Healthified Brazilian Cheese Bread


Healthy cheese bread - Pao de Queijo Saudavel

Healthy cheese bread – Pao de Queijo Saudavel



If you love cheese and bread, this is for you! I’m Brazilian and this is probably the most popular item you will find nationwide, now worldwide! Brazilian food is amazing, but we use so many carbs and fats, sometimes the rest will suffer. I had to skinnify a personal favorite: Pão de Queijo, or Cheese Bread as it is known all over the world,likely due to the powerful chain Fogo de Chão.  Pão De Queijo are delicious cheesy balls everyone goes nuts for!

Be sure tag a Black right arrow️BrazilianBlack left arrow️ to skinnify this recipe with. I’m sure they’ll appreciate a healthier version! You yourself won’t believe this is a HEALTHY version when you taste Face savoring delicious food it! What I did:



•1 sweet potato, baked or boiled- mashed with a fork

•1 cup shredded cheese of your choice (I like cheddar) *

•1 cup low fat ricotta cheese

•1 cup special cassava or yucca starch *

•1 egg and 2 egg whites


***This is a Brazilian adapted recipe so I used Brazilian Minas Cheese that you can’t just find anywhere. I think the closest would be a low fat variation of mozzarella or Mexican queso fresco .

***For the cassava, I used Brazilian ‘povilho azedo’ not found just anywhere, and yucca/cassava starch is the version you can find outside of Brazil.


Prehead oven to 350deg.

Mix all ingredients well and roll up into little balls. Mine yielded 30. Distribute evenly over a cookie sheet, be sure to spray with some cooking spray or coconut oil so they won’t stick. 25-30 minutes max is all you need. They are done when golden like the picture. Crunchy on the outside, deliciously goewy on the inside!


Xoxo, Ana

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  1. Cindy says:

    This recipe did not go well for me. I followed the measurements. But I didn’t get a consistency that allowed me to roll balls. It was loose like a batter

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