17 Weeks – Size of a Pear


Hi guys,
Entering week 17 and baby is the size of a pear! I feel energetic and like I got my groove back! Mainly excited about traveling to Singapore, the other side of world for the Singapore Food Festival! My midwife cleared me to fly until 34 weeks, so I decided to buckle up and enjoy the ride to the other side of the world! Feeling pretty darn fantastic.

I’m owning my body more this week, getting used to the new curves and to wearing clothes that are actually showing the bump. Last week was a learning curve for me for sure. People are also starting to want to touch the bump, is that weird? Sometimes I’m caught off guard and am not sure how I feel about it.  I’m still trying to figure it out.

  • Cravings: sweet and/or salty! Goes from Nutella to chips. Why are cravings barely for something healthy?
  • Aversions: the  unpleasant metallic taste in my mouth continues. It’s now developing into a bitterness. So weird. My labs show I’m not anemic, so….Clealey it’s hormones playing tricks on my poor tastebuds. No signs for going away either.
  • Mood: Feeling great, when made a workout video to share! Got on the elliptical a couple of times this week, I’m excited about having more energy.
  • Ultrasound and Baby’s sex: baby refuses to open his/her legs for us to peek! It’s a bit frustrating because we can see that it is super well developed and very active, just super shy! Takes after daddy, winecoach.
  • Movement and Positioning: still feel fluttering which I confuse with gas. I guess not so much but definitely plenty on the ultrasound. 
  • Weight gain: about 11 lbs total. 
  • Nursery and registry: I need help, I don’t know why I’m not on this. Maybe once we find out the gender?
  • Names: Boy names, at this point I’m convinced I’m having a boy. God only knows why.
  • Midwife or OB: visit to get the quad blood test done. Strong heart rate in the high 130s. Midwife says I have a very exciting life and encouraged me to travel during the second trimester!
  • Aches and pains: some back pains here and there. Been stretching the exercise ball, which helps.
  • Sleep: been waking up a lot and having weird dreams I can’t remember. I heard this is normal.
  • Currently wearing: the plan is to continue to live in loose and/or stretchy dresses until it gets too cold, (this won’t change (especially since summers in Oklahoma last a long time. I still have not bought anything maternity except for one bra because well, nothing can accommodate the growing girls these days. 

  • Jewelry: Wearing the most beautiful pendant from Courtney Marie Jewelry! It’s custom made and points to my baby bump! She’s an artist and I highly recommend her for your silver and copper custom jewelry needs!
  • Traveling: International – off to Singapore this week. I hope you followed along on ColorfulFoodie, BrazilianFusion and AnaSandee. Blog post is coming up next with all the beautiful places I visited and most importantly, where I ate!  Second trimester is the best for traveling, so you bet I’m on it for the next 10 weeks!

sometimes I just can’t believe there is someone in there!

Thank you for following along! Please leave me comments with any tips for the second trimester! So far so good ??.

Xo, Ana
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