23 Weeks Pregnant – Size of a Papaya


Baby Sandee is the size of a papaya, which is one of my favorite fruits!!

Hello Ms. Kicky!! New nickname for the baby, while I’m waiting to confirm that she/he is a girl! Everyone keeps saying I carry like a boy, and I have no idea what that means, so I am just going to go with it being a girl! Because I want to prove everyone wrong, since I don’t see how else I would carry a baby other than “this way” since I’m very tall and have quite narrow hips. There is simply nowhere else for this baby to go put OUT! I can’t carry him/her on my “hips” or “butt” even though my backside has grown quite a bit since this started unfolding!

One thing is for sure, boy or girl, this bebe is TALL! And likes to kick me everywhere, when I’m walking or still, but mostly when I lie down to relax. Then it’s party time in the belly! Oh Yea!!! It makes me laugh most of the time, and sometimes causes some discomfort too, but it is what it is, and I’m so happy to be carrying what feels like a very healthy and active baby who is “taller” than a a foot now, but still quite skinny. It’s time to gain some weight as we are only 1 month away from the 3rd trimester. Can you guys believe it?? It feels like I just found out I was pregnant. Wow.

Based on how my belly looks, do you still think I’m carrying a boy?

I’m happy to report that his week I have felt amazing! Heartburn is almost like a thing of the past, and I have had energy like never before during the whole course of this pregnancy. Alleluia! I wasn’t even worn out by our trip to Phoenix last weekend, and was able to work all week productively. I did start having some back pain early this week but that was easily fixed with a belly brace provided by my midwife! It really helps! I guess I didn’t realize I needed it even though I would quickly suggest it to anyone talking to me about it. Crazy how we can think for ourselves when we are not in a patient frame of mind, which I am right now.

Prenatal yoga has also been a very good and close friend of mine. I try to do it everyday, and the days I don’t, believe me, I feel it! Baby seems to be more evenly distributed instead of only on my left side like before. She also shifts more easily depending on which side I lie on. She will still kick galore on my right and make me more to my left and so on and so forth all night long. I’m still managing to sleep most of the night when I don’t have to pee at precisely 3:45am each morning. Annoying, but the bladder kicks are real.

  • Cravings: Burger cravings are back, well, I had one desperate one this week, and even got a strawberry shake on the side too! A few times a week a couple of spoons full of nutella also have happened. I don’t fight it. I’m mostly eating healthy, so when cravings hit, I give in, because it’s not everyday, and I do make it a point to eat healthy each day, so a few slip ups a week won’t kill anyone, and it makes me hell-a happy, which decreases stress and is good for mommy and baby!

the addiction is real. One huge spoonful a day….typically.

  • Aversions: None, but I did get nauseous a few times this week. Once it was right after I had a acai smoothie in the morning, but I just think I was craving something salty because when I had it I felt better.
  • Mood: Cheerful and energetic! I put away a BUNCH of clothes that were all over my room and that made me feel accomplished. I’d like to tackle my walk-in closets and get rid of 50% of my clothes by donating/giving away but the end of September. I think that’s a good goal. Maybe I can get there before the 3rd trimester and getting too big to do it. So I’m telling you guys so I can keep myself accountable. Who am I kidding, I’m not gonna wear those skanky tight dresses anymore! haha….Someone else might as well enjoy it, I’m at another phase of my life.
  • Ultrasound and Baby’s sex: Hehe, this is happening. Results will be shared next week. Shall we do a gender reveal? I’m excited.
  • Movement and Positioning: Nothing has changed here. I’m still losing to the baby, who is kicking more than just my A$$! haha…She kicks me everywhere, Ms. Kicky (if you’re really a girl) this is what we shall call you from now on!
  • Weight gain: I’m bordering 20 lbs right now. which I’m thinking will take me to at least 40lbs over my starting weight perhaps? I would like to not go over 35 lbs, but we shall see. I’m not terribly worried about it as I mentioned before, I am keeping myself healthy with food and exercise, so I just want baby to be healthy and happy!
  • Nursery and registry: Thank you all for the feedback you’ve given me on the registries with Babies R Us and Buy Buy . Special thanks to my girlfriends who have babies and have virtually helped! Feel free to comment on the things I missed, because well, I’m really clueless about all this.  The consolidated lists are also on The Bump.
  • Names: Perhaps I have one in mind, or two…. We aren’t ready to share yet. I’m trying to be respectful of the winecoach‘s Dutch culture.
  • Midwife or OB: Still with my midwife. Made contact with the Doula/trainer in the Bradley birthing method this week. We are supposed to have a meeting about classes/doula/birth plan. I’m excited, so stay tuned for news to follow! I’m still keen on natural birth.
  • Aches and pains: Managing this week and the rest of my pregnant if my body allows with prenatal yoga! It has changed my life right now. Also wearing a pregnancy brace, just started. At least wearing it during work hours helps, when I feel the belly getting too heavy. For those of you who missed my FULL BACK STRETCHING ROUTINE, I still do it after my yoga sessions. It helps tremendously as well, especially if you don’t think yoga is for you, this is definitely very doable.
  • Sleep: Been sleeping pretty well; Just a lot of weigh shifting from side to side depending on where baby is kicking at the time. The belly wedge and a pillow between my legs help. I don’t have another option but to sleep on my sides, although I day dream of sleeping on my belly. Can’t wait!  
  • Currently wearing: Still my stretchy prenatal maxi dresses! Finally ordered my first belly friendly leggings – I’ll feature them on my next update at 24 weeks! I just have a feeling I’ll be living in them! 
  • Traveling –  Excited for the long weekend, because winecoach and I are going nowhere! Will be amazing to stay home, and maybe start preparing some things around baby. Laying low this week, but next week things might be changing – Never a dull moment around here!

Thank you for following my journey! Please leave me comments with any tips for the upcoming months as baby continues to grow, especially on your own experiences with labor and how you prepared for it. I am going to start taking birthing classes and getting more familiar with birthing methods. Still needing some help with the registry, so please have a peak and leave me your comments on what I just won’t be able to live without!  I sure appreciate you guys! Don’t forget to follow @ColorfulPregnancy on Instagram for my nutrition tips during pregnancy!

Xo, Ana
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  1. Stephanie says:

    Super exciting! And honestly you will be living in pregnant leggings two months after baby arrives haaha at least I did! 2 pairs of leggings last me the pregnancy with my first son. I’m 26+ weeks with boy#2 and so far I’ve been super low energy but I am definitely going to try yoga 1-2x a week. I try walking minimum 30mins every other day. Read and enjoy the birthing classes, ask all ALL the questions you are curious about. That helped me prepare for labor, and keeping busy helps ignore he contractions. I was laboring all day didn’t realize it till that night when I arrived at the hospital. Just keep a strong positive mindset. Another thing I swore helped me as a first time mom and I will do this with my second is drinking red raspberry leaf tea 2 weeks before my due date. Benefits are amazing. I’ve heard some women start drinking it early like 2 trimester but I drank it later on.

  2. Anna says:

    Yes! Maternity leggings are the BEST! I lived In those with my pregnancies! Not only are they great during pregnancy but they are awesome right after you deliver too!!

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