AvoChocolate Almond Dream Smoothie


Ok, It would just be wrong not to share the MOST DELICIOUS SMOOTHIE ? I have ever made with you all! When I tell you this is a meal, I’m not lying. It literally kept me filled for 5 hours without any other cravings. Substantial and hearty!

Being Brazilian, it is no secret we enjoy our avocado in smoothie form and sweet! Since becoming Americanized I really enjoy avocado ANY WAY! But the Brazilian roots definitely shine through with this Fantabulous smoothie. Make this for breakfast, lunch or dinner if you are running short on time!


1 cup any milk
1 tbsp almond butter
1/2 scoop chocolate protein or cacao
1/2 super ripe avocado
1 Banana

•Blend all with some ice or use frozen banana. Top with silvered almonds and dark chocolate.

Xoxo, Ana

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