“Skinny” Caipirinha


Ok, this right here is THE DRINK! If you are Brazilian or know a Brazilian, double tap and show some love because this drink has been skinnified! CAIPIRINHA ? is mother of of all drinks, the most popular Brazilian cocktail in and outside of the country, but usually a Sugar BOMB!

These are dangerously delicious, well known for the smooth lemonade taste that will knock you to your knees when you least expect it! Well, this one is guilt-free and you can enjoy them all night (but not really haha, they’ll still make you drunk), so enjoy responsibly! Or not ?

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“Skinny” ? Caipirinha


1-2 Limes, quartered
1-2 tbsp Agave or maple syrup
1/2 cup crushed ice
2 oz cachaça


Crush 1 of the lemons with a mortar. Add agave and ice. Pour cachaça over the top and mix well. Add the other lemon over the top. Normally instead of agave, a few tbsp of sugar are used and are crushed with the lemon. Take your pick!

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Cachaça is is a distilled spirit made from sugar cane. It is the most popular distilled beverage in Brazil, such as tequila in Mexico, but with a more similar taste to rum in Puerto Rico. You may also find it under the names: aguardente, pinga, caninha, boazinha or God knows what else in Brazil! .



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