Avocado Triple Threat Sandwich


We need fat to live. Fat? Yep…
Preferably Healthy fats. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. I love avocado. Avocado has 15 grams of fat. I have high cholesterol. It’s familial. I do what I can to lower it through diet and exercise.

Of the 15 grams of fat in avocado, 10 are monosaturated fats which actually assist in lowering cholesterol. We like that. That means I try to eat avocado where I can in my diet to meet my daily fat intakes, which we all need. The sandwich? This is what is in it:

Sprouted bread
Optional: A touch of feta cheese crumble which you may omit.

Mount the layers and press in a grill pan until warm. Cut in half. Enjoy.

Yea. Delish. Had to share.
What’s for lunch? What’s your favorite sandwich?

Xoxo, Ana?

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