24 Weeks Pregnant – Size of an Eggplant


Baby Sandee is the size of a garden eggplant, which has a very fun color! I feel like between 22 and 26 weeks the baby sizes in comparison to fruits and veggies are a little iffy, as the sizes vary and the baby is growing fatter but not necessarily “taller”, at just over a foot long (still reminds me of the subway sandwich analogy).

So Ms. Kicky is a she, and it is confirmed! Baby Sandee is really girl, and winecoach couldn’t be more excited about it! He said that’s what he wanted, so I hope when she comes out it’s not a “Surprise! I was hiding the goods” situation, otherwise he will have to eat his words! Haha.  I had a few ultrasounds earlier where we suspected baby was a girl, but I really wanted to make sure, so now that we are 6 months along, it’s more likely the “potential misreads” are minimized and we really do have a little girl angel in there! This one goes to debunk everyone that said I’m carrying “like a boy”, because I don’t know what that even means! I mean, I’m super tall, and have narrow hips, so I seriously don’t know how else my body would carry a growing human despite what’s in between his or her legs! Sorry guys…It is what it is.

Challenges this week: urgency! Always feeling like I have to pee, and then just a trickle comes out. I think Baby Sandee is just chilling on my bladder! I wake up nearly crawling because my bladder is so full and I just don’t think I’m gonna make it in the morning! The kicking is mostly annoying when I’m trying to sleep, but I’m also happiest when I feel her kick. It is truly incredible.
Also, the randomness of hiccups! I seem to have them nearly every hour, but just one or 2! So crazy. Does that happen to anyone else? Baby must punch my diaphragm hourly …only explanation.

Cravings: Burger cravings have diminished this week, but I do crave some flavor! Salty, crunchy stuff and chocolate are still a go. I think this week I craved ice cream/frozen yogurt once or twice, otherwise I’m still eating pretty healthy and nothing super weird, like the weird combos people say.

Aversions: Still feeling blessed that I don’t have this. Still have to stay on top of eating though because every 2-3 hours I do need to be eating to avoid nausea or just not feeling well.

Mood: Same as last week! Cheerful and energetic! Dusted off my elliptical machine this week and hopped on for the first time in months! Definitely opened my eyes to how much more endurance training I should be doing, remembering that labor does require training! Thankfully this second trimester has been so good to me o have plenty of energy.

Ultrasound and Baby’s sex: She’s a girl! YAY!
Movement and Positioning: I named her Ms. Kicky for a reason! And this week not only do I feel her move, but I SEE her! Poking around all over my belly! What an insane feeling!

Weight gain: Passed 20lb mark! Maybe flirting with 21-22 lbs and that’s quite alright. I feel good, I’m eating healthy and exercising, so I can gain as much as my body feels like it needs it.

Nursery and registry: Thank you all for the feedback you’ve given me on the registries with Babies R Us and Buy Buy. Special thanks to my girlfriends who have babies and have virtually helped! Feel free to comment on the things I missed, because well, I’m really clueless about all this. The consolidated lists are also on The Bump.

Names: now that we know it’s a girl, winecoach and I can start taking this a little more seriously!

Midwife or OB: Still seeing a midwife for now. She recommended the Bradley method of natural birth and we started going to the classes. It’s quite interesting how it is based primarily on relaxation techniques, exercises and husband based coaching. I’m still thinking about a doula, but winecoach is essentially getting doula training right now! No it it but the same, but it’s so much easier when your husband or supporter knows what to expect right along with you.

Aches and pains: no pain this week! I’m attributing it to my prenatal yoga and religious FULL BACK STRETCHING ROUTINE! The more you move, the better you feel! Remember, we’re training for a marathon, not a sprint.

Sleep: I’m thinking I should give the body pillow another shot, especially now I’m the 6th month. I sleep with belly wedge, a pillow between my legs and another one to hug. Essentially this is the work of a body pillow, except mine makes me hot. It’s frustrating.

Currently wearing: what a surprise! Non-maternity Maxi dresses! Still! Haha….I can still fit into most of my stretchy dresses, which is awesome. I finally broke down and went bra shopping at a maternity store this weekend. The bras are amazing, and I should have done this earlier. I grew about a size and a half so my regular bras were like, cutting circulation almost! I also got maternity jeans which I never thought I’d get but apparently they’ll be good for the entirety of this pregnancy, plus winecoach insisted I needed it. Another essential: I mainly I plan to live in these belly leggings from Belly Bandit. Super comfy and covers the belly so you don’t peek-a-boo with regular leggings. Love how soft they are!

Traveling – home sweet home! No traveling this week! I travel so much and it seems like I don’t like staying home, but these days it’s all I wanna do!

Thank you for following my journey! Please leave me comments with any tips for the upcoming months as baby continues to grow, especially on your own experiences with labor and how you prepared for it. I am going to start taking birthing classes and getting more familiar with birthing methods.
I’m happy to announce I got help from some friends with the registry! Please have a peak and leave me your comments on anything else that is crucially necessary because I’m still clueless. Don’t forget to follow @ColorfulPregnancy on Instagram for my nutrition tips during pregnancy!

Xo, Ana

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Hey?I told you it was a girl! Lol?
    I hope your doing great !
    Vanessa✌???hope your mani / pedi lasted❤️
    Hopefully you’ll make it back to Scottsdale!

  2. Mary says:

    What I meant about “by the way you are carrying it’s a boy”…..is I felt your belly was high and an old wives tale is when the belly is high it is mostly likely a boy. I guess “high” is subjective. Either way, I was wrong and Congrats!!

  3. Karlene says:

    I love reading your posts! We are in the same week of pregnancy so I usually can relate to what you are feeling. I have to look up those leggings they look so comfy! Thanks for sharing your journey with us ?

  4. Marie says:

    I am due about the same time as you and I love reading your posts! I work with with your hubby but he didn’t tell me about your blog…another co-worker did..haha. I will for sure have to look up those leggings. I have been living in lululemons align pant and high waist pant, in case you are looking for more leggings! They are so comfy and come in fun colors. I am short though, they may not work as well for those blessed with height! Good luck with the rest of pregnancy!

    • Colorfulfoodie says:

      Hi Marie! That’s great, so awesome to hear! I’ll check out the leggings for sure, thank you. Seems like we will meet at some point, so will be great to share stories, pregnancy, babies….❤️

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