Fruity smooth delicious Pianetta

Although we always liked wine, we were not as interested until visiting California. During this first wine trip we ended up staying a few days in Paso Robles. Just before we left, we ran into the Pianetta tasting room in town. Pianetta is a small winery run by the the Pianetta family. They produce various grape varieties but their best wines in my opinion are the Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah based wines, especially the blend of these, the ‘Bilancio’, comes highly recommended . All of their wines are fruit forward and smooth; I think this is the perfect wine for people who always were interested in wine and are ready to take the next step.

We have come back after the first visit and met winemaker John Pianetta who showed us the blending process and the influence of different types of oak: awesome experience!!!

Besides these wines, Pianetta also likes to try different things such as their jugs, and their rosé wine. 
If you’re coming through Paso Robles inCentral California, go see them and tell them we said hi!!!
Cheers everybody ??