Stuffed Butternut Squash


What’s your ALL-TIME favorite Fall Food? For me it’s squash, more specifically Butternut Squash.
The meal you see here requires very little work, and it is absolutely satisfying, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner – so it is my Brinner!
It’s just so easy, and all you need is an oven, and you can get the whole meal done quite quickly!

Stuffed roasted butternut squash


1/4 butternut squash
1/2 or red, yellow and orange bell peppers
6-7 asparagus spears
1 green tomato
1 brown organic egg
Optional: 1oz prosciutto
EVOO, salt and pepper to taste



Cut a butternut squash in half, core it’s seeds out, cut in half yet again so you’re left with the bottom half that you can stuff. Spray with EVOO, salt and pepper and throw in oven at 400deg for about 30 minutes.

While that’s roasting, prep the asparagus also with a bit of EVOO, salt and pepper. That will only require about 5-7 minutes of roasting, so throw it in at the end.

Chop green tomatoes – they are delicious raw. You may also roast them if Desired. Chop a mix of red, orange and yellow bell peepers finely.

After 30 minutes, take squash out of oven, throw 1-2 tbsp chopped bell peppers in, and wrap prosciutto in the “hole” of the squash. Crack and egg in the center and return it to oven for about 10-12 minutes until cooked just enough to have a soft yolk (because that’s how I love it).

Serve All together as such – count your colors!! They are most important for your nutrition! This whole meal is under 400 calories if you were wondering, packed with Flavors and nutrients! This goes to show, the most colors in your diet, the better!


Xoxo, Ana?
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