16 weeks – Size of an Avocado

Hi guys,

This week, baby is finally the size of my favorite: Avocado! This was the week I felt prepared to share the baby bump with the world. I announced it on social media in the middle of our mini anniversary trip to Paso Robles! Then I showed up to work rocking that maternity uniform because well, I just could no longer fit into my regular clothes and felt it was time to share. For a long time I felt very protective of this very special time, and thought about not sharing at all, but really, I feel like this is a great way for us to share with each other, whether pregnant or not! Everyone has their own story, and I personally love to hear yours.

I must admit it did feel slightly weird to go out in a tight dress showing off the belly for the first time, and maybe that’s why I chose California where I don’t know so many people. It felt liberating, and I’m glad to have put myself out there gaining more confidence everyday as my body changes. I thought it would be more difficult at work, but it also worked out! It’s nice to get a congratulated and feel good about creating life in your body! So surreal. I’m still getting used to life in this new body and curves, growing each day.

  • Cravings: nothing outside of the norm. I still enjoy clean eating and my typical foods with the occasional burger craving which I satisfy. I get creative with different wants and needs. For example, I craved flan at lunch the other day. Where can I get flan on the spot in the middle of a workday? Not plausible, so I added maple syrup to Greek yogurt and it did it for me!
  • Aversions: a very unpleasant metallic taste in my mouth which according to research could 1) either mean you’re anemic, or 2) be totally normal due to hormonal changes and our tastebuds. I figured it was the latter since I had multiple blood tests, none of which indicated a low blood count, so….let’s live with this now. It’s not all the time, but very often, which hasn’t changed my appetite, but has changed the way good tastes, which is terrible.
  • Mood: Feeling good, but better in the mornings and more tired as the day progresses which is a change to my typical self. I’m normally a night owl, and tend to dislike early mornings which is now when I have the most energy. Funny how that goes, I wonder if this will be the rest of my life in preparation for children
  • Ultrasound and Baby’s sex: off this week, I feel like I would get an ultrasound everyday if I could
  • Movement and Positioning: still waiting for something different other than fluttering. I feel we are getting closer. 
  • Weight gain: still stable, maybe another pound? I’m likely at around a 7-8 pound gain these days since the beginning.
  • Nursery and registry: Shamed. Still nothing to share with you all. Maybe I should start a Pinterest board.
  • Names: we have a boy name picked it although I have my reservations about a double name versus singles. Brazilians like a lot of names. Girl’s names are still up in the air.
  • Midwife or OB: no visit this week, but blood tests and more next week.
  • Aches and pains: some back pains here and there. Been stretching the exercise ball, which helps.
  • Sleep: been waking up a lot and having weird dreams I can’t remember. I heard this is normal
  • Currently wearing: the plan is to live in loose dresses until it gets too cold, (this won’t change anytime soon, especially since summers in Oklahoma last a long time. I also learned that you can wear regular clothes, just buy them one size bigger or very stretchy! Forgiving fabrics go a long way!
  • Traveling: Domestic – Paso Robles and Los Angeles. Quick trip to celebrate our actual anniversary this week so I drove winecoach around wine country and then we went to a Dodgers game in L.A. And hung out in Venice beach for a while. I love California so it’s always a good excuse to go!

Thank you for following along! Please leave me comments with any tips and tricks to get around the second trimester! It’s been amazing so far in comparison to the first!

Xo, Ana
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