Delicious Avocado Fusilli


This is a call to all AVOCADO LOVERS  because I just perfected my all time FAVORITE! Easy, Delish, nutritious, and simple ingredients!
Great Gluten Free option that can be easily made Vegan and #Dairy Free for our plant based friends!

Avocado Chicken Fusilli for 2 
4-6 Oz gluten-free brown rice fusilli
2 ripe avocados
1/2 lemon, squeezed
1/4 cup low fat buttermilk (or any milk)
2 tbsp all natural @Elliquark or greek yogurt 
(Salt and pepper to taste)
2 garlic cloves
Fresh cilantro or basil leaves to taste (I used cilantro today)
Fresh asparagus
3-4 oz grilled chicken 
Note: use dairy free milk and yogurt options if you avoid lactose; add spinach instead of Chicken for the Plant-based friends!
Cook pasta, drain.  
In a Food processor, blend ripe avocado, juice of half of a lemon, cilantro bunch, garlic and natural quark or greek yogurt. Transfer to sauce pan over medium heat and season with salt and pepper to taste, adding buttermilk little by little. The buttermilk will add a tangy taste that will counterbalance with the pasta. Simmer for 3-5 minutes and taste it. Add fusilli to sauce and allow Flavors to incorporate. 


Roast asparagus at 400F with EVOO, salt and pepper for approximately 5-7 minutes. Add grilled chicken pieces for added protein. Serve all together!
May add more cilantro (or basil) leaves to the mix or sprinkle on top. 
Xoxo, Ana?
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