My typical Dinner Plate!

Looks like a lot of food right? Well, IT IS! And I’m not one for counting calories, but ALL this is under 350 calories, just saying! Most importantly, COLORFUL, although I was feeling like green, so I have 2 servings of that for added protein! I made enough of this that “the rest” became Meal Prep for tomorrow and Friday.

What’s this?

Roasted asparagus and Campari tomatoes, steamed broccoli and baked crinkled sweet potato fries and Santa Fe style chicken.


No it doesn’t have to be boring: You Season it and aim to make YOUR My Plate, the most balanced you can each day!

Yes, 1/2 of your plate should be fruits/vegetables, 1/4 a grain/healthy starch, and 1/4 lean protein. More info on

Cheers! Because Food is for body nourishment, but you MUST enjoy it! Boiled chicken and mush just won’t do it for me, and probably not for you either! Whatever you do, Make sure it’s a #colorfulplate. ALWAYS!



Set oven to 425deg.

Wash and dry all veggies (Obvy!).

Toss asparagus in EVOO, I like to use the spray olive oil because less is more and goes a long way. Sprinkle salt and peeper to taste. Do the same with the sweet potato fries.

Bake the fries first, about 15-20 minutes, turning them half way.

Roast for 6-8 minutes until cooked but still crispy. Add the chopped tomatoes to asparagus about 3 minutes out.

The chicken breast may also be baked, but at lower temperature, about 350degrees for about 20-35 min to ensure it cooks through. You may also pan sear it in a little bit of EVOO.

Boil or steam broccoli.

If you make a lot, it enough, you can meal prep with the rest…it’s what I do!


Xoxo, Ana


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