Holiday Detox Smoothie


Have you tried my Post Thanksgiving week Detox smoothie?

Because falling off the horse is a good reason to reset and restart! And also, we are counting down to indulgent weekend number 2 of the holiday season…Christmas!

Make something good for you today! Make My Daily Green Smoothie a habit! Trust me yes, you can! In the Vitamix today:.

Post Weekend Detox Smoothie

2 kale leaves
Handful of spinach
1 grapefruit
1 orange
1 kiwi
1 green apple
Pulp from 1 passion fruit

Blend all, and enjoy! It actually tastes quite good and your body will thank you later! Take care of you now, don’t wait until next year! Next indulgent weekend in only a couple of weeks…

What would you rather do? Juice or blend? I juice sometimes…Blend every single day! ???=?.

Xoxo, Ana?
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