34 Weeks Pregnant – Size of a Cantaloupe


34 Weeks Pregnant! 

8 1/2 months pregnant this week! Baby is “supposedly” the size of a cantaloupe, although I believe a much bigger one than the one Winecoach found at the super market this weekend! It is smaller than last week’s 33 week pumpkin, but it’s all good. We know the truth! I’m following the size of fruit, because obviously, I’m a foodie right? It’s practically mandatory, but apparently the baby is around 18″ long and almost 5 lbs heavy, and believe me, I’m feeling it! This week I started wearing a belly support pretty regularly because since her head is already in position, there is alot of pressure, especially with prolonged standing and walking.

Special appearance made by super moon this week!

Her kicks are no joke, and here we go with the TMI of the week: I’ve never had a UTI (urinary tract infection), but I imagine what I experienced this week is as close as it gets to it. I imagine the baby basically head butted my bladder and I felt a stinging burning pain down my urethra (urine canal), that felt more like lightening and burning in the VAJJ. Oh man….right when I went to bed too. Had to get up several times to pee nothing, or just tinkle which is super frustrating. That went on for a couple of hours until I finally went to sleep and woke up good again…. Go figure. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

I wasn’t convinced by the size of the cantaloupe either; She’s much bigger, I’m sure of it, but humor me 🙂

Another New Symptom this week: which I’m probably 100% responsible for, was low blood pressure and increased sweating after a very large meal. This means I can’t fit so much food in my stomach as I used to because 1) baby is growing so much and gaining about 1 oz a day, which means my stomach is running out of room so I can’t do my lavish meals anymore!

For the level of “tired” I’ve been feeling lately I think my weekend went super well! Winecoach and I did a Oklahoma City Staycation this weekend and it was just fantastic! Read more about it on the travel section below. There is so much to do and see here and we had a blast!


Highlight of this week (and no, it’s not always positive): Still getting up quite alot, but because of a terrible cold I caught over the weekend! Now I’m getting up each hour because I either can’t breath, baby is moving like crazy (aren’t they supposed to slow down by now?), or have to pee  SO BAD. I guess my body is officially prepping me. Being sick while pregnant is quite difficult, so I’ve been living by my 4 Go-To Cold Remedies to get rid of this!
On a positive note, nothing makes me happier than feeling her move. At times, if I’m lying down and don’t feel her move for more than 15 minutes (because I’m seriously used to feeling her move ALL the time), I poke her. I do!! And I don’t feel bad about it….she pokes right back and we play. At least I think we’re playing but I’m probably just annoying her. What can I do, it’s fun!

Trying to get daily walks in when I feel good. Wearing the belly band upsie belly which is practically a belly bra that helps alot when I walk long distances or just want some support.

Exercise! Still doing prenatal yoga as often as possible. Some days I can pull off 30 minutes, but after work I’m usually destroyed. I do try to walk at lunch time for about 2 miles, which puts me at around 40 minutes these days! When I wasn’t pregnant I used to job 3 miles at lunch, so I’m content with myself. Walking is the best exercise for us preggos, so need to stay on that train till the very end! Remember labor (and birth) is an athletic event, so we just can’t ignore the fact that we must train for it. Stretching and walking, that should be the focus!

Cravings: Orange juice, all day everyday!! Also, I noticed I was pretty suggestive this week. Someone mentioned chicken sandwich, and that sounded pretty good one of the nights. Surely I had to go pick up a freakin chicken sandwich. Go figure!!

Aversions: No aversions! Yay!

Mood: Thumbs up in the mood department! No crying at all, not even for an actual reason. I’m proud of myself, despite the election results. Not that I would have been happy either way anyway, but yet, overall, pretty good! Winecoach is my rock, and this week we are feeling accomplished because we concluded our Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth Classes and he is officially a coach! This is a husband-coached approach to labor where your partner becomes an educated coach, ready to “walk” you through your labor and be your number one support system during birth, much like a doula. So Winecoach is now my doula, basically, and he’s really good at it too! It’s no easy task, there are 12 classes and about 2 hours per class, but totally worth it. We both learned SO MUCH! Priceless information – to find an instructor just google search to see who teaches in your area. I was not paid to promote them, I just truly believe in the success of these classes, but the biggest test is yet to come right?

Getting baby’s heart beat on my routine visit to the midwife at 34 weeks, 4 days

Ultrasound and Baby’s Sex: Have not had an ultrasound in a few weeks, but she’s growing, I assure you! I see the midwife every 2 weeks now, and the belly measurements have been pretty on point, measuring about 1 week ahead each time I go. Heart rate was 152bpm.
Movement and Positioning: Boy does she move. Nonstop, all day. Maybe, if I’m lucky I’ll go 15-30 minutes without her moving, but most of the time she’s pretty active. I actually enjoy her movements! The only time I don’t enjoy is when my permanently bruised rib screams from her little feet stretching into that area or she head buds my crotch, haha….All the other times her movements are more than welcome, they signify a healthy baby!

It’s really as if I swallowed a basketball is it!

Weight gain: Gained about 1-2 lbs this week which put me at around a 30lbs weight gain. Before this week I was shy of it, maybe around 27-28lbs? The scale is tilting now, little by little, and I’m not surprised. Baby is supposed to gain about 1/2 lb a week so, I see the weight going up slowly from now until the end.

Special delivery from family: little outfits from grandma and aunt, all the way from Brazil!These melts my heart!

Nursery and registry:  The nursery is coming together on paper! I ordered the crib, mattress, bedding, armoire, a changer, and glider with ottoman! Things are coming together slowly but surely, with every sense of the words. Things are falling into place this week and next week we have BIG changes and exciting news. I can’t wait to share it with you all!  I’m still receiving boxes everyday, from our wonderful friends and family who have jumped on our registries with Babies R Us and Buy Buy  and are also all consolidated on The Bump. You are just wonderful, thank you for flooding Baby Sandee with love and boxes!! I even received some gifts from some of you followers which was very sweet. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

Names: Only a few more weeks and we will be able to share!

Midwife or OB: Love my midwife (shown above getting Baby Sandee’s heartbeat)  and love the birthing center we chose for the birth! Another few weeks and I will share my visit to the birthing center with you all. It is simply amazing!

Aches and pains: Did you read the TMI of the week? Ouch! On the other hand, sciatica seems to have let up a bit. I think it’s all about how she is positioned in there. My main complain is my left rib pain. It feels bruised and hurts every day, as in I got punched or kicked several times but I read it could also be from my growing uterus.

Currently Wearing: Whatever will fit! The maternity leggings and “jeggings” are real life savers and allow me to continue wearing my non-maternity tops without “peek-a-booing” everyone, so I suggest getting a pair of each, that way you have a jeans look and a legging look. Not much more needed, especially if you can spend most of your pregnancy in stretchy dresses as I have up to now!

Rocking my belly bandid BDA leggings that grow with my belly and helps me wear my non-maternity pops without peeking!

Fun Preggo Fall looks!

You’d never guess it’s a camera bag, but it is! And I absolutely love it. Super high quality and stylish from Lo and Sons.

Fun top from bump life co! I want them all, they are so fun!

Sleep: An interesting concept. It’s not getting any easier and I can’t just use one pillow anymore, under my head that is. I have to be somewhat reclined, and get up numerous times a night. As we approach the end of the pregnancy, it is expected, so….good luck to me and all of you out there in your 3rd trimester. I’ve been averaging getting up seven times a night these days, some days five, some days 10. It’s been interesting.

Otherwise I’m still in denial and making myself fit into ridiculously tight pre-pregnancy clothes. I mean, look at this? It is what it is…. Ha!

Traveling – No flying or long roadtrips, but this weekend winecoach and I did a staycation in Oklahoma City! I think this was our last local “getaway” before my mom arrives (I didn’t tell you? She’ll be here next weekend) and then baby comes. We just wanted to enjoy ourselves, so we did a “date weekend” and did just that!

The weekend OKC Staycation breakdown went as follows:

Probably one of our last date nights before she comes!

This chocolate tres leches cake, I hope they keep this on the menu from now on!

Had dinner Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse  for a delicious taste of my favorites actually.

Went to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder  against the L.A. Clippers. Even though they lost, it was a VERY exciting game!

We stayed 2 nights at 21C Hotel Museum Hotel in Midtown Oklahoma City and had brunch and dinner all over town! Probably ate too much and had a lot of fun. This is a special place because it is a modern art museum open 24 hours with no fee to enter! But also a hotel with a fabulous restaurant attached to it. I’m talking about dinner at  Marry Eddys Kitchen and Lounge  and we really had an amazing tour of the menu prepared by Chef Jason Campbell. I want to go back and try their brunch menu!

Penguins are the hallmark of 21C hotels and each hotel has a different color! Oklahoma city has purple, and this one had dinner with us….

incredibly inspiring art

Main course at dinner…

They have a killer mocktail menu too!

Thank you Chef Jason for all the love! You are an amazing Chef!

Melt in your mouth mousse dessert….

I love that everyone gets cotton candy at the end of their dinner at Mary Eddys!

  • Brunch at Hatch OKC, which is relatively new. Awesome food, very busy because everyone wants a piece of that right now! Great prep on the egg dishes, I must say.

The chicken fried soft boiled eggs are A MUST!

Monkey bread…I order it whenever I see it on the menu!

Oklahoma shaped pancakes! Really? Too awesome….

Brunch at the OKC Museum of Art Cafe which never disappoints. Also a cafe attached to the OKC Museum of Modern Art which is beautiful!

I have to mention our visit to the National Cowboy and Heritage Museum because it is my all time favorite, and also the first place I ever visited in OKC. Fond memories so it’s always nice to revisit the wild wild west cowboy heritage as well as Native American Culture. This is a MUST SEE when you visit OKC.

Original Indian tribe map prior to “westernization”

Such a grandiose entrance!

Thank you for following my journey! Please leave me comments below with any tips for the upcoming weeks as baby is really growing now and I’m deep into the 3rd trimester; I LOVE to hear about your own experiences with pregnancy, with labor and how you prepared for it, especially if you have any tips on how to achieve a natural birth. I will also start taking tips on the first weeks home with the baby and the things I NEED to know before bringing baby home. Any tips will be much appreciated loves!

I want to thank my friends, family and even some of you beautiful followers, for all the help with the registry and gifts you’ve sent to Baby Sandee! I’m stitll taking suggestions on the best products and “gear” needed to kee a newborn alive and well, so please leave me your comments on anything else that is crucially necessary for baby’s arrival because I AM still clueless. Don’t forget to follow @ColorfulPregnancy on Instagram for my nutrition tips during pregnancy!

Xo, Ana

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  1. Becky Hines says:

    Hi Ana!
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy following your pregnancy journey. I am about 2.5-3 weeks ahead of you (?). I am 36 weeks pregnant. I am a CrossFit coach/personal trainer. I followed your instagram before you got pregnant as well, mostly because I love all your leggings! ha. I wish I documented each week as well as you do, but unfortunately I just don’t get around to it. I’ve done 4 posts so far titled “Pregnancy + CrossFit”. I post many of my workout videos trying to show women that strength training is important as well during pregnancy and that as long as you were doing it before, you can continue to do many things that old school beliefs think of as taboo. I don’t know what I’d do without lifting at this point, it’s when I feel my best honestly. Feel free to check it out. Keep up the interesting posts and pics, we’re almost there!

    • ColorfulFoodie says:

      Hi Becky,

      Thank you so much for sharing that! How awesome! i think CrossFit is amazing, and wish I got into it before getting pregnant. Now I’ll have to wait until she’s here because I know training is no joke, but I think I would LOVE IT! I agree with you, maintaining your previous level of fitness is so important and the reason why people are able to “bounce back” so much easier. I Will check it out. I know, almost there, I’m 35 weeks now! Wishing you the BEST delivery!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hey Girly
    Love the sharing you do! And trust me there’s gonna be a little more TMIs happening in the last trimester. As for your cold, I would also suggest having a vaporizer or humidifier on at night. I felt it helped me when I got the cold my first pregnancy. This time around I didn’t get the cold but since all the extra blood flow I do have a lot of nasal dryness plus weather change here in Cali. I feel like it helps me sleep better at night not as dry… aside from waking up a bunch of times I went from sleeping with pillows to them now bugging lol
    I really think my husband n me would have benefitted from the Bradley’s method. That’s cools your husbands your coach!! I’ll look into it next time! ❤️️

  3. Jenelle S says:

    Hello Beautiful Mommy-to-be! I have been following your blogs for a couple years now and have of course been following your pregnancy journey, which has been quite amazing and you have done such a great job documenting and photographing all the best moments along the way. This will be an awesome experience to look back on and share with your little girl who will be coming sooo soon!!
    I am a single mom of a child with special needs and i have picked up some tricks along the way that i think might help you as a first time mom.
    -First and foremost you and your baby are already bestfriends, which means that nobody (even doctors) can tell you how you are feeling or whats best for your childs needs, (this goes for delivery as well.) Always be open and honest with your doctors about your concerns and if they wont listen get a NEW doctor that will…
    In the beginning you will be going crazy, the hormones will be racing and you will be up and down in your emotions. Thats perfectly normal and we are all here for you. The thing that was hardest for me was to remember to eat a lot to keep the milk flowing and help lose that baby weight.
    -Drinking 1 dark beer eigther Guiness or a stout a day will increase your milk flow and also increase good oxygen-rich blood to the brain, lungs, and heart. This will also help relax mommy to release the milk faster and more comfortably. (Im not much into drinking but my grammy whose 80 taught me this and it really works) *Pumping between feedings, as tired as youll be, will keep your milk flowing and provide you with a stock pile in case your in a pickle (dad/nanny/relative all by themself) or you might need to “pump-n-dump” (if u drink liquor or take a medicine thats not safe for baby youll hear this term.) You can store your breast milk in properly labeled and dated milk storage bags in the freezer for a little over a year before its no longer good. I stopped nursing around 8months but kept a steady back up stock which unexpectedly helped me through cold and flu season once he was over a year old. Cows milk can cause mucous production for SOME and is not ideal for sick children, but mommys milk has all the right stuff to get your baby back on her feet in no time(its the best remedy trust me!)
    -Medela Nipple Cream is heaven sent and is totally safe for baby consumption! I slathered it on and i never had issues with cracked/dry/sore nipples.
    -my son wasnt a spitter so he slept on his back or tummy and it helped us get him used to tummy time as he grew.
    -Always read, sing, and talk to your baby all day everyday. Although they dont understand yet, this will open their minds up to understanding their surroundings and comprehending simple human interactions and emotions. It also provides them with the ability to process information, store/retain the information, and be able to recall that information at a later time. I talked to my son like he was 5 since he was born; were at the store to buy this for dinner… can you smell that? Mommys cooking garlic bread in the oven, the oven is HOT…thats the street and it is too dangerous and unsafe for you to be here without a parent. This will help later on for safety and also trigger memories and awareness of danger as actual situations come up (reinforcement, start them young!) My son could hum the ABCs before he said his first words.
    -Lastly and most life saving-
    When setting up your crib and changing station a small detail often overlooked is to prep yourself for the worst to come! (I know how much you like to prep!) Babys have accidents and you should be ready for any catastrophy that comes flying your way.
    -Put 1 full size waterproof matress/changing Cover over the matress and changing pad, next add a waterproof pad or disposible baby safe pee pad(like the ones for doggy potty training) then put on the sheet. Repeat the 2-step pad/sheet combo 3 times each. So u should have 3 sheets, 3 waterproof pads and one waterproof cover on each item. This will save you on those restless nights when ur baby has a 3 strike combo-peeps, poops, and spits. Instead of turning on the lights to remake your babys bed at 3am, you just remove one layer of sheet and pad and your babys bed is fresh and ready for her to continue her sweet baby dreams. This gives you 3 times before you have to remake the bed again! (They all fit on there ive done up to 4 layers) My son is 4 now and i still prep his bed like this for the nights we still have little accidents.
    Dont worry, you wont get everything right…EVER….your the mom, but there are hidden blessings in the lessions we learn the hard way. Remember to laugh at yourself and make light of tough situations, we all have them, and if you need any help or advice im here. Im a stay-at-home mom so i can always make time to help you through anything! Hope I didnt take up too much of your time and i hope these help you out some. Congratulations to you both and we’re all so excited to meet baby-Sandee very soon!!! ???
    -Jenelle and Cameron(??baby guy)

  4. Beth says:

    Hi! I’m 34 weeks today- is that really 8 1/2 months??? I think 8 1/2 months is between weeks 36 & 37, no? Anyway, thanks again for posting your weekly bump dates! Fun for me to compare notes 🙂

    • Colorfulfoodie says:

      Yay!!! Well, yes, you’re right but if you count every month being 4 weeks then you’re there at 34 weeks!! Good luck and congratulations. You’re welcome, so glad you’re tuned in!

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