The Maldives – Anniversary in Paradise

Hi everyone!

Welcome to paradise! I’m talking about Six Senses Laamu, a beautiful resort in the Laamu Atol, one of the islands that make up the beautiful country of The Maldives! After muchYes, it is everything you think it might be: perfect white sandy beaches, turquoise water and blue skies. This sign “Maruhabaa” means Welcome, and it’s the first thing you see once you arrive and get past the initial shock of all the beauty and nature around.

Disclosure (1): any of the pictures seen on here are only  suggestions of how striking this place really is, for pictures do not do justice. Something else: here, you’ll find the friendliest staff ever, willing to go above and beyond to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. If you allow them to do their job, it will be just that. All you have to do is sit back and relax, after all, that’s what you’re here for right?

Let’s start from the start…

We came from very far away and traveled a long way! Depending on where you are in the worldto be exact, a short flight from Oklahoma City to Houston followed by 12 hours to Istanbul, Turkey with a 9 hour layover. More about that later, but from there, another 8 hour flight to Malé, capital of the Maldives! We flew Turkish airlines and they were excellent.

Once you arrive in the Maldives, the flights are all operated by the local air carrier, Maldivian Airlines!

Besides being completely off and with an 11 hour jetlag from going from night to day and day to night again, we had yet another short (yet incredibly beautiful) flight of about 35-40 minutes from Male to Kadhdhoo. There, we were picked up by Six Senses staff along with some other guests and were taken to the resort by speed boat, about a 20 minute ride.

Simply breathtaking views from above. We cozied up on the speed boat enjoying some lemonade and fresh coconut pieces!

Let the celebration begin! Happy 5 year anniversary winecoach! This was well over 30 hours of travel, but happy to have arrived at our final destination!

While making your way around the resort, you’ll find it difficult to get lost. All you need to know is right here!

First stop: Our Ocean water villa with pool. We were exhausted, but so excited to have finally arrived after what I considered a true odyssey! Our overwater villa was just incredible inside and out.

Disclosure (2): you will ride your bike everywhere so get ready!

For full villa review, watch the video below. You sill be mesmerized!

Sunrise from bed in the villa. Everyday.

Bathtub view…

Breathtaking  views from the patio and pool…I can sit here all day…

Sometimes room service is the way to go. Fantastic menu!

After we relaxed a bit at the villa, we went to explore, relax and finally find dinner when we encountered the Chill Bar, which by the way has the best view of the sunset in the whole island! We ordered drinks, a light dinner and just enjoyed the view….

Pineapple Mojito anyone?

More on the Chill Bar, by day and night:

Incredible sunset and watching the evening set in….

We spent a lot of time here….

Pina coladas…

Pre-dinner drinks!

I mean, how inviting can one place be! Chill Bar is the place to be. No questions asked! They also have an array of DJs on a 3 month rotation mixing every night, and offer happy hour as well…incredible. This is DJ Sven, celebrity Belgian DJ who we had the pleasure of meeting during our stay! I was gifted his CD and it has absolutely amazing lounge tunes.

Snorkeling is a must while at the Maldives. Despite marine erosion caused by very high water temperatures a few years ago, there is still incredible marine life to be appreciated! If you’re at Six Senses Laamu, your best bet is to snorkel off the Chill bar unless you take a day trip just for snorkeling. Snorkeling gear is complimentary, and for all you scuba divers, they offer half and full day trips (and snorkeling as well) to see the best around the island.

The Sip Sip Bar

Another fabulous location to relax, go in the pool, swim up bar or even just enjoy the beach. The waiting staff here is amazing, so it’s a great spot of lunch as well. This is also the perfect place if you can’t decide between the bar, pool or ocean…I mean, you’ve got it all!

Very informative sign! Make sure you look at it everyday as you pass the Sip Sip Bar or on your way in!

This is also the location where once a week, the manager’s cocktail hour is held with signature cocktails and some amazing traditional Maldivian dancing during sunset. Such a great way to learn a little more about the culture and the beauty of the people residing in this part of the world, not to mention quite entertaining!


Most peaceful, fabulous experience. Get a massage by the water, listening to calming music and just appreciating each other’s company (or by yourself!). This can be a couple’s, girlfriend’s or single experience, but either way, it will be THE experience! They also offer reflexology, facials, meditation, the works!! Totally worth it.

ABOUT THE FOOD (All of it)

I’ve love to travel, and have been to a fair amount of resorts, most of which have unfortunately not wow-ed me in the culinary department, unfortunately. I’m not saying all “all-inclusive” resorts offer sub par food, but perhaps mass production and seeking efficiency will cause the quality of the dishes to suffer, something I did not experience here. Some may see the fact that this is not an all-inclusive resort as a negative, but I see it as something very positive for that very reason. You won’t feel like the food you get here is tired or coming out of a monotonous assembly line. Everything has incredible taste, complexity and imagination, and it shows!


Executive Chef Martin Davies and his amazing staff add a personal touch to every dish, across the 5 main restaurants, not to mention the specialty shops and private dinner experiences which I will get into later. I think alot of this is attributed to their local garden, growing over 40 different herbs on the premises, all carefully monitored by seasoned gardeners who really have passion in caring for these crops. I had the opportunity to spend some time with the chef and his assistants at the garden, and it was just incredible. More on that coming up!

In case you’re wondering, that “big house” up there is the Zen restaurant. More about that coming….


The most memorable breakfast you’ll ever have. What else can I say about this place. Breakfast in heaven! This is where the breakfast buffet is set up each morning which an endless variety of goodies. Bar far my favorite place, as you all know I’m all about brunch. This was my jam!

This is pretty much what we did after breakfast. Lounged while watching the turquoise water hoping for a dolphin sighting…

Check out the floor! This place was just amazing!


That may be what it’s called but the wide selection of amazing dishes and flavors suggest otherwise! An array of hanging homemade pastas, typical Maldivian, Thai, Vietnamese, grill and ridiculous assortment of dessertgives this buffet 5 starts from start to finish!


This is the unconventional entrance to the Leaf restaurant, one at a time!! ( completely optional). There are regular stairs as well, but this way is “Oh, so much more fun!”.

I believe this is the pride and joy of Six Senses Laamu: a spectacular farm-to-table, organic and sustainable restaurant that offers a different menu EVERYDAY based on the available ingredients. Isn’t that amazing?

I love the ceiling! Resembles jelly fish!

No shoe policy people! NOT even at dinner. Don’t bother weighing down your suitcases with shoes you won’t wear! Probably the best piece of information I could provide for the ladies!

Thank you Chef Martin for making us feel so special at every meal!


As I said before, the perfect location for lunch while enjoying some sunbathing, before or after snorkeling, watching the sunset, or simply hanging out on the plush couches and pillows offered at the table. It is indeed the perfect place to chill, enjoy good food and watch the time pass. The menu is mainly Vietnamese, but there are also elevated everyday classics that won’t disappoint.


Another place to order a cocktail and catch a breeze while enjoying the view, which from anywhere in the resort is just amazing. We had a variety of dishes here, but the go-to is the wood fire pizza, which was in fact quite delicious! Among the favorites were also the sliders and fish and chips, but really, can’t go wrong with the food at Six Senses. Of that, I’m convinced!

Enjoying ourselves…


Japanese restaurant ran by Chef Henry, offering delicious typical Japanese dishes and drinks. Plush seating in typical low tables definitely sets the mood. Again, amazing and friendly waiting staff guaranteed to make your dining experience exquisite!

Have you ever had Mochi? First time for me….I’m in love!

Warm traditional Saque.


Location: the wine cellar

Someone on particular was in heaven…

Taking place in the wine cellar, which is chiiiiiiiiiiiiilly, we had the full attention of the sommelier and Chef who tailored the dishes to pair perfect with the most interesting wines! Quite the experience. Super exciting, highly recommended.


Everyone’s favorite, offering over 40 different flavors of in-house made ice creams, an amazing Chef and smiling server who will make all your ice cream dreams come true, regardless age! You can see how much fun I’m having here, but Abi (the ice cream queen) was just a fantastic sport, who really strived to make our experience the best possible, even under very melty conditions (disclosure: It can get HOT out there!). By the way, the ice cream bar is open like, all day, and it’s complimentary! My favorite flavor, besides all of them! Burnt milk – a must try!

The chocolate bar is closed off and refrigerated for obvious reasons. One of the most delicious truffles I’ve ever had was made by the ice cream and chocolate chef. He was such a doll and ended up giving me a box of chocolates by the end of the stay! I couldn’t get enough, and was still having it after I got home. Just thinking about it makes my mouth still water. It was the green tea dark chocolate truffle…a dream!

Thank you Chef for the personalized box of my favorite truffles and Abi for being you!

Amazing experience and one-on-one cooking class with Executove Chef Martin Davies and Vietnamese Chef Hung! Learned how to make summer rolls and mango papaya salad. Did you know Vietnamese cuisine is the healthiest and most colorful cuisine in the world!? Nto to mention delicious and SUPER easy to recreate! Best day ever!

See full Video of how it went down by clicking below:


One of Six Senses Laamu hightlights for me. Not only do you get to enjoy the most beautiful sunset while having a signature cocktail (or mocktail) by the water: you get to experience a little bit of Maldivian culture with traditional dancers who are very entertaining! They will likely be the servers from the various restaurants that have been interacting with you all day and night, so that has a personal touch! I absolutely LOVED it! Make sure you make it to this!



What an incredible place to spend an anniversary (honeymoon, birthday, girl’s trip)! same goes for weddings, any special occasion, or even a family vacation. This wasn’t the case for us, but there the resort is very family friendly and does provide activities for children, and children very much enjoy the resort!

The amazing part is that you never feel overcrowded and there is a general sense of relaxation throughout the resort. There are plenty of activities to be done for those seeking it (scuba diving, snorkling and other water sports). As for winecoach and I…we just wanted to sit on the beach, sip on cocktails, eat the world and enjoy each other’s company during this milestone as we wait for life’s changes…

Stay tuned for what’s next!

I hope you enjoyed our adventure and became inspired to visit this beautiful location.

Xo, Ana
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  1. Cynthia says:

    I was looking at it and the prices are very high over $14000, just for a few days, is it worth it, is it all you can eat? Is there a gym there ,?

  2. Shanell says:

    I followed your snaps and they were AWESOME!! Thank you so much for sharing ! How many days did you stay? did you book it yourself? or did you go thru a travel agent? Sorry for all the questions.

    • Colorfulfoodie says:

      Absolutely amazing! Yep, I just booked everything myself. We stayed a total of 6 nights, 7 days. You can email the hotel directly through the website, they are extremely helpful and tell you everything you need to know! I hope you make it there Shanell!

  3. Cathy Bice says:

    Hello & thank you for the review of the resort, it looks dreamy! Would love to go there someday but for now, I don’t think it’s possible. You had mentioned that you had been to many resorts. Rather than looking online to book a trip and then hoping for the best, I like to get personal experiences. Can I ask where else you have been and really had a nice vacation? My husband and I are looking to just relax, sit by the pool and on the beach, eat great food, and stay in a lovely place. I look forward to your response! Hoping to go somewhere in Sept.

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