It’s officially Summer: Let’s Grab a Beer!


Hi guys! I don’t know what you got to do over Memorial Day Weekend, but hopefully you also got to enjoy the official kick off of beer season ? by the water, whether it was the ocean, the lake, a pond or a pool! If not, yet another reason to have a cold one because now, it is officially summer!

Do you know what the main ingredient in your favorite beer is? Did you happen to catch my Instagram post about this? If not, hope over there by clicking here for a chance to with a surprise prize when you give it your best guess! You get to choose between 3 facts, all of which only 1 fact is the truth. These are the “facts”:

1. Glossophobia is the fear of an empty glass.

2. Freezing beer will cause beer to lose flavor.

3. Everyone gives hops the credit for beer, but barley gives beer its beautiful range of colors, sweetness, and that unmistakable aroma we all know and love.

Which is the correct statement? Leave your comment on my Instagram post for a chance to win!

Remember, there are a lot of rumors about beer, but barley is boss in its composition! For more fun facts about barley, beer and fun times, visit this link ?? Click here to watch the awesome barley is boss video! Let’s celebrate this special ingredient!

The concept behind Let’s Grab a Beer is to enjoy this refreshing beverage, and as with wine, even learn how to pair it with your favorite foods! Whether you’re new to trying beer (I wasn’t always a fan) the appreciation of beer does grow on us, especially if we continue to try different varieties until we find our niche! Yes, there is a beer niche! I know coming from a Brazilian culture, it definitely brings us together around the table, and we always cheers with beer before taking the first sip. That is just sacred! I love pairing beer with different flavors and foods ranging from snacks, brunch or dinner. Not to mention simply by itself on a hot Summer day! T’is the season!

From the history of the original ale to the perfect pour to beer hacks to food pairings, Let’s Grab a Beer’s team of passionate beer enthusiasts is on tap to share today’s vibrant beer culture. Whether it is dark or light, foreign or domestic, macro or micro, sharing a good glass or bottle of iced cold beer (how I like it!) BEER is the great social equalizer – let’s enjoy all of what it has to offer.

I received compensation to join in the fun of the Let’s Grab a Beer movment this year and the opinions expressed in this post and true appreciation for this refreshing Summer beverage are my own.

Xo, Ana

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