about 350F. Lightly toast bread for about 2-3 minutes.

Spread pesto evenly onto each toast.

Later buffalo chicken slices and mozzarella on first floor, place next toast on top and layer that with the remaining slices and avocado.

Toast the griller for about 2-3 more minutes. Cut in half and share with someone you care about!

It’s delicious and can be your side dish to that soup or salad. That’s how I enjoy it!

Xoxo, Ana
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