Poached Eggs and bonus “Hollandaise” Sauce

This is absolutely my favorite way to eat eggs. POACHED! I leaned to make these to perfection with Marjorie from Bear Flag Inn. A cute B&B in Calistoga, Napa Valley area. She has happy chickens running around the property so these are always made with fresh eggs, as #PoachedEggs should be. The more fresh the better!

How do I poach my eggs?
YOU NEED: Fresh farm eggs. I usually poach 4 at a time because well, it’s only myself and @winecoach and we each like to have 2. Yes, it’s nice that they are fresh.

1. I usually add a small dash of vinegar to a pan of steadily simmering water. Just enough water where eggs will be submerged. You can also use an egg poacher of course – some people find it easier. It’s like you are creating the perfect bath for your eggs to poach. 
2. I crack the eggs individually into a ramekin or cup to make sure they don’t accidentally break. That would be sad. I swirl the water around each egg to create sort of a mini tornado around each egg, which helps the egg white wrap around the yolk. I typically poached around 4 at a time but if this is first time, do one at a time.
3. Slowly drop the egg into the water by tipping the ramekin and do the gentle swirl around it. Remove the pan from the heat and create a sauna like environment for your to cook by placing the top over the pan and leaving it be for 3-4 minutes. To me that’s a soft poach and it’s just perfect. If you like a hard poach leave it for at least 5 minutes. To me, the magic number is 4 minutes. 
4. Remove with a slotted spoon, cutting off any wispy edges using the edge of the spoon. Drain onto paper paper towel or kitchen towel, otherwise there will be residual water on it and nobody likes a watery poached egg wilting their salad or making their bread Soggy. The only moisture should be coming from the egg drool your perfectly poached egg will ooze onto whatever it is you’re going to eat! Enjoy! 
That’s how I make poached eggs, but I got the recipe for this sauce from Marjorie. Brace yourselves:  
Marjorie’s Lovely hollandaise
1 egg

Tsp Dijon

2 tbsp lemon juice

Melted 2 sticks of butter (yes, that’s what she said and my look of shock did not faze her)

One step: Blend first 3 ingredients at high speed and drop the liquid butter slowly as the blender is going. This will prevent the egg from cooking in as you’re blending at high speed (because the butter will be warm). 
Lather the eggs with the sauce and sprinkle paprika on top. To make these Benedict eggs serve with ham and a biscuit as shown. I also like poached eggs with lox (smoked salmon). 

Clearly, this sauce is NOT the healthiest, NOT for everyday cooking and living but it’s so delicious it needed a spot here! I will attempt to make it healthier but not sure it will taste as amazing. Stay tuned for that!

I hope you enjoyed this. I will be reviewing more of the trip to Napa Valley, highlighting the wineries and restaurants we enjoyed!

Xoxo, Ana?

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