Croque Madame with an Avocado Twist


Croque Madame with a Twist

Croque Madame with a Twist


Hello and Happy Sunday! Let me introduce you to a his and hers Croque Madame with a twist! Traditionally this is a french grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a poached egg over the top, but today I made this stove top egg in hole

B-A-T with an Egg on Top!

-4 slices of whole wheat bread

-4 Turkey bacon strips

-1 Super ripe avocado

-2 sliced roma tomatoes


All I did was cut a “hole” in 2 slices of bread with a cookie cutter and pan seared it with a tiny little bit of butter or EVOO. On the whole bread slice, spread the smashed avocado, later with turkey bacon strips and tomato slices. On the other breads with the middle cut out and still on the frying pan, crack an egg and fry for about 3-4 minutes for “sunny side up” (Hers) or You may flip for the “twist” like the sandwich in the background (His) which is a reversed Cooking egg-in-a-hole or toad in a hole, however you want to call it! Just make sure it   the egg is still goewy, it makes ALL the difference. The crunch on the inside and avocado creaminess was perfection!
Easy does it for Brunch it on Sundays! Which one would you prefer, his or hers?

Xoxo, Ana