22 Weeks Pregnant – Size of an Ear of Corn!


Baby Sandee is the size of an ear of corn! Isn’t that funny? Why is it an ear of corn? Why couldn’t it be a nose of corn?

Anyway, I can tell this will be a tall baby by the way she likes to kick me in the ribs! The movements has more than increased this week, and baby kicks all the time,  but mostly when I’m still. Maybe I just feel it more when I’m still, but definitely when I’m sitting at my desk at work or lying on the couch or in bed. Maybe it’s because it’s finally gaining some weight, and supposedly weights a little over 1 lb this week and is almost a foot long! Practically a subway footlong sandwich, ha!! Or the size of one of those creepy dolls…

This week I felt pretty darn good, besides the heartburn. That even seems to have given me a break lately, as it is not after EVERY single meal, like it was last week. This week I also feel like I had a lot more energy! For traveling, enjoying Winecoach’s company and exercising! I’ve been able to do yoga most days of the week this week, I have the energy!! This is amazing… If you’ve experienced fatigue during pregnancy, you can relate to what I’m saying. I’m typically the most active person I know, usually putting in 2 workouts a day (lunch time and evenings after work), but up until week 20, I felt pretty useless even when I tried.

I briefly had some energy around 14-16 weeks, but after that Singapore trip, I was pretty much down until about 2 weeks ago, maybe it was the jet lag, or that terrible cough I came back with, but these days, I feel like myself again (minus the belly)! Ha, I noticed it’s getting harder to pick up objects off the floor without a plan, and getting up from deep and low seats, or even out of bed. It’s kinda funny. I’m enjoying every “nuisance” because I know it’s unique, and I’ll probably miss even the “un-pleasantries”.

NEW SYMPTOM: Kicks in weird locations. This is comical because what else? I noticed this week that the baby has started kicking me in the pubic bone, or as my friend Ana would say, my first experience with “lightening crotch”!! Ha! I know this will only get “better”, as baby grows, but holy crap. That’s a different sensation. What is that?? Does this happen to any of you? I thought I was a bit too early in my journey to feel it, but heyyy….apparently when you’re just about past the halfway point, that’s when it starts! So there, a very peculiar symptom. I’m hoping baby’s foot doesn’t get stuck down there before it’s time. Yikes!

The coolest thing about the growing belly is definitely feeling all the movemevent: the somersaults, me back flips (literally feels that way)! I always play around as I watch the olympics saying this baby will be competing in the trampoline modality! Anyway…this week was good, got more energy again so started prenatal yoga. I have a DVD and have also been looking on YouTube. There are a lot of good videos, going from 10 minutes a workout to over an hour, so you can do as little or as much as you’d like. I also shared my first full back stretching video, appropriate for first and second trimester preggos for the first time

  • Cravings: I’ve been awesome with cravings this week, haven’t really had them. I also think I was preoccupied eating the world during the Phoenix visit this past week, so perhaps my body didn’t have a chance to crave anything, except now I keep thinking about those Jalapeno popper shooters from Spotted Donkey…

We also had plenty of healthy noms, especially for breakfast and brunch! I think eating healthily and plenty helps with reducing the crazy cravings!

  • Aversions: Again, so thankful to be able to eat everything these days. I haven’t had a true food aversion since the end of the first trimester.
  • Mood: Pleasant! Very pleasant! Still more sensitive then on a regular non-pregnant day, but nothing compared to the transition that occurred over 19 weeks. Thank Goodness, let’s keep up the good work and balance hormones! Shooooo baby blues.
  • Ultrasound and Baby’s sex: Ok, so it seems like we may know what the baby is by now, but I want to do another ultrasound as soon as I enter 24 weeks/6 months pregnant to MAKE SURE, before telling the world! Call me crazy, but I still think it might change? I’ve been hearing crazy stories about how people are told one thing and when the baby comes out it’s something else! MMMmm….Hello! What am I supposed to do with all the gender specific stuff, and you know people are going to give gender specific stuff! Better be sure 🙂
  • Movement and Positioning: This is the week you realize your body doesn’t belong to you anymore. Baby does what it wants, when it wants. Responds to our voices already (somewhat), and kicks in the most unexpected locations. I’m in awe. This is my favorite and weirdest part of it all! I sometimes have a glass of ice water just to make Baby Sandee move! It’s fun, like he/she is trying to get away from my stomach because it’s too cold on the head (or butt) whatever body part is close to the stomach at that time. Stomach that has been pushed all the way to the right….I know this because that’s where the burning sensation comes from after I eat alot. Ha!
  • Weight gain: Baby gaining weight, and so am I. Oh yea, Ana is about 17 lbs in. I wonder how much I’ll gain overall, but really, I know it’s all going to building baby goodness. Obviously we don’t want to gain too much weight as that only makes delivery more difficulty, but as long as we are maintaining healthy habits, and eating foods that are good for us moms and for the growing babies, there should be no reason to worry!
  • Nursery and registry: The registry is up, and I realize I have to step up my game. We are just going through some home improvement changes, so the nursery is on hold, although we realize baby is coming no matter what, soooo…we need to at least get essentials!  Would love some experienced feedback on it on our registries with Babies R Us and Buy Buy . Click on them and check them out. Please leave comments on the things you know we missed, because well, we just don’t really know.  The consolidated lists are also on The Bump.
  • Names: I think we might have a name that sounds good in Portuguese, Dutch and English, but we aren’t ready to share! Apparently, in the Dutch tradition, the names aren’t shared until the baby is born, so I’m going to respect the husband on this one.
  • Midwife or OB: Contacted the Bradley birthing method people; Am truly interested in learning techniques to try having a natural birth, God willing. I hope we are able to do the training, and if not, at least find something similar.
  • Aches and pains: Managing this week with prenatal yoga! It’s been awesome. I also do my  FULL BACK STRETCHING ROUTINE a few times a week or anytime I’m hurting. Our bodies release relaxin, which is a hormone that causes our joints to move and increase elasticity while pregnant in preparation for labor, so this also may cause joint pain. Need to maintain a healthy exercise regimen to strengthen our cores and keep up with stretches during this time. Remember we are training…for birth! The body is going to do what it has to do, but it helps if we are in the best shape possible. That’s why I’ve taken up Prenatal yoga, and they offered in-room yoga at Hotel Valley Ho, so I didn’t have to skip a beat even though I was away on our mini-vacation!

  • Sleep: No sleepless nights yet, but I’m mostly not allowed to sleep on my left side because that’s where your majesty likes to hang out…so we patiently do what he/she wants! Other than that, there are no other options other than sleeping on my sides, mostly the right, with a pillow between legs since I’m still not friends with body pillow, so I’m still using the belly wedge. Perhaps as the weather cools down we we can reunite.

maxis are life!

  • Currently wearing: My maxi dresses! Also my stretchy dresses. I’m going to wear them until it gets to cold to continue. Then probably move on to leggings. Still not feeling the need to have maternity clothes. Also, need to share new Ana Sandeel Collection dress line with TopGlamBoutique! So excited to collaborate with them on these beautiful dresses that can be tailor made to order! Use my code: “Anabogo” for the current promotion, buy 1 dress, get 1 free by clicking here! This is one of my favorites and will be available in the coming weeks!

  • Traveling –  Winecoach and I went to Visit Phoenix  over the weekend. It was sort of a mini baby moon, and it was fantastic. Lots of time spent relaxing in Scottsdale, between Hotel Valley Ho and The Boulders Resort and Spa. Spent alot of time getting pampered, between a mani/pedi, facial and *Pause*: The highlight of all the spa experiences – The Prenatal massage at the Boulders spa  with a special massage table that had a belly hole!!! WHAAAT! Best time ever! I’m a belly sleeper, so to be able to lie on my belly for the first time since 10 weeks preggo was SO AWESOME! Also, I think I want to get a massage every week. It hurt so good! And we deserve to be pampered, especially while pregnant!

I assumed the massage would be done on either one of my sides, but NOPE!! Special table! Happiness lives here for us pregnant ladies!

Flying is still pretty easy for now, and my midwife said it was safe until 34 weeks, so giddy up!

Thank you for following my journey! Please leave me comments with any tips for the upcoming months as baby continues to grow, especially on birthing classes, birthing methods and what I need for the registry (or anything else you can think of).  Tips for the heartburn are also welcome. I sure appreciate you! Don’t forget to follow @ColorfulPregnancy on Instagram for my nutrition tips during pregnancy!

Xo, Ana
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  1. Samantha P says:

    So funny! When I was pregnant with my first I never knew what was a kick what was gas and what was just my bones breaking hahah but I’m 16 weeks with number 2 (both boys) and I can tell 100% now what’s a kick and what’s not. I felt my first good kick last week and one more since then. It’s so weird when they kick your lady bits but it’s normal! I felt my 1st kick my lady bits and right under my boobs once! So weird but I can’t wait for more wiggles and kicks! It’s such a beautiful time and I’m enjoying watching your journey here and on snap so much! I’m 6 weeks behind you so I get everything you’re feeling! Try eating some nice cold apples when your heartburn is bad! It helped me so much I had terrible heartburn with my first I even got it from water!!! Try apples I swear by them!

    • Colorfulfoodie says:

      Omg I didn’t know!!! I was like, is a foot gonna come out? Like….how is this already happening? Hahaha….ok, apples. Man, this baby really kicks me hard, and I enjoy it 90% of the time haha

  2. Jill says:

    I’m thinking it is a girl ?? the baby was referred to as “she” likes to kick you in the ribs in the second paragraph ?

  3. Markayla Desylva says:

    Yes I experienced this with all three it is a super wierd sensation. I remember being 30 weeks with my first and it bringing to my knees in the middle of Walmart. Not because it hurt. Because it was my first reaction to being kicked in the crotch ??

  4. Holly Camping says:

    All of what you are experiencing is considered “normal”. Every pregnancy is different though. I have 3 amazing wee ones, and every pregnancy was completely unlike the other. Your baby is bigger and stronger than before, so all those movements will be easier felt by your surrounding muscles and organs. Your uterus has no nerve endings, so the sensations that you’re feeling aren’t coming from that. Think about all the amazing sounds your baby is hearing. Try putting a stethoscope on you belly or throat (I know it sounds strange) but that’s what your baby is hearing. Sounds travels better through water, so sound is amplified for your baby, and your voice is the most wonderful sound to them. Keep talking (English, Dutch, Portuguese), singing, laughing, and your baby will know, without a doubt, who you are. Besides, they’ll know you better than you know yourself by the time they join you. <3

  5. Whitney S says:

    I love getting to read all of the posts from ana and the comments. Its comforting to know there is so many women out there going through the same experiences as I am! I also feel my son is trying to “walk his way out” down there lol. Which is so funny to me because my first son i absolutely never felt anything like this! Its has been an interesting pregnancy to say the least everything has been completely different from my first and this one was also definitley not planned. I actually never wanted to have another child due to my first pregnancy was quite traumatic for me. I was young and had the joy of kidney stones in my 3rd trimester along with horrible post partum depression after. But reading this blog and following your snap chat and been heaven sent and definitley helps with my baby blues. So Thankyou ana and all the other women on here for sharing your personal stories and positivity!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Congrats read the word “she” a few times!!! Better to confirm lol I was told that I’m pregnant with my second boy at 13 weeks and I still am waiting to see if it’s true lol I am paranoid that it will end up being a girl. Whatever it is, as long as your healthy I’ll be a happy momma.

      • Stephanie says:

        Thank you! Yeah this pregnancy is a little different from my first. My first boy I would alway say he’s very sweet because he would never get his legs in my ribs haha the most he’d do were light kicks and streches inside till the very end. I’m half baking on my second and this once is freaking me out on how much he moves lol karate kicks, summer saults, feels like he tugs on the embilicord, also kicks my bladder like crazy. Beyond surprised. I’m so happy you have snapchat as well to help with the eating haha. #snapchatfam

  7. Michelle Casanova says:

    Love following you and Wine coach so happy for you both! I remember when my babies use to knee and elbow me hard enough that you can see the bump sticking out of my stomach not sure if you have experience that yet, so many great memories. Blessings to you

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